Does KU Need to Brace for Another Attempt from Oklahoma to Raid Bill Self from KU?

  • Oklahoma, oil shale and Harold Hamm are ok with Donald Trump!

    Hamm is on the inauguration committee.

    Hamm is in for a dime and in for his Wikipedia-reputed $11.3 billion dollar net worth with President Elect Trump.

    If that Wiki page has any credibility, Hamm is a man that puts his oil shale and frackin’ money where his mouth is. His net worth is reputedly down from a peak of $18.7 Billion dollars, when he made some hefty contributions to the failed Mitt Romney campaign and so on.

    And somewhere along the line it says he settled with his ex wife for $975 Million, or there abouts awhile back in 2012. Whooo weeee, that ought to keep her in mud packs at the club!

    Now many Washington political types are probably very interested in Harold Hamm’s political and geophysical and energy importance and influence with the President-elect, but NOT jaybate 1.0.

    I am interested solely in his gifts to OU and what his vision is for the danged OU Sooners basketball program.

    Someone in Oklahoma is clearly smart enough to pick up Lon Kruger for OU.

    That worries me.

    That same someone might also be smart enough to trade up to Bill Self.

    Mr. Hamm is one of those rare natural born geniuses (a son of share croppers, he apparently didn’t go to college, but instead got right to work and saw the potential waaaaaaay back for hydralogic fracturing and horizontal drilling out in Montana and North Dakota).

    And I’ll be danged if Mr. Harold Hamm didn’t get honorary degrees from Northwestern Oklahoma University and from University of Oklahoma. Hmmmmm. Mebbe KU should give this midwestern, red clay dynamo an honorary degree, too? We got coal in Kansas, right?

    Anyway, Mr. Hamm, who’s name has been mentioned occasionally as possible SecEn under Trump needs to be watched like an eagle to make sure he doesn’t take too strong of an interest in our marvelous Okie basketball coach.

    I don’t know much about Mr. Hamm. I don’t know if he thinks all balls should be oblong, or if he enjoys Mr. Iba’s game.

    But I reckon the KU Basketball Intelligence Agency ought to gather some intel to make sure Bill is safe.

    Mr. Hamm reputedly lives in OKC.

    Where the Thunder are.


  • That ship done sailed. Only the league could take our okie genius.

  • At this point, I think Bill coaching at Kansas has a lot more to do with legacy than money.

    And legacies always shine much brighter for those who stick it out. Often, dimness comes to the drifters, who are always looking for more money, bigger challenges.

    I see Bill sticking it out at Kansas.

  • Wouldn’t that be like Haase taking the head coaching job at KSU? Not gonna happen.

  • @jaybate-1.0 OU boosters don’t give 2 sh*ts about basketball. They only care about football.

  • Everyone has relieved me.

    Thank you.

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