• Frank lectured the team yesterday about the difference between pre-season and conference play. Every game means more and each team you play knows every one of your tendency’s. When you call out a play, they will call out to others what that play will be.

    To avoid all of the Bowl games on Saturday, Every Big 12 team plays a Big 12 team.

    3 p.m.**** WVU @OSU****. WVU has beaten Virginia but lost to Temple. OSU beat Wichita State by 19 and lost to North Carolina.

    5 p.m. Texas Tech @ ISU. TT has no big wins, and lost to Auburn by 2. ISU lost by 2 to Gonzaga, lost by 1 to Cincy and lost by 13 to Iowa.

    6 p.m. **** Baylor @ OU**.** Baylor is undefeated beating Louisville and Oregon. OU is coming off 3 straight losses

    7 p.m. Texas @ K-state. Texas best win this year has been Incarnate Word? They lost last night at home to Kent State. K-State should be 12-0 except for missing a free throw against Maryland.

    8 p.m. KU @ TCU. Many people can’t believe Jamie Dixon took the TCU job. But they gave him a ton of money and he is a TCU Alum. Their one loss was to SMU which is suppose to win it’s conference. There maight be a small TCU crowd and a Large KU following since TCU’s bowl game will be the exact same time as this basketball game. Be prepared to have your eyes battered by the horrible frog scales painted on the floor.

  • @wrwlumpy Kind of strange times for a couple huh. - - WV @ Okla St 3:00 - -& then Texas Tech @ ISU at 5:00? - - Guessing because inlike a holiday period maybe right? - Just a Strange time - -especially the WV game. ha watch Oklahoma jump up and beat Baylor, that would be a crazy beginning to the Conference season - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @wrwlumpy thanks, should’ve put the channels tho lol. Not that it matters in the auto field we get a combine 0 days for Christmas and new years off. I say OSU, ISU, Baylor, KSU and KU are winners. KSU could get beat bye texas just because we dont know how good they are with that SOS.

  • The best guards in the country are in the Big 12 - KU’s 5, OSU Evans and Forte, OU Woodard, ISU Morris. Baylor has a trasnfer from Miami via Belgium that is running the hell out of an undefeated Baylor. Motley is the best BIg in the conference. This will be a much faster conference lead by the waterbugs of WVU. Losing McKay at ISU and Williams at WVU hurts the rebounding but speeds up both offenses. Speaking of Rebounds, TCU has a coach that teaches the box out better than any in the league. They have a guard that is averaging over 10 per game.

  • @wrwlumpy But yet with that being said TCU is still just tied for 6th best in the conference in rebounding NOT that great - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • West Virginia- Oklahoma St is reportedly sold out. Could be a big upset for OSU right out of the gate.

  • Predicting friday’s games

    OSU over West Virginia

    Iowa St over Tech

    Baylor over Oklahoma

    K-State over Texas

    KU over TCU

  • @BeddieKU23 Even though I won’t see any of the games other than ours since I’ll be driving up to Ft. Worth for the game, I’m most interested in the WVU/OSU and Tech/ISU games. How much progress has OSU made already with Underwood and how good is Tech really?

  • @BeddieKU23

    I think WVU will win otherwise same picks.

  • @BShark

    I think WVU will win as well. But if Gallagher Iba is full and rocking and they come to play they have the talent to win. WV has benefited from a cupcake schedule besides 1 game. Road wins are tough to get… We’ll certainly see

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    Both Tech & OSU are good enough to win. The question is can OSU not turn the ball over and can Tech really win Ames

  • K-State fans were screaming to hire Brad Underwood last year. He was born in McPherson, Ks. He played at K-State, he was an assistant coach at K-State for 6 years. He wanted to Coach at K-State. K-State stuck with Weber. So far, the Cats have had a good pre-season, but their strength of schedule might come back to bite them like it did when Conference began last year. I bet they wish they had Marcus Foster back. he is averaging over 19 pts. per game and Creighton is ranked ninth with a New Years eve game against Villanova.

  • @BShark

    I am with you, although OSU can be a tough place to win…

    The first round of games will be interesting since it will give us a first view of some of the teams in games that actually count and against better competition.

    OSU -West Virginia - Is WVU the real thing? can OSU compete with the better teams?

    Iowa - Tech - Is the Perfect Storm for ISU finally over? Do they have one more season left in them? Has Tech improved enough to be competitive?

    Baylor - Oklahoma - Baylor should win easily and we will not get much from this game unless OU keeps it close and exposes chinks in the Bear’s armor.

    K-State - Texas - A convincing win by KSU places them in the top half of the conference and Texas squarely at the bottom.

    KU - TCU - KU should win this one easily and the only thing we will get from it is how less bad TCU is…or isn’t.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    I’m no fan of Bruce at all, but I bet they beat Texas by 15+.

  • @BShark

    I am not sure anyone is a fan of Bruce but he is a good X and Os coach. I hope KSU b**ch slaps Texas.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 have fun man! @BeddieKU23 Iba can be very tough when that place is rocking hopefully Underwood can get that going. I love going in to tough places and winning, make us a stronger team.

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