Jackson and Vick vandalizing?!

  • Rape, vandalism, battery, drugs. 4 things I’d rather not be thinking about with this team. What next? Terrorism, grand larceny, malfeasance of funds, arson…? This is making me sick to keep reading about this crap. Bill Self must be going nuts with all of this. This is legacy tarnishing. This is career defining kind of stuff.

    Character counts.

    This is Cincinnatti/Georgetown/Syracuse/Kentucky/UNLV/Baylor type of crap that I never dreamed would be associated with our squeaky clean program. It makes me think I’ll have to hide my KU gear that I’ve worn proudly for the last 30 years.

    It makes me doubt Bill Self which is the hardest pill to swallow right now. I haven’t given this much thought, but to heck with winning if it means winning with fools like these guys. Boot them off the team. Send them packing. Win the whole darn thing with 4 guys.

  • Please stop

  • @wissox At least our coach didn’t have to suddenly resign due to a hushed up affair. I don’t remember our players being charged with rape- are you being deliberately obtuse to run down the program again?

  • @wissox wow first off no one is being accused of rape slick. Second Vick supposedly hit this gal but doesn’t sound like he was charge or police were involved, a wasted story to gain press IMO. JJ and Vick are now listed as persons of interest, which may mean nothing especially if it’s the same crazy girl as Bragg who fabricates stuff. The only thing anybody is guilty of is smoking pot which is stupid but a lotta folks do.

  • @KUSTEVE Those are all words we’ve heard associated with our program in the last month or so. Why would I run down our program? But I’m not going to give a free ride like some do. I hope @kjayhawks is right, that the worst that has happened is someone smoked pot. Seriously I do. I love this team, follow them fanatically. I’m driving to Texas to see them play in a few weeks. But the accumulation of these headlines is tiresome.

  • @wissox I was wondering the same thing…why would you run our program down?

  • @KUSTEVE You seem to think that I do that when you said ‘again’

  • Bogus…nothing here to see folks.

    Bragg, Vick, and now trying implicating a top recruit? It’s pretty clear what’s happening.

    Let’s play some ball and bring home #13.

  • @KUSTEVE said:

    At least our coach didn’t have to suddenly resign due to a hushed up affair.

    Dodged a bullet, for sure.

  • @wissox said:

    Rape, vandalism, battery, drugs.

    Rape - So far, it doesn’t appear to involve a player… our team lives in the same building.

    Battery - One count has been dismissed because Carlton was defending himself. The other count on Vick is two years old and very unlikely to materialize into anything.

    Vandalism - Two players are suspects and it appears to relate to the same girl who caused trouble before.

    Drugs - Sounds like a pipe was found.

    Add all this up. It is basically adding up to NOTHING!

  • @drgnslayr not the Bragg girl

  • @Crimsonorblue22 you sure?

  • @globaljaybird vandalized car is a not the soofi girl.

  • Not Soofi’s car as mentioned by @Crimsonorblue22. The listed victim on the vandalism report taken by the Lawrence Police Department is/was a member of the athletic program at KU.

  • I guess to appease some we should fire the whole coaching staff, disband the team and abolish the basketball program. And tear down that den of depravity, aka, McCarthy Hall. Why wait to see how it all plays out? Do it now! Maybe that would put an end to the bs going on on this site. Somebody call me when it’s over.

  • @drgnslayr I hope it adds up to nothing! Some people here seem to be offended by my being disappointed with this turn of events in another potentially magical season at KU.

    @brooksmd Come on sir, since I’m basically the only naysayer on this thread you are referring to me. You know me better than that!

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