• Our fantastic board is getting cluttered with a lot of New Topics. Unfortunately a lot of these are repeated. There were two or three just yesterday. Please make sure you check to see if it’s been posted before. Just my two cents worth. I hope you don’t mind me saying so.

  • @wissox. Good idea. Of course, the opposite can be true, too: sometimes it would be better to start a new topic rather than adding a tangential branch to a thread that started 2 months ago and has 80 posts already!

  • @mayjay I was referring more to two similar topics starting on the same day. There was one blatant example of that yesterday, and several other less blatant ones.

  • @wissox

    Helluva a good idea. I was just getting ready to post with a title “Please,” asking everyone to double check topics before posting. :bowtie:

    I was also going to post another called “Blatant Examples.” Its lucky I looked first.:wink:

  • Nobody does it on purpose. I posted about dokes surgery first, but I just posted it under doke. How would anyone know I was talking about his surgery, that’s on me. I try to be short and sweet. It’s a fault.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I didn’t know you were short! Sweet? Except to Squeaky, Shaka, Calimari and that WSU stiff…

  • @mayjay Think she’s pushing it on the sweet part. :wink:

  • @brooksmd 😘

  • @jaybate-1.0 SHOF!!! Sarcasm hall of fame!

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