Kentucky/N Carolina

  • Ok guys, called me crazy, call , me a trisquit, say I’m way out in left field. But I watched a lot of the Kentucky Game today,& a lot of North Carolina - - and I’m not that impressed with either, I mean sure they have really good teams, BUT having said that, was still not impressed - - I mean Kentucky loaded with all these OAD’S Carolina suppose to be all that.

    Kentucky today playing at Hofstra I mean ya they win by 26, but they should have and then some - -Hofstra was with them all the way to the end of the 1st half - -Kentucky looks very beatable - - -just have to avoid runs, but you can say that about a lot of teams, you allow a team to go on a big run then you battle up hill the rest of the game.

    North Carolina, playing AT North Carolina against a 4-3 Tennessee team trailed the entire game right up until the last minute, of the game. - - -Sorry but just not that impressed, you have to manage the boards play them at least even on the boards, other then that - -very beatable, I wanted to see North Carolina today, and I saw enough not to lose sleep, I think we can compete with either one , if we play like we are capable then ya I’m not overly worried, ya they good - -BUT they not THAT GOOD, not like they head and shoulders above everybody else. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    I’m not impressed with UNC. Too thin. Not in positions, but their players are just too thin. Maybe it works out by the end of the season if the refs convert D1 to completely without contact. (yes, I’m complaining)

    Kentucky has some sweet talent, but I’m doubtful they have the right combination of players to make a real team.

    I hate to say it, but a team to watch is Duke. They are getting better every game and still hope to add in more pieces down the road.

    Villanova is looking pretty good. UCLA is looking pretty good. Even Baylor is looking pretty good.

    But there is a lot of basketball to be played and injuries will play a big part of how things turn out. Players either getting hurt enough to be in street clothes on the sidelines, or players playing while injured and their effectiveness drops down.

    We will have our shot in March like we always have. We could go home the first weekend, or maybe the last weekend after winning our last game!

  • Villanova is still good - Josh hart is frontrunner for NPOY, but like you said before slayer, they aren’t sneaking up on anyone and they have had several close games that shouldn’t have been close. North Carolina, after having been declared the best team by numerous media folks has really struggled the last couple games. THey looked good in Maui, but did not exactly play top ten teams out there.

    UCLA is an offensive powerhouse like I have not seen since Carolina in 2009. If they even shoot their average, they will have little resistance en route to Phoenix Their defense is OK, not great so if shots aren’t falling they could be in trouble. As for Duke, if they get Giles back, no one would be able to match their talent. After watching Bolden, it is going to take him a little bit to get back in the groove. Giles would probably be in a similar situation.

    The teams at the top this year are very strong. All the blue bloods are in the top ten and it will be a toss up who cuts down the nets this year. All the sports pundits are going to predict Duke to win it all, but just like every year, it is anyone’s to win.

    As long we focus on improving each game, we will be fine in March. The one seed and home field advantage in KC is an opportunity not to pass up.

  • @drgnslayr Thats my take also. Duke was missing 3 star players when we played them, they are maybe the most dangerous team. I have them picked to the Final Four regardless. You know the insider money and old school money back East is on them…the refs NOT bailing out Coach K in their defeat by KU–only means it was saved for the Tourney, if Duke gets in any real trouble.

    Some experts think KY’s only real loss possibility could be in their game against KU (in Rupp). You never know if/when/how KY’s team will come together with their yearly roster turnover. So we will know when we see it. I just expect them to contend most seasons, as Calipari has proven that.

    UNC, a Roy product, will do great 82% of the time. But if their offense isnt clicking, look out, as anyone can beat them. If the game gets ref’d to a more physical style, then they would be considered soft. (Recall it is a Roy product.) I never understood letting opposing teams go on big runs, and not calling timeouts to stop the momentum and intervene as a coach. Then, when you are down big, now you have to claw and grind, which is NOT part of the pkg with UNC, so why would Roy allow his D-challenged teams to have to grind from way behind? Doesnt make sense.

    Baylor needs to show how legit they are in BigXII play. As usual, the opponents that know you best, can also end up giving the world the “blueprint” on how to beat a conference team, regarding what works and what doesnt work.

  • @ralster

    If Giles plays, no doubt Duke is the favorite; however, with every game he sits, the chance of him playing become smaller. With his history of injuries one more likely ends his career and he might choose to sit and get at least one contract in the NBA.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    They have said Giles plans on playing before the end of 2016. He’s practicing so they are getting him ready

  • If you were looking for those games yesterday to form your whole opinion of Kentucky or North Carolina I suggest you watch a few more games or just wait until next Saturday when they play each other in Las Vegas.

    North Carolina has “come down to earth” a bit after that great start. Every team goes through patches like this and for everyone that doesn’t know, UNC is still without one of its better players in Theo Pinson who is an ultimate glue guy and was their leading assist man on the team last year at the SF position. UNC has a team that can get back to the Final 4 again, they made plays yesterday that kept them from losing at home as a good team does.

    Kentucky I do think is a bit overrated but outside of its big game against UNC, its annual Louisville game and the KU game in January Kentucky is going to look good beating up on the pathetic SEC schedule. The only serious road games they play all year in conference play are @Florida- who’s decent but not great, and @ Texas A&M which is down from last year. Otherwise they get South Carolina at home who’s still unbeaten. They could really sweep the SEC this year. Kentucky is a good team but we saw 1 way on how you beat them, you make shots because Kentucky is not great defensively (especially in the paint). Louisville plays defense so that should be an interesting match-up to see how they actually handle a team that actually tries to defend them.

  • @BeddieKU23 not really sure where you got that I had formed my opinion from yesterday - -although yesterday is just another example. If you read my statement - I said they were good, JUST NOT AS GOOD as people are trying to make them out to be, very beatable, just 2 of several teams that could win - -we all saw what happened to Kentucky when they played anybody and on their home floor UCLA controlled that game from the word go ,North Carolina DOES NOT I repeat DOES NOT impress me what so ever. There is to many people that get all hung up on their name just because the name says North Carolina then media and people have their face buried deep up their - -a - - I have seen both play several times this year not forming my opinion just from yesterday. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    Okay I may have jumped the gun on your opinion and your added context made me read over what I wrote.

    I only caught some of both games and I agree I wasn’t super impressed. Kentucky did put up 96 on a bad team on a neutral court and UNC struggled at home against a rebuilding Tenn squad with a former familiar face roaming the sidelines. UNC should have lost but they found a way to win. Kentucky was expected to rol and did so after it was close early.

    Any College B-Ball fan could have tuned into KU’s game against Nebraska in the 2nd half and said “meh” not that great, beatable. And they would be right, we won comfortably but it wasn’t a 40 minute dominate effort by any means.

    UNC’s ceiling might not be as high as other teams because they returned a good bit of experience from their runner-up team. How they played in Maui is how they could play in March, or as we’ve seen recently from struggles how they could lose in March. I think once Pinson returns UNC can be judged more accurately because they do miss his versatility on the floor and ability to create for teammates.

    Kentucky is obviously the media darling with Duke/UNC which will never change. With how young they are they certainly have a ceiling that is as high as anyone’s and with a roster chalk full of future NBA players its not a stretch to say Calipari will have his guys playing their best ball in a few months from now. With how weak their conference schedule the games they play against UCLA/UNC/Lousiville/KU will be the most accurate opinion we can get on them.

    The Kentucky/UNC this Saturday will have a March feel on a neutral court far away from each other’s home. We’ll probably know a bit more about both after that match-up. Should be a stellar game.

  • @BeddieKU23 one thing true for sure is, not only pinson out but Joel Barry is out for UMC also -I dunno, just not that impressed could be old age, But if you can maintain battle 50/50 on the boards - cause they brought this up yesterday they get 44% of their points off the rebounds, you take that from them a lot different team , and Kentucky - -they have trouble keeping Guards from driving the lane on them will set up very nicely for kick outs for wide open 3’s, if you can’t stop dribble penetration against us your in trouble with all the 3 pt shooters we have - -well at this point anyways and actually don’t see that changing just too many shooters - -we gonna give some teams fits, and may I add that might be what helps us with Baylor this year. - - Baylor going to give us match up problems - - BUT we are going to give them match up problems. - - Bottom line with them are they going to be able to handle the pressure of trying to win a Conference championship when they play us? – they haven’t been there before - - -that’s where Conference championship experience comes in to play - -experience with our guards, going to be interesting - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    Some good points, forgot about Berry of UNC- he’s the best player on UNC in my mind. Without their floor general they struggled mightily and without his 17pts a game ( Imagine KU trying to play without Frank) not a pretty thought.

    KU is going to have to become a better defensive team when it gets to Baylor and Kentucky. We’ve been fortunate the schedule has been kind the past month. Davidson will test our guys. We need to continue to improve on defense, lots of area’s we struggle in just as much as the next team. Baylor will be the biggest team we meet all year, Kentucky maybe the only team that matches athleticism 1-5 with us. Those are toss up games right now. Hopefully KU will find ways to pull them both out.

  • little bit of a follow up about Kentucky- - - hell their own coach is concerned, found a link on his post game, or whatever and he is talking about Concerned about quick guards, just as I mentioned, - -and what do we have? – some pretty quick guards, they aren’t moving their feet and getting beat on dribble drive, and Calipari said that worries him - -that and rebounding - -they not rebounding- - Hofstra out rebounded them 45-41 -ya they have the /nations # 1 rebounder but other guys for them beating Kentucky, - - committing 27 fouls by getting beat - -just sloppy defense Hofstra 37 free throws - - Hofstra - - Hofstra - -are you kidding me? - -Kentucky fans even worried about their D, Coach says ya were good enough to beat these lesser teams but are we good enough to beat really quality teams right now? – they got their 1st taste to that answer against UCLA - -we gonna find out real quick how they do - -North Carolina - -Louisville we shall see - -Me? - -I am far from convinced - -look very beatable, even though very good - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Question…does it really make a difference if you beat a team by 20 or 30 or 40 points? If you are ahead by 20 points, should you keep your foot on the gas and run up the score or just coast and not spend any more effort than you have to, knowing that if you have to you can build up the lead again? Isn’t it better, once you have build up a lead, to try different combinations and schemes…or rest players as many here would prefer, and use the rest of the game as a live laboratory instead of running up the score?

    I get it that the computer ranking take point differential into account, but if I understand correctly, after a certain point it really does not make that much of a difference. Interested in what you all think.

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