Where to watch in JoCo when TWC has the monopoly

  • I haven’t found a bar / grill I like to watch the 6 banned contests.

    Can you help me?

    What I’d like:

    • Large, clear screen, or smaller ones near enough to see the action clearly

    • Sound I can hear–I’m 67 and losing some auditory function, but don’t have hearing aids yet

    • Not too noisy, but if I can hear the announcers wellI can live with noise

    • As close to 87th and Pflumm in Lenexa as possible–but I’d drive if I have to for the right environment

    • Wait staff that don’t hover over me to keep ordering food and drink I don’t want

    What are your suggestions?

  • Stream online? Probably better unless you really WANT to be at a bar.

  • Bars and Wild Wings are the worst. I was at Coaches watching the Jayhawks and felt guilty every time the waitress asked if I needed a refill. At halftime,they shut off the game a put video Karaoke.

  • @tubertigertank

    1. Buy a chromecast.
    2. Download an App on your phone that changes your location to outside of the U.S. or at least outside of KC area.
    3. Cast game from ESPN3 to TV.

    Will cost you about $40 to get the Chromecast but then you can watch it from the comfort of your home like I’ll be doing.

  • Or have your kid or gkid help you.

  • I’m not comfortable pirating the broadcasts. I’m willing to go view the game and spend a few bucks while I do so. I’m just hoping to find the best viewing / listening (hopefully not overcrowded) venue.

  • @tubertigertank were any of those places close to you?

  • I suggest going to Sheahon Zengers house and asking if you can watch it there.

  • @wissox

    Genius. Wouldn’t it be a riot if we all show up there…

  • I enable the hot spot on my T-Mobile cell phone, disconnect one of my laptops from the home network and connect to the internet via the hot spot, connect to ESPN3 and login using my Consolidated account and It works like a charm. I connect the laptop to the big screen via HDMI cable and I am in business.

  • @tubertigertank

    Right on the East edge of Lawrence: 29 minutes from 87th and Pflumm.

    Set’em Up Jacks 1800 East 23rd Street Lawrence, KS 66046


    The Johnny’s Tavern on Ridgeview out by Family Leisure would be a little closer for you.

  • Do you guys have Cox up there ? I had dish and have been blacked out last few years. Switched to cox and am not–few hrs south of KC.

  • @Blown

    I don’t believe Cox is in the KC metro area.

    Here’s a list of the Johny’s locations…several near 87th and Pflumm.

  • Can you get TWC? If so, why not? Worth it for KU bb!!!

  • @JayHawkFanToo Can you just turn off wi-fi on your phone and hook directly to the TV? And doesn’t streaming on a network use up lots of a data plan?

  • @JayHawkFanToo said:

    Genius. Wouldn’t it be a riot if we all show up there…

    A “Jayhawk Flashflock”!

  • @mayjay he won’t be there! Wonder if he has twc?

  • @mayjay

    I get a much, much better plan from Consolidated than TWC and for a lot less money. TWC has laid cable in my are but not quite yet available.

    You have to access ESPN3 via Internet browser and the laptop does much better job than the TV; connecting the cell phone directly would require a micro USB to HDMI adapter. I have several spare laptops so I just leave one permanently connected to the Big Screen.

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