Did Mitch Light the match stick?

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    Sadly I wasn’t able to watch the game. Things way beyond my control. Yet I read this:

    Lightfoot contribution With Texas’ big front line wearing down the Jayhawks midway through the first half, Self turned to freshman Mitch Lightfoot for a four-minute spurt and wound up getting more than he expected. Lightfoot, who had not played in KU’s last two games and stepped on the floor for just four minutes in the Jayhawks’ last six games, finished 1-for-1 from the floor with two points, two rebounds and a vote of confidence from his head coach. “I thought it was great,” Self said of Lightfoot’s lone basket off of a missed layup by Frank Mason III. “That’s as good of an offensive tip-in as we’ve had all year — left-handed, across his body. That was great. I thought Mitch did well. I haven’t got him in and he deserves to play more than he has. But it was nice to see him have some success when he got out there."

    Is it true? Did Mitch do alright? Is there a real chance of eating up some minutes? Help me out here.

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    I really feel the reason KU has played some many teams to close scores. Is the limit of bodies that Coach can play. Which means less fouls to give, and that equals subpar defense. If Mitch could start eating some minutes. Lucas and Bragg could actually play a little more aggressive on the defense side of the court.

    Just a thought.

  • @DoubleDD Mitch handled himself well. That tip in was really nice. He was surrounded by Shorthorns.

  • Oh the age old passage from self about a freshman " he deserves to play more".

    But he won’t.

    I thought that was a great tip in for a team that was having trouble finishing inside and getting offensive rebounds yesterday

  • I think Mitch actually did pretty well the minutes he was in , Mitch I think is going to be a nice 4 year player for us, - -IF we could get a few minutes from him here the rest of the season would sure help our other two big’s - - BUT the real question is WILL Coach actually allow that to happen? - I think it is really vital, important that Mitch devote his off season for sure with Hudy, he needs to bulk up big time -as far as the rest of this season , I can only hope maybe coach can get him a few more spot minutes help out a little - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @DoubleDD The way I see if he played a few minutes, didn’t make any mistakes and had a nice tip in. That’s all you could ask for at this point.

  • Mitch did his job of providing a few minutes in a normal 3 out 2 in line up to give the guards some rest. That’s going to be his primary role this season. He’s not going to get a lot of minutes, but he’s a competent player for the role he has. As small as he is, he needs to develop a little bit more of a perimeter game before he can start turning up the minutes because his body won’t playing extended minutes in the paint.

  • Mitch is pretty fearless and plays like he has Bragg’s body; Bragg does not like to bang inside and plays like he has Mitch’s body. ⛹🏻

  • With the minutes of opportunity which Carlton has gotten, I keep trying to reassure myself that he is on the upswing. However, too often I hear myself grumbling, “Damn it, Bill, pull him to the bench!” Maybe the guy is about to earn some of that chest banging treatment once applied to Withey, something to coerce him into high testosterone play. Sometimes Bragg looks like a wimp playing in heavy traffic. His bunnies look weak. Obviously, potential looms huge for this sophomore reserve; but will we ever see it spring forth steadily this season?

  • @REHawk Well, believe it or not, actually I think Bragg actually IS showing or starting to show some signs of coming around, his last two games have been better, hopefully he keeps making strides to where we can get some production from him - -we need him for sure - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Bragg in the second half yesterday was more aggressive and had a quick and strong spin move in the post in which he was fouled. Maybe thinking too much is his problem. He needs to make a quick move and go instead of being slow. He was definitely looking to score more

  • @HawkChamp

    Right on. Especially when players lose confidence, they tend to overthink during play.

    Pretty much everyone is saying he is coming on considerably in practice. That is where his improvements should show up first. Now he just has to translate it to real games.


    Interesting post. I can see that.

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