Scott Drew, meet Tubby Smith.

  • I woke up early and watched the last ten minutes of the Texas Tech/Baylor game. In this half empty arena, something special was happening to a TT basketball team that lives in the enormous football shadow cast over them in West Texas. The old master that we welcomed to the big 12 showed Scott Drew once again that a team that emphasizes defense and plays with discipline will always kick his ass. By the way, Tubby, 7 footer Kravic and marksman Crockett will upset others this year in the Big 12. It was fun to watch # 12 go down to defeat in a game that was never in doubt.

  • I just hope all of this doesn’t get into our team’s head… that we can go on cruise control now. I’ve been liking our low ranking and comments about us being over-rated. It is hard to get that kind of stimuli anywhere else for these young guys.

    Self said the team personality is too mellow. I’m more concerned about that aspect than I am about any team we play.

    We all know on our best day no one can handle us. The challenge is to come out every game and have another best day!

  • @drgnslayr I’ve been thinking the same. All this talk about beating ISU, I think they will come back and shoot a whole lot better. As a Jhawk fan, we will always remember the TCU game. I never talk to much, to many upsets possible. One thing we haven’t had lately is quality subs, hopefully there will be no TCU games.

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  • @wrwlumpy, you post made my day. Really a good insight to share. And that mention of the half empty arena brought its significance instantly into focus. Tubby is following Billy G, Pat Knight and Bob Knight. Someone at TTech loves basketball, because they keep hiring guys that know the game. I know. There are jokes about TTech being the places basketball coaches go to die. But one day, if they stay the course in hiring good coaches, with good shoeco relations, they will turn the corner. Thanks.

  • @wrwlumpy - Speaking of half empty arenas, did anyone see the …1/4th empy Gallagher-Iba arena game last night? I don’t know why it still gets me, but it does. The ninth ranked team in the nation, playing at home and there are HUNDREDS, if not thousands of empty seats.

    I truly hope our Jayhawks players and coaches know what a special place Allen Field House is and how great our fans are.

  • @wrwlumpy

    Not a big fan of Tubby, but I believe this game says more about how bad a coach Drew is than how good Smith is.

  • Tubby is a good person and a good program builder and an absolutely terrible coach.

  • @iowajayhawk2005 Tubby won a national championship. I don’t think you can win a national championship (no matter how much talent you have…almost) without being a decent coach.

  • @nuleafjhawk I’ve noticed the same thing for every Big 12 game except at ISU. No one has the home crowd like us, even UT. The local sports writer here in Austin the other day posed that “if UT had George Strait play at halftime they just might get some fans to show up.” Ever look at the stats for home attendance throughout a Big 12 season for each team? Very telling.

    That is why The Field House IS the BEST Home Crowd Arena.

  • @RockChalkinTexas -

    I wonder if our 9-straight has something to do with that. I think it is a long enough streak that we’ve started to condition fans from other schools to just expect not being champs. When fans think they won’t be champs it weens out a chunk of attendance in most places.

    And in some places… players, coaches and admin build up their chances and draw crowds in. When they fail again, many fans had their expectations dashed (again) and they lose motivation to attend games.

    We definitely have a luxurious situation at Kansas!

    Just my opinion…

  • @drgnslayr “A luxurious situation.” Right on. Speaking of which, in the fall of 2015 our male and female hoops players will certainly be couched in luxury. AFH and those new basketball dorms will constitute a double whammy for Bill Self’s recruiting. Gotta hope that the majority of recruits will not recline so comfortably in those lodgings that they lose the hungry edge for Jayhawk dominance. That said, I really can’t fathom Self, Hudy and staffs allowing that to occur.

  • @REHawk - Amazing to see so much money thrown around amateur sports! 😉

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