So the script has been written?

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    So get ready for a full conference season. The boys and gals will talk up KU then give you the But. You’ll hear how great KU is. Yet you’re going to hear how much better UCLA, UNC, DUke, and Kentucky are better.

    No matter what happens on the court, or how big the blow outs will be. The same mantra will be thown out. UCLA, UNC, Duke, and Kentucky are just better. It will be like the Trumpster in that nobody really gave him a chance. Nice story, Nice team, Nice players but you just aren’t as good as UCLA, UNC, Duke, and Kentucky.

    You won’t see any brackets filled out with KU in the final 4. You’ll hear no commentaters say that the championship runs through KU. In fact KU could fall in the polls without losing. A step further listen for the drums to start beating in the flavor of WV and Baylor.

    You see KU plays without a true inside game. The Historians well say you can’t win this way. The ones in the know will say how can they compete against the inside presence of UCLA, UNC, Duke and Kentucky?

    Well I say piss on them. If Golden state can win with a spread offense so can KU. Welcome to the revolution.

  • @DoubleDD You have been listening to different commentators than I have, apparently! I would not recommend starting the conference season with a major “we are unappreciated” chip, even as a fan, since almost everybody says KU is right in it.

  • The was one commentator on tonight’s game who killed his own argument realizing that no contender is without an impact big… oops… except the top team in the country and defending champs.

    I will say that this is more of the same. We just can’t finish against inferior competition. Should’ve been a thirty-point victory tonight.

    No big deal right? Well, when was the last time we had a team who could finish well against inferior competition? Seems like '08 to me. I don’t see that with this team. Hate to say it. Not sure exactly what it is, but not making free throws is a big part of it.

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    It’s been a while since Coach has a team that could blow teams out at will.

  • @DoubleDD said:

    Well I say piss on them. If Golden state can win with a spread offense so can KU. Welcome to the revolution.


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    Nope, A chip is exactly what this team needs.

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