Tracking Mason

  • I was interested in how Franks numbers were all time with him playing quite a bit in his time here. He currently sits tied for 36th all time in points with Aaron Miles with 1183 points, 24 points shy of #35 Jacque Vaughn. Realistically i think he could get to top 30 or 25 prob not much more JoJo White is 29th with 1286 points. Sherron Collins is the best point guard scorer in KU history with 1888 points good for 5th all time in all scorers. He currently has 403 Assists in his career, Miles leads this area all time with 954. Looking at his numbers he could finish top 25 scoring and top 5 assists, Adonis Jordan sits 5th currently with 568 assists and Mason averaging around 160 assists per year he should get there with ease.

  • @kjayhawks

    I think you sold Mason a little short on where he could end up. He’s got a legit chance at cracking the top 10 actually.

    Perry Ellis finished 8th with 1798. 10th place has 1754.

    Last year we played 38 games.

    If Mason plays 38 games and averages say 16 a game (conserative # right now, not knowing where his average is going to settle on) he will finish in 10th all-time with 1759 points (roughly).

    The way he’s scoring right now could see him in the 18-19 pts a game area.

    18 a game would land him in 6th place just behind Sherron Collins. 19 a game he would pass Collins.

    Will be interesting to track this as the season goes by.

  • I would guess that Mason’s scoring will slow. We have likely already seen his season high, and as Jackson, Bragg and Svi get going (I think all three could average 3-5 points more each than the current numbers), so if you shave 10-12 points off Mason right now, that puts him back down around 13-16.

    I would guess Mason’s average settles around 14 the rest of the way, so he ends up with probably about 1700 career points, not bad, but short of the top 10 by 50 or more.

  • @BeddieKU23 very true i did this during my lunch break lol, @justanotherfan agreed bet he finishes in the 12-16 range

  • Mason is up to 33rd place with 1221 pts.

    He needs 19 points tonight to catch Steve Woodberry. 43 points to catch Jarod Haase

  • @BeddieKU23 $50 he gets it tonight lol

  • Mason up to 30th I believe!! It’s hard with the list not being updated by KU athletics.

    He’s 52 points away from Mario Chalmers , 82 from Marcus Morris.

    At his current rate he’ll be close to Morris by end of Non-Conference Play.

    Also at this rate he’ll pass Wilt by the 4th conference game.

    He’s got a minimum 24 games left (22 regular), 1 Big-12, 1 NCAA tourney. Max 31 games to go.

    24 games at his current scoring average would get him to top 10.

    31 games at his current scoring average would get him to 5th and passing Sherron Collins.

    Will be interesting to see if he can keep scoring at this pace. So far it looks sustainable with how well he’s shooting the ball and being used in the offense.

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