Mercy, Mercy Guys

  • Well this brightened my day. - -Just Read an article from the Lawrence journal World, and I’m here to tell you got me fired up for our football even more. - -Head line read we have a slew of recruits EIGHTEEN coming in this weekend for junior weekend. - -and most are studs.

    Yes I understand we might not GET ANY of them - -but here is my point on this, this shows me that we definitely have the right staff in place. -Really impressive list of guys, you guys have to check this article out.

    I mean these are players that are also being recruited by BIG TIME COLLEGES. - -Teams like LSU, - - Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas A&M - - Florida - -Ole Miss - - Tennessee - - TexasTech – Arkansas - -Nebraska. – and so on and so on. Again what this is telling me is this staff is making strides. Most of these recruits are in the top 30 players of their State. One coming in is the 6th rated receiver in the nation.

    Again doesn’t mean we will get ANY but my point is, that in the past we would be lucky to get a three star to listen to us. - -Now we are getting these kids to open the door and let us talk to them - a Huge credit is going out to Hull they said. - -If we could even get maybe 2-3 out of this it would be huge progress - man got me lite up I’m all fired up - -really impressive list, and other schools these guys are being recruited by. - To see us in consideration and getting a visit it Gigantic - -CHECK IT OUT GUYS got to love it.---- - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • We are definitely headed in the right direction. That last football win created a lot of positive momentum. I’m most concerned about QB and the defensive secondary. New players in both critical positions, so 2017 is very uncertain.

  • @stoptheflop The secondary will be just fine. The DLine will only be better next year which means more pressure on QB’s which means that the secondary doesn’t have to be as good next year to have a better year overall. I’m also not worried about the QB position either next year. Beaty and Meacham have 3 legitimate options next year who fit this system. Bender, Stanley, and Starks are all Air Raid/Spread QB’s so the QB competition this spring should be very exciting as all 3 bring different elements to the table. Bender is a Mike Leach guy which means he’s a pocket passer and can throw the ball 80 times a game and his arm be just fine. Starks is a true dual threat who would add the option attack to KU’s offense and would be utilized much the same way that Meacham used Boykin at TCU. Stanley is sort of the hybrid between the two. The biggest knock on Stanley though is that he doesn’t have a big arm which can hurt the deep routes when he throws them. We saw him under throw his HR passes pretty regularly this past year.

    My personal opinion is that Stanley is the ideal back up QB for this system and either Bender or Starks need to win the QB job.

  • Just curious, did you all read the article I talked about with these guys? - -Man really some really impressive kids here - -big time schools in on the guys I think it’s our coach what - Hull is his name right? – The man is doing wonders, I mean again ya very true - -I don’t expect us to land a lot – but even if we get 2,3,4 of these kids or maybe the Blue Valley North kid would be huge. - -the whole staff is doing a great job - -think they are busting their ass trying to really get this turned around. - - -For sure a complete 360 from Weiss. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Yes the KU Sports article on football recruits was great. Man, I’m ready for the spring game today. I assume these recruits will be at the I State game today. I don’t know if that’s all positive: they may get the impression we are only a basketball school, instead of a football school.

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