What's Up With Not Rebounding Our Free Throws?

  • Are we such a good free throw shooting team, that there is no benefit to at least being available to try to rebound a miss? Clearly, the answer is no. When Frank missed the front end of the one and one, how big would a rebound have been? When Kentucky got within 4, I kept thinking about Frank’s missed FT and all our guys standing outside the 3 point line with no chance to rebound the miss.

    How funny did Kentucky look though with 4 players standing by the lane all by themselves during our free throws? Did they think they needed all 4 to rebound against only the shooter? Hilarious. But seriously, we need to rebound on free throws. A rebounded free throw or two may be the difference against the Bears or some other close game.

  • @stoptheflop Keeping Kentucky out of their transition offense was much more important because they struggled with their half court offense all night long. KU was not going to win a game against Kentucky in the 80’s or 90’s. Keeping the score in the 70’s and lower was what KU had to do to win. Self sacrificed offensive rebounding all night to get his team back to prevent Kentucky from getting their transition offense going.

  • @stoptheflop what @Texas-Hawk-10 said, I would think the team figured our senior PG would hit them.

  • A good way to dodge cheap fouls that would have allowed UK to score without the clock moving.

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