• Dook…smoked. Tarholes …smoked. Virginia…smoked. SO, I GOT WHAT I WANTED FOR XMAS!!! It’s better than a RED RYDER BB GUN!!! Thank you, Santa!

  • RED RYDER - Man we are old aren’t we?

  • Our game against TCU shows any team may beat any other, even if the other has higher acclaimed players and a stellar ranking. TCU and chesty Coach Dixon did not care about our players or ranking. The Oklahoma teams are the weakest in the Big 12, but both are capable of good enough games to upset us. Devonte, Bragg and Vick need to step up their play and be more consistent every game. Mason, Lucas, Jackson, and Svi form the foundation, but it will take steady contribution from the others to win number 13. Vick stepped up against TCU. Without Vick, we would not have beaten TCU.

  • Without Vick we lose or how about if Devonte or Jackson show up and its a laugher? I don’t believe Dixon took two of KU’s best three players out with scheming. TCU played near it’s ceiling, I thought they looked good most of the night, but KU looked poor and won…sucks to be TCU.


    At least you will not shoot your eye out…:smiley:

  • @dylans

    “Without Vick we lose…”

    That was my first impression. But upon thinking further… maybe if Vick had a cold night and we were down by 12 with 6 minutes left in the game, perhaps others would have stepped up.

    Sometimes I think our guys get the “team concept” twisted in the wrong direction. They can take that to mean they can coast if someone else is performing well.

    I think Devonte needs a kick in the pants. He isn’t really pushing himself to the limit. He may be the most overall talented player we have…

  • @drgnslayr More of a retort to @stoptheflop than a factual statement, however, Vick has been better than anyone but @KUSTEVE expected. I kinda hoped it would spur conversation in a positive light.

  • @wrwlumpy said:

    RED RYDER - Man we are old aren’t we?

    You think you’re old? I had kids and a mortgage when that movie came out!


  • @drgnslayr I think you are right about DG. Sharing the wealth.

  • @rocketdog

    Moral of the story… don’t forget your skis when you leave home!

  • @rocketdog

    More like this?


  • @JayHawkFanToo

    That was my real situation at KU… walking or biking up Naismith Drive from 23rd street every day. Had a mean set of quads.

  • @drgnslayr Yeah, I was too silly to schedule classes on the same end of campus. 15 minutes to run across campus isn’t very much with all those stairs! You could always tell what class the students were by the size of their calf muscles!

  • @dylans

    In my first week of classes I went jogging through campus, up and down the hills. I had always trained on flat ground before my Lawrence days. My calf muscles were ablaze for days.

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