WallStrret Journal on Embiid Turnaround of Philly

  • The Sixers May Finally Be a Real NBA Team Again – Wall Street Journal

    EDIT: Link removed because it requires login. Summary below.

  • @mayjay Wish I could read it but it requires a log in.

  • @mayjay

    Looks like paid content.

    If that be the case, you don’t want to copy/paste the story in here. You can reference the material and describe it in your own words.

  • @drgnslayr @wissox

    Sorry, had no idea. I had tried the link and it brought up the story. I thought it was in Chrome, but it must have been the app. It won’t let me cut and paste, but that happens on certain web sites.

    The most important part of the story was the comparison of the Sixers without and with Joel. They are outscored per 100 possessions by 11 woithout, but outscore their opponents by 3.5 with him. Further, they project as an 11 win team without him and as a 52 win team with him!

    This would be different, maybe significantly, after their last two games which Philly managed to win without Embiid, who is resting his bruised knee.

  • @mayjay

    Gosh… you think they must be able to win eventually. How many 1st round draft picks do they have?

    I’ve been puzzled by their selections. I know teams often take a player they don’t need, hoping to trade him for another player. I can see that working when the deal is done before the pick, but they often speculate.

    To me, it seems pretty crazy to take a player for speculative trade unless that player clearly should have been picked long ago. Even then… it is still a risk because there are so many players available to fit every need a team can have.

    I like the idea of coaches making picks, but it rarely works that way. Management has the purse.

  • I think sometimes day of those articles are free and then in archives become paid content, especially at the WSJ. I know I’m impressed you read the WSJ, or is it just for the sports? !!

  • @wissox I used to read the WSJ at work every day when working in a financial regulatory agency, then kept reading it when I retired and was able to get home delivery for a nice price. Usually had to go 6 mos between subscriptions to get newly offered discounts. During the election, they offered 2 mos for $1 for digital access. I am now in the regular rate auto renewal period, which is $30 per month. That won’t be affordable for more than a couple months, though, but the new administation generates lots of entertainment for now!

    I like to read contrasting views, so I have fun comparing HuffPost to the WSJ. But WSJ is almost worth it regardless of political news. The features and in-depth reporting compares with WPost, NYT, or Christian Science Monitor. WSJ was better before Murdoch took over, though, and had lengthier explanatory features. Today had an interesting article about the development of the bicycle, and another one on the nightmares Amazon’s “home digital assistant” Alexa is causing parents.

    On a balcony overlooking the whale sanctuary off Maui. Back home in two–sigh…

  • @mayjay They had an excellent, the best imho, sports podcast for years called the Sports Retort. The writer of the article you posted was one of the hosts. I used to tell people I listened to a podcast from the WSJ, not telling them it was about sports. They were very impressed! I might check out the article on Alexa. Sounds interesting.

  • @wissox Try the one on the bicycle. See if you can guess why an Indonesian volcano in 1815 helped lead to Kitty Hawk.

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