Take Aways

  • Well still soaking in how good it feels to walk into Rupp and beat a very good talented team. - - Yes make no mistake , they are good - - young but good. – I just think experience well minus Josh experience wise - -BUT our two guards & Landen showed them what it was about.

    I got to thinking , you know we have had numerous close, tight games this year , even more so since with started Big 12 play , we have been in this type of situations before this year - -close games, i mean really close. - -I think it has to be an advantage for us being there - -the quote - -unquote battle tested , we have some guys that are just warriors. - - I think being in these types of games really helped us last night. Those previous tight games earlier this year paid off - - no panic.

    Now, lie was stated under a different thread (What does this game mean? thread ) - -like was stated there , This has to really enhance our chances even more with Trae I would believe. - - You know it, I know it, you can take it to the bank he was watching last night , and even though I don’t believe Kentucky is evan a remote player for him anymore I feel he could of been thinking watching us – I want to be a part of that on this team - Add this win at Rupp on top of the fact I believe he is trying to come for the game on Feb 4th which is the Iowa State game can’t do anything but help our cause in recruiting him. – Then you add the fact that Oklahoma just got destroyed and having an awful year - think these things can do nothing but help our cause with him.

    Last thing is also my take away is yes I know nothing that geta a person super excited - - BUT give the guy a little props, he did exactly what was needed and that is Dwight Coleby, - -he came in gave some much needed minutes for Landen , gave us 10 minutes – -nothing big but yet that was big when Landen got into some foul trouble and did get a couple of points and a couple of rebounds - -provide a little intensity - -bulk. - - Then there is Landen. Could he have ever come up with a better time to give us some offensive productio then he did last night? - -All everyone kept hearing ALL WEEK was about Bam, Bam, Bam - how Bam was gonna just destroy KU inside- - Landen heard it too. - - Landen is NOT FLASHY, - Landen is NOT SUPER QUICK- -Landen is NOT a 20/20 guy - -Landen is NOT a rim protector - -BUT what Landen IS - -he IS solid , did a good job last nnight trying to contain - -BAM – getting us some inside production , Landen is a hard working kid that tries what he can do ro help this team - - -Great game guys - -Now back to business - - BAYLOR.

    Oh ya one last little take ooops sorry forgetting must be a result of the after effects of me eating my share of crow and humility lol, - -But ya what this game last night did and should of proved to the guys is - -If we can go into Rupp and play let’s be honest guys - -play a very talented Kentucky team and walk out with a W, then there is no reason why we can’t play with anyone - -ANYONE - -not many teams bettter then Kentucky especially at home, NC ? - -I think not - - Arizona? - -umm no - - Duke?- ya ok - - UCLA ? - -nope - -don’t get me wrong all very tough teams - - but when we circle the wagons , pull together just like last night. - -I’ll take my chances with the Crimson & Blue - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • My takeaway is that once again…this team plays well enough to win…no matter who we are playing.

  • The take away for me is that this KU team knows that they can beat any team on any floor and we just proved it. I love our chances of finishing strong in the Big 12 and getting another 1 seed. With non conference wins over Duke and Kentucky we should be in a fantastic position in March if we take care of business in conference and I expect us to do just that.

  • My takeaway is that Coach inserted the zone at the right times, Frank, Josh and Landen played like champs and the bench played just enough defense to pull out a great win. There is nothing better than watching Kentucky fans leaving at the 2 minute mark. A glorious sight it was.

    Svi and Vick need to find ways to contribute much more: Svi’s 8 pts and 2 rbs in 28 minutes is less than I expected. Vick’s 2 pts and 3 rebs in 17 minutes must improve.

    The media gave all the accolades to Josh, which he certainly deserved. Josh’s 10 rebs. really shows the motor that Coach Self saw when he was recruiting Josh. Josh’s back to back 3’s to open the second half were really the push KU needed to get a tough win on the road. But, my game ball goes to Landen, who is our rock in the paint. Thirteen points on 6/6 shooting makes me think he should have taken more shots. Landen is still the victim of phantom foul calls, but has the maturity to play through it. Great win that was hyped all day on all sports channels. Now, let’s pound the Bears on Wednesday. RCJH

  • When Self busts out the zones, he wants it bad. About as big of a regular season win as you can have considering all the circumstances.

  • @BShark Self only breaks out the zone when his back is against the wall and he want the win bad. If it was a regular conference game I imagine he would’ve left them to fight thru it- against the big boys or in the NCAA’s all bets are off.

  • @stoptheflop Yes - rupp is supposed to be a cathedral of basketball with fanatic fan base- And they were leaving ?? !! Does that happen at Allen field house when we are down ?

  • We’re going to see a lot more of the zone this year as a tactic to keep Landen out of foul trouble. It’s also going to save Frank, Devonte, and JJ’s legs throughout the season. Self might even be forced to practice his zone a little but so he can add some wrinkles to it considering how much we’re likely to see the zone the rest of the way.

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