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  • Doing a bit of number crunching this holiday morn which remembers the legacy of MLK. If Frank’s stays on pace, he will end with 1881 points, in 6th behind Sheron by 2 threes and a free throw. This assumes we make the F4. If he has a couple big scoring output games along the way, he could wind up:

    ^5th all time scoring at Tradition U ^Top scoring guard of all time

    Not bad a bad legacy (better with an NC) for one we did not recruit initially. Where does Frank rate for you among KU guards?

  • @Fightsongwriter for me, Chalmers, Robinson and Collins are the top tier. You could also put Tyshawn in that group. Until Frank and Devonte lead the team to the final four I think the others listed are in front of them, though Frank’s numbers are sperlative.

  • @HawkChamp

    Chalmers did not play PG at KU, he played SG. Now, Hinrich did play PG, SG and SF and I would put him up there with the best.

  • Well if he has a bad wheel the rest of the way no chance he will make it to #5. Let’s hope he bounces back from it.

  • Frank is always going to be one of my all time favorite Jayhawks. His confidence and ability to get to the rim are my favorite characteristics. As point guards go, Jacque Vaughn is always my KU point guard of reference. I was always inspired by the bounce and pizazz Jacque brought to the PG position. Who remembers that little skip step Jacque used to make a bounce pass assist to a teammate?

  • Frank will go down as my all time favorite guard, and one of my all time favorite hawks.

    He is the epitome of the American Dream.

    All he needed was a chance to soar, and he has made the most of it; exceeding everyone’s expectations but his own.

    (fwiw, I’m in my early 30’s so my living history of Jayhawk memories only goes back so far…)

  • @JayHawkFanToo Chalmers played the 1, but it worked better with RussRob leading the way. So he was used mainly as a combo 2. Similar to how many would like to see Graham take over the ball handling to allow Mason more freedom to score.

    Since the question is best guards (1-3) at KU I’d rate the ones I watched since '89 as follows:

    Best pure point: Jacque Vaughn

    Most active guard: Jerrod Haase

    Best pure scorer: Paul Pierce

    Most athletic wing/guard: Andrew Wiggins

    Highest flying guard: Kenny Gregory

    Best stealing tandem: Mario Chalmers and Russel Robinson

    Best at making layups: Travis Releford

    Best all around point guard: Tyshawn Taylor

    Easiest to forget drafted point guard: Ryan Robertson

    Most prolific scoring point guard: Frank Mason

    Mr. Clutch: Sherron Collins

    Best wing defender: Brandon Rush

    Best clown killer: Ellijah Johnson

    Highest flying with a pretty stroke: Ben McLemore

    Best glue player ever: Josh Jackson (I’m not even sorry Morningstar)

    Scrappiest guard: Rex Walters

    Most hard nosed guard: Adonis Jordan

    Best slasher: Keith Landford

    Best mustache: TJ Whatley

    Best facilitator Aaron Miles

    Best Free throw stroke: Brannen Greene

    Longest shorts relative to legs: Calvin Rayford

    ++edited for exclusions++

    So many good guards all great at something different. No two alike.

  • @dylans awesome group of young men

  • @Fightsongwriter Keegan said he bruised it which is consistent with what I have heard. Should rest him as much as possible Saturday

  • I’d like to add a couple of names that get missed when we look back. Kevin Pritchard, Milt Newton, Adonis Jordan and Rex Walters deserve some props considering their contributions to FF’s and a NC. It’s going back a ways, but I’ll never forget those years.

  • We have just been super blessed, beyond belief, to have such super talented and classy young men. Our coaches are not only good at the job, but wonderful mentors to some young men that could have gone in a different direction.

  • @dylans Keith Langford was a better player, but Kenny Gregory who is listed as a guard was by far the highest flyer. Paul Pierce had but one wish at KU, and that was to be able to dunk like Kenny Gregory

  • @wrwlumpy Yea, that’s who I meant to put down. Dude’s jumped over me, I know… Thanks for the catch. Edited. I don’t think I saw Milt play. I’ve left other obvious names off also. Too many to include everyone without more planning than the 5 minutes I put into it!

  • A bunch of youngsters chiming in on this??? Love Frank, Mario, Kirk, Jacque and others, but JoJo White should be on the list - perhaps at the top (2x All-American and 7x NBA All-Star) - as well as Darnell Valentine.

  • @DCHawker Sooo many

  • @Fightsongwriter

    I like my PGs to be able to shoot the trey, so among that group his only peer in the Self era is Sherron.

    Sherron did so many great things that I can’t put Frank ahead of him.

    But Frank makes fewer mistakes and seems a better outside shot. I haven’t compared the 3pt%s lately.

    Sherron was like Joe Frazier. Bruising.

    Frank is like Sugar Ray Leonard. Quick.

    They are both superb guards. If Frank finds a way to win a ring, I will have to go with Frank, because he is going to have to do it without Chalmers and Rush, the greatest one-two perimeter punch a KU point guard ever played with.

    Barring injury, I still have a hunch that Frank’s best years could come in the NBA, as did Nate Archibald and Steve Nash. He has their kind of acceleration and top speed that only NBA players can really keep up with.

    Frank is also one of the most superbly conditioned athletes I can recall.

    And his rebounding is so phenomenal for his size!!!

  • @DCHawker I’m with you!

  • @DCHawker

    Two very deserving players. Also in my list…

    Best all around point guard: The “Captain” Kirk Hinrich

    Best looking wife: Ryan Robertson

    Scrappiest guard: Mr. “floor burns” Jerrod Haase

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  • @DCHawker said:

    A bunch of youngsters chiming in on this??? Love Frank, Mario, Kirk, Jacque and others, but JoJo White should be on the list - perhaps at the top (2x All-American and 7x NBA All-Star) - as well as Darnell Valentine.

    Yup, just the list of players I’ve seen with my own two eyes when I started watching in '89. I’m aware JoJo may be the best guard to play at KU, but I never saw him thus the omission. Feel free to add any deserving guard to the mix from your memory bank!

  • @JayHawkFanToo Best point guard, Kirk Hinrich! I was a little surprised no one mentioned him until you. Phenomenal. Winner. Long time pro.

  • @wissox

    Yep. Big time Chicago Bulls fans favorite…

  • Why isn’t any one asking about the exclusion of Terry Nooner?

  • Frank’s legacy is almost entirely tied to how this season ends.

    If this season ends with crimson and blue confetti falling from the rafters on a Monday in April, Frank’s legacy will surpass most everyone, particularly if he is also POY. That likely also makes him an NBA draft pick, and if Frank parlays that into a solid career, his legacy will be up there with all of the legends (and his jersey will hang in the Fieldhouse).

    If this team gets knocked out in the second round, Frank’s legacy is probably somewhat similar to that of Sherron’s, but a step lower because he lacks a title to go with it, even if he ends up with his jersey retired as POY.

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