Jan 20: Post-game Roundup - KU vs Baylor

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    ###Newell: Selden’s hustle play sparks KU in 78-68 win over Baylor###

    LAWRENCE — The ball was heading out of bounds, and Wayne Selden Jr. had a decision: make it look like he was trying for it, or really, truly go for it.

    He chose option No. 2. And Allen Fieldhouse wasn’t the same after that in No. 8 Kansas’ 78-68 victory over 24th-ranked Baylor on Monday night.

    ####Dodd: KU beats Baylor 78-68, remains atop the Big 12 at 5-0####

    LAWRENCE — The ball was bouncing toward the sideline, a little orange sphere destined for the lap of Kansas fan Mark Brandmeyer. The play was over. Perry Ellis had knocked the ball out of bounds on a fast break.

    It was Baylor ball. Kansas led by seven points with 11:30 left.

    And then Wayne Selden started running. One step, then two. Then a kamikaze dive over a row of Kansas boosters sitting the front row. Over a table. Over a bottle of coke and water. Over a pair of young kids in blue T-shirts.

    ####Tait: Live Blog and Analysis####

    It was not the game we’ve come to expect when Kansas and Baylor hook up in Allen Fieldhouse, but the end result was the same.

    Rather than knocking the Bears out with a devastating first-half run, the Jayhawks had to grind through the first half and take control in the second, with things like hustle plays, loose balls bouncing their way and ice cold Baylor shooting really benefitting the home team in a 78-68 victory.

    #####ESPN video of Selden’s save#####

    #####CJOnline Live Blog#####

    #####ESPN Boxscore#####

  • It didn’t take long for Douche Bag #2 to raise his ugly head. I don’t ever watch Jack Harry but while fumbling with the remote I stumbled upon his recap of the game. He proceeded to spout how Selden was out of bounds when he made the play of the game and the refs gave KU the call…the man cannot help himself; he is like a cartoon character and a bad one at that.

    Unlike network analysts, local sports reporters are supposed to be just that, reporters that “report” the news, not use their spot as a platform to spout biased views and continuously criticize the team that is the rival of their school. Whatever happened to journalistic integrity? FWIW, I watched several other newscasts and read the game recaps in various publications and not a single one indicated that Selden was out of bounds when he saved the ball.

  • I agree with your point. He was definitely out of bounds, and It was pointed out by Dana O’Neil in her piece this morning. But I agree, Jack is a tool.

  • @Blown I once heard another guy on the air say, “Good evening everybody, I’m Lance Bieker in tonight for Jack Harry, Jack’s off tonight.” Almost as funny as once on the old 1950’s Concentration game show, when Hugh Downs said with a straight face, “And let’s welcome, from Hoboken, New Jersey, Miss Rhoda Pecker.”

    Funny schizz men, damn funny.

    Jack is a misery guy & hates KU.

    Frank Boal is just as bad.

  • @globaljaybird Thanks for the good laugh so early this morning!! I listen to 810 sports quite a bit, but when Jack and Keitzman get together, I have to shut it off. I can barely stand either one of them individually, but when they join up, it is unbearable.

  • This was a typical KU / BU game in recent years with Self and Drew. The game stays close until one coach makes the right adjustments that make the difference in the game, while the other coach fails to adjust to compensate.

    Bill made several adjustments, one being to put Wiggins on Heslip, shutting down his 3 and also contributing to challenge 3s from others.

    Baylor didn’t have a legitimate plan to win this game. They should have taken an approach of attacking the post with their size, hoping to draw Kansas into foul trouble, AND THEN kick to the perimeter for the 3s. It was a typical Scott Drew game lacking coherency.

  • @Blown-Only time I have 810 on, other than a preffered game, is when they’ve an interesting guest, so rarely my friend, rarely.

    610 is OK most times, they carry JHAWK sports & I enjoy listening to Jaycie Pearson talk FB. Have been a Chief’s fan since they were relocated from Dallas, & I even bought a demo that belonged to Willie Lanier, from Crown Chev in Lawrence, when they provided vehicles for the AD during the Roy years. He had damn good taste in trucks & I still have it in excellent condition & use it to pull a travel trailer on hunting & fishing trips. But Jack H & KK are misery & KSU guys & they both are really biased against anything KU, so nothing they say would interest me, period.

  • Last night’s game was an interesting one. Good game overall, and I was pleased that I can actually say KU played hard last night.

    I’ve always wondered why a guy as big as Isaiah Austin wasn’t much of a banger, but after hearing his story during ESPN College Gameday on Saturday, I understand his approach much better and can respect why he plays the game the way he does. I think this hurts Baylor to a large degree because Austin could be one of the 3 or 4 most dominant players in the country if he went inside and banged, but with only one good eye, I can understand hanging out on the perimeter. That said, being that good a shooter with only one eye is an impressive feat.

    But enough of Baylor, that was a great win from KU. Survived the early shooting barrage and held them off. It’s a shame that Selden’s great hustle play really should have been an out of bounds call, but that just shows the rewards you get by playing all out. Had he pursued that ball half heartedly, it probably gets called out of bounds because the official has more time to see the play. With him going all out and just launching himself into the stands, there was really no time to even realize what was happening because the ball was heading out of bounds, then Selden was in the seats and the ball was in Embiid’s hands. Just an incredible effort play.

    The uptick in effort has really shown on the defensive end the last few games.

    Last night’s game reminded me in some ways of an NBA game in terms of the amount of athleticism and length on the floor at times. There just wasn’t a lot of space to operate with Embiid, Selden, Wiggins, Austin, Jefferson, etc. all on the floor at the same time.

    Finally, I thought the world was going to end with the collapse of the space time continuum when Tarik Black and Rico Gathers were involved in a tie up that resulted in a jump ball. That’s two enormously strong guys battling.

  • @justanotherfan As for Selden’s play… I kind of relate it to baseball when a fielder makes a great play and the umpire calls the runner out even if he may have been safe. It rewards the play rather than what may have actually happened. At least that’s what I tell myself. It’s not like it changed the outcome of the game anyways, so it’s annoying to listen to everyone crying about it. Even Heslip said he probably deserved the call.

    If anything I was tired of Selden making dumb plays leading up to his dive into the stands.

  • I have watched the play several times and it looks to me that when his foot was on the line he was not touching the ball and then he went airborne, caught the ball and flicked back to Embiid. The play happened so fast that we may never be able to tell and the play will stand as called.

  • Not related to KU directly but top 25 ranking related nonetheless.

    Is there a team in Division 1 more overrated than Ohio State? I kept mentioning before that, even when they were unbeaten and ranked #2, all their wins were against teams outside the top 50. Now, they are playing better conference competition and have lost 4 games in a row including last night to Nebraska…are you kidding me? NEBRASKA?

    I also mentioned that Iowa State had a suspect schedule and now, against better competition, they have lost 3 in a row.

    For all the heartache to us fans that 4 loses bring, it sure looks like the tough early schedule has helped the team and it is slowly morphing into a Final Four caliber team.

  • @JayHawkFanToo he would have had to leapt from within the inbounds boundary for that to not be out of bounds. If you jump from out of bounds and touch the ball, its out of bounds. If out of bounds, you have to re establish your inbounds position before touching the ball, if I understand the rule correctly.

  • @Blown

    I believe you might be correct. I was going to look up the rules but I got held up with work.

  • @wrwlumpy

    I have to say that Jack Harry is a glutton for punishment. On a related note, MU lost to LSU last night.

  • @Blown Check out Michael Coleman sportscast for some home cookin on KCTV 5 sometime. He is an LHS grad & played for old Bill Freeman as I. Don’t know the man as I’m at least 10-15 years older, but Keegs is on his Sunday night show very often during the season.

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