Thread Where I Post Stuff About Future Stud KU PG Markese Jacobs

  • From twitter: 6’0 2019 PG Markese Jacobs putting on a show early. 11 pts in 1st qrtr as Uplift lds Washington 24-16.

  • good gosh he can dunk for a little guy

  • Mason 2.0, but two differences I noticed from the links. Jacobs is every bit as good as Mason. I see Jacobs as a much better shooter off the dribble than Mason. I do see Mason being much more physical at this point than Jacobs. They are both extremely similar in play overall.

  • The more I see, the more apparent it is why KU took his commitment so early. His brother is 6’2’’-3’’ so it’s possible he gets around there as well. I get the feeling he will be moving up the rankings once the services start to really look at 2019.


    Not sure if it will be streamed but Uplift is playing against Chaminade (Jayson Tatum went there, not sure if they have any good prospects atm).

    Little snippet about Markese based on his performance at the Washington High Tournament of Champions.

    -Markese Jacobs-5’11-G-’19-Uplift A microwave scorer, the younger Jacobs can get hot in a hurry. Set the tone early Friday night with his scoring. Pesky on-ball defender and an emotional leader. The compact guard drives strong to the hoop and finishes consistently.

  • Uplift lost by 15. The Jacobs brothers had solid games though.

    This kid went for 30 for Chaminade:

    Interview with prep hoops:

  • Nugget from that interview

    What was your favorite part of the recruiting process?

    Talking to Bill Self.


  • If you have a twitter account, vote for Uplift for Markese

  • @truehawk93 or Sherron 3.0? huh?

  • @BShark

    We will like this kid while he’s on campus

  • @BeddieKU23

    Says a lot that the staff took him so early, especially considering it could impact Sherfield. I think he ends up top 25 (barring some kind of setback) and a burger boy, especially if he ends up at 6’3’’+.

  • @BShark

    Its hard to project that far ahead but the athletic ability of Jacobs is hard to deny and being a Chicago kid there has to be a sense that maybe they are just higher on Markese. Sherfield is very good and has localish ties but there is no denying Jacobs might just be a better player when its all said and done. We may still land Sherfield anyway based on need and roster availability.

    I wish all the 19 kids were in the 18 class because it just seems like a can’t miss load up of prospects for KU.

    It is unusual for us to lock in a player 2 + years from coming to campus, at least its a good one!

  • @BeddieKU23

    Yeah Sherfield has been more visible, so he is higher ranked for now. Jacobs exploded this summer. Sherron won’t let him slack.

    And yeah it’s hard to say just how heavy a lean a kid is this early. KU ALWAYS seems to be the perceived favourite on a lot of kids over a year out. I think a lot of the 2019 kids are legit leans though. JRE in particular I just can’t see the staff letting him get away.

  • @BShark

    Very true about Sherfield he’s been talked about longer. Jacobs really got onto the radar once KU snagged him. Hopefully Jacobs will run with a good AAU team this summer.

    Comparing the 2, Sherfield is the better shooter at this stage. Jacobs is far an above the better athlete and is so quick that I have to think he’ll end up being the better 2 way player (if I was making a judgement of current ability). Plus you just never know how kids will react to getting the right offer like Jacobs got and took without question. With Sherfield he’s going to be a typical kid that soaks in being recruited by top programs as we’ve seen KU isn’t the only top one after him now.

  • Definitely fortunate that Jacobs just loves KU. Sherfield has heavy interest from UCLA and I’m pretty sure UK is keeping tabs on him. KU could still get him absolutely, but it will be a lot more difficult. JRE and Harvey I feel could be early commits for KU.

  • What class is Jacobs in? 2018?

  • @HawkChamp

    2019, we are extremely fortunate to have landed him early.

  • @BeddieKU23

    And that he has been compared to and idolizes Sherron. Just really really lucky on this one. Happens sometimes and you take it. :relaxed:

  • @BeddieKU23 thanks

  • Saw him in person last month. Posted about him the other day. Watch the video!

  • @wissox

    New video?

  • @BShark @wissox is good buddies w/coach Howard.

  • Did I do the math right… we need a PG for 2 years before Markese takes over?

    So Trae Young for 2 years, then Markese?

  • @drgnslayr said:

    Did I do the math right… we need a PG for 2 years before Markese takes over?

    So Trae Young for 2 years, then Markese?

    Would take.

    @wissox said:



  • Stud Sophomore Christian Brown who has a KU offer had this to say in a recent interview.

    Who are some guys on the NBA level or college level that you always looked up to?

    Josh Jackson. The people at Kansas told me I play just like him. I look up to him.

    KU is recruiting him, all the heavy hitters will be on him especially being from South Carolina. The 19 class really has some serious talent. And that’s forgetting RJ Barrett the best player in the class who idolizes Andrew Wiggins…

  • @BeddieKU23

    Oh man, if there is a wing I would want more than Leech this is it. Can’t go wrong with either though and I’d take Leech the moment he wanted to commit.

  • @BShark

    Seems like a lot of perimeter talent we are after right now.

    I would still take Barrett over any of these wings. RJ is an elite talent.

    Leech is really good but will have to step up his level of competition this summer. I can’t imagine we would let him elsewhere if he wanted in.

    Brown seems like the type that will end up in the top 20 and have his choice of any program. He has ties to South Carolina and being from a small town and 2o minutes to campus Frank Martin will do his best to keep him home. I like his ability and he might still get bigger which could make him a perfect stretch 4 type.

  • Barrett would be quite the get, don’t see it though.

  • @BShark

    You don’t believe that him being a Hawk fan will pull him here?

    And we know Self isn’t going to concede for an elite wing. We’ll see lots of time

  • I think his brother just backed out of his commit to Southern Illinois. The day I saw them play, the brother was the better player. Both have transferred to a different HS as well, from one charter to another.

  • wissox said:

    I think his brother just backed out of his commit to Southern Illinois. The day I saw them play, the brother was the better player. Both have transferred to a different HS as well, from one charter to another.

    Yeah I mentioned in another thread recently his brother didn’t have the shooting ability wanted for a HM. I would imagine he took the prep year to hopefully show improved shooting and get better offers. He already has had a few roll in that are better than SIU. I would imagine it’s quite possible that he would show out better, especially since he is 2 years older and a hard worker. A lot of it with rankings is trying to project how they translate to college and Markese is lightning quick which can’t be taught. I think it would be awesome if Demarius improved enough to get a KU offer.

  • how I missed this thread is beyond me. Great stuff. That kid is going to be dynamite.

  • @KUSTEVE I really like how much he likes being a Jayhawk.

  • alt text

    Free advertising. :joy:

  • Kid is ridiculous. Little pick me up clip after that tough football loss for y’all. @Crimsonorblue22 @jayballer54 @kjayhawks

  • @BShark can’t wait!

  • Watched Markese tonight in person. 12 points, good D, on hapless opponent immortalized in a poster. Markese’ team won by 30 so he was not needed to be spectacular, which he is.

  • Ok, I admit I’m guilty. Guilty - - - Guilty as Guilty can be, I had never really checked out our future boy at all. Knew he had committed really early which is good, but man gotta say lil guy looks pretty decent, Ya I know it’s a mix tape - - high lights but still, like it says they say he is combo of our boy Frank and Sherron that has to be a good thing right?

    Looks like he is a little sparkplug for sure , So I guess my question is guys, how do we see him fitting in the rotation? - -Chances are Devon will still be here so as an under study to Devon play time increases as the years go by? - -Be a solid backup or what guys - -fill me in , let me know - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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