KU Sports: Wiggins focused on own career, not comparisons

  • Kansas City, Mo. — Kansas University freshman sensation Andrew Wiggins needed to finish one interview before taking his seat at a table with teammates Perry Ellis, Naadir Tharpe and Tarik Black at Big 12 Men’s Basketball Media Day on Tuesday in Sprint Center.

    Not getting the memo regarding the delay … one of two dozen reporters mistook 6-foot-9, 260-pound senior center Black for the 6-8, 200-pound Wiggins, asking him how he likes playing at KU…

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  • There is an article out there somewhere stating Andrew Wiggins gained 60 pounds.

  • "I know the fans will be there whether I play well or not. The fans are loyal. They’ll be there.”

    I like this quote. Perhaps a glimpse into one if the reasons he chose KU?

    I think his laid back personality will serve him well with all these sky high expectations. He will have highs and lows from a performance standpoint, but his ability to stay even keel will serve him well in the long run, especially if fans listen to him and remain patient on those days where he looks like a freshman.

    I think by the end of the season we will all be rewarded - hopefully as witnesses to a special ride.

  • I would really have enjoyed standing at the back of those reporters at the Big 12 Media Day press conference. What a couple of merry moments, Black being confused as Wiggins and Andrew being asked if Wilt had offered advice! In the LJW photo, Black, Tharpe and Wiggins look a bit akin to writer Ken Kesey’s Merry Pranksters, filled to the brim with grins and orneriness. I wish I could have viewed Perry sitting at the table with them. Maybe I should return to the photo to click on, see if it will expand. At this stage of the season this team seems to be a tightknit unit. I hope team unity will not collapse once Self settles upon his 8 man lineup, and some terrific potential talent gets pared from playing minutes.

  • …and it appears, for the most part that the fans on this site are tempering expectations, which is a good thing. I hope to not see anybody lashing out at this young man for ‘under performing’ this year. I think he is going to get some deserved constructive criticism over the next few months, but hopefully there is no idiotic hatred from jayhawkinnebr or soooobawls, for example 🙂

  • At this early stage of the season it sounds as tho Bill Self will be pleased with Andrew if he will just consistently run the floor to stretch defenses, whether he scores 12 points or 24. Sounds as if we will get to view a player who can perform such a variety of skills other than scoring and rebounding. I look forward to Marcus Smart’s focus on Andrew…while Wayne Selden is hawking Smart’s every move.

  • @REHawk–I was thinking the same thing. They are focusing on Wiggins already and Selden is going to be the one posterizing them when they aren’t looking…

  • Can’t wait until Nov. 12 to see us take on Duke, and Jabari Parker.


    *Surprise dunk at the end of the clip from their madness event.

  • I called up the Wichita Eagle and found a Rustin Dodd twitter pic of Wiggins, Black, Tharpe and Ellis at the press table yesterday. Perry, of course, looking a bit more “grounded” than the other 3; but quite a merry photo. KC Star now beginning to block access to articles w/o paid membership.

  • I love the reports about the chemistry. The chemistry is there, growing, and only getting better. I read comments from other programs and it’s always, “if” we have chemistry, “if” we play together, “if” we learn to be unselfish. I love how Self addresses “me-ism” early in the recruiting process. Players know it’s not about them. It’s a team effort.

  • REHawk-Have been getting the Star pay for play popups on my mobile device also, but so far most everything is still available on the laptop. But, I will add that I can no longer just go to the gas station & pick up a Sunday paper like I used to. Have to drive appx 15 mi roundtrip to do that, but Woody likes the morning drive & is now expecting it when Sunday rolls around. The delivery guy could only hit the ditch of water when I had it delivered to the house so I dropped that years ago. Eventually hard copy papers will likely be a thing of the past, but as a kid, we had a KCTimes & KCStar, morning & evening, & I always enjoyed them both. Not much to them anymore but the other half likes the Sun edition.

  • Got to laugh at the quote of Wiggins from our good friend Gary Bedore, "I play hard all the time now. I think I play hard right now.”

    Does Coach Self think so?

  • @drgnslayr are you going to go to the game?

  • Blown - I had planned to go, and was psyched to go… but now I have a scheduling issue and will miss it.

  • @REHawk: I clicked on the KUSports image to see if Perry was included in it and he wasn’t. Glad you found the Kansas.com photo.

  • I will be at the game in Chicago and know there will be a huge KU presence (obviously)…I will cheer extra hard for those that cannot make it.

  • I’m going. I expect all four teams to have a lot of fans in attendance. I think Kansas and Kentucky will have the most though. Definitely cheering for MSU to beat Kentucky.

  • I have had the Duke game on my calendar since the event was originally scheduled. Even reserved a hotel room. I now have work requirements which will not allow me to attend. So…dtd and Kirk…and everyone else, please cheer extra loud for those of us that will be there in spirit only.

  • Not sure what happens, sometimes I post, click submit and it doesn’t appear. Do you see this?

  • Yea, your post came across. @Wissox

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