• Heading into December, the B12 has done pretty well in the non-conference games to date - probably better than expected given the graduation losses from some of the top teams a year ago.

    Indeed, the league as a whole has several quality Ws and really no bad Ls.

    The quality wins include Duke, Oregon, VCU, Mich. St., Louisville, Washington, Miami, UConn, Georgetown, Clemson and Illinois. The “worst” losses are probably UNI (OU) and Northwestern (TX).

    Baylor clearly has the best group of quality wins thus far. Texas is the only real underachiever - no quality Ws and losses to NW and Colorado. While KSU and TTU don’t have any wins of note, they’ve each lost just one game to decent opponents - Maryland and Auburn, respectively (by 1 and 2 pts).

    Several big games in December (and the UK in the B12-SEC Challenge), so we’ll see if this pace can be maintained. But, if so, the B12 will again be at or near the top of the conference power rankings. And, the conference slate could turn out to be tougher than we might have expected…

  • Lots of damn good coaches in this league.

  • @BShark True enough - is there another conference that can come close to matching up with the mix of good to great proven and young gun coaches - top to bottom? The days of relatively easy conference Ws may have come to an end - but, will make our teams that much more prepared for March…

  • That Oregon win was w/out brooks, not our @brooksmd

  • West Virginia forced a school record 40 turnovers in win vs Manhattan, the most turnovers forced in a single Division I game since 2007.

  • FINAL: North Carolina Central 62, Mizzou 52. Eagles were No. 228 in KenPom before the game

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Poor Jaspers!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said:

    FINAL: North Carolina Central 62, Mizzou 52. Eagles were No. 228 in KenPom before the game

    I made a thread to celebrate this special game.

  • @BShark saw that

  • One of the keys to Big 12 Basketball surviving (moving forward) has to be the quality level of coaching throughout our league. A few teams may be down a bit on talent, or young… or both… but we have a nice group of coaches and if we can keep it that way, the future looks much brighter.

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