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    As a pro prospect, Frank is hard to evaluate. He’s tough, but at the same time, we have all seen the wear and tear on him as the seasons have worn on the last couple of years.

    He’s an adequate (but not great) perimeter shooter and he isn’t very big (though he is a sturdy player). He’s quick and fast, but so is literally every other PG prospect out there.

    He’s a very good player that deserves a look at the next level, but I can’t see anyone spending a high pick on him. He’s a late second round or undrafted free agent type of player that could end up sticking in the league, but could also end up never even making a roster.

    Given all of that, I understand why Fran isn’t as high on him as many of us are. Frank is a very good collegiate player (much like Perry) that may or may not pan out at the next level. Fran does a lot of pro evaluations, particularly on European players, so when he is evaluating guys, that pro perspective comes out.

  • @justanotherfan Fran just ranked the big 12 pts and didn’t have Frank on it.

  • Frank was easily the biggest positive takeaway from the IU loss. The stuff like rebounding and D can HOPEFULLY be fixed but the fact that Frank is a reliable go to guy at this point is huge.

  • When it comes to evaluating Frank’s pro draft status, think Sherron. Without the weight gain problem, but probably also without the size to tantalize pro evaluators. Frank Mason most likely will play in Europe. Unless his legs crash and burn after another very strenuous collegiate season. Another dozen efforts filled with the exertions he exhibited Friday night, and we are likely to see Frank’s NCAA potential squelched before April.

  • Love Frank’s play but he is no Sherron and SC couldn’t even stick in the L. Maybe weight management was the deal breaker.
    Edit: didn’t see your post ReH before posting.

    On another note :

    limited, but he practiced. And he was limited by design. Regardless of how he (felt), he was gonna be limited.”

    Self referring to Lucas. Self has gone from playing them through injury to preventative…shows how valuable LL is to him this year.

  • Can anyone point me to a game of Sherrons where he clearly illustrated a skill set that Frank does not have other than maybe the title game steal and corner 3? I would like to go back and watch and see him at his best. Maybe my memory is skewed but I believe Frank > Sherron.

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    IMHO, Frank is every bit good as Sherron was and more disciplined to boot. One thing to consider is how good of a rebounder he is; he is rebounding as well or better than players several inches taller, so this might sway some manager to take a chance on him as his lack of height is offset by his uncanny ability to play taller.

  • @approxinfinity If you go to and compare their statistics they are eerily similar. Frank has the edge in rebounds and to/asst. Maybe my fondness of SC got the best of me.

  • @Blown a lot of people have said the same about Sherron, that’s why I asked. I don’t think we realize how good Frank is for possibly a combo of reasons. Sherron was higher ranked coming out of HS, played in Chicago, was slightly bigger (?), played on a title team and ran the show with Cole the following year. Also Bill has said something about Sherron being the best guard he’s ever had. I chalked that up to hyperbole.

    Frank has tried to be more of a team player, and hasn’t done the alpha dog thing like he did on Friday much. He still had a 40% (?) Trey gun his soph season, plays almost every minute of every game, makes less ill advised drives and is a terrific rebounder. The areas where he has advantages over Sherron are notable enough to make a case that he is the better guard. When we win a championship this year I think we will be able to put the debate to rest.

  • @approxinfinity I was trying to think of other heroic moments other than the title game.

    I’m sure Collins had some big games. But, don’t watch his last game for fond memories. Sherron’s team (33-2 with the only losses at Tennessee against the Appalachian walk-ons and at OSU in conference) ran into powerhouse Northern Iowa… Sharon with 5 TOs, 0-6 from three, 26% overall. 10 pts.

  • @DanR I thought SC leading the young team to the Sweet Sixteen in 2008-09 was noteworthy, only losing to Michigan St.

  • @approxinfinity Can’t go there with Mason being better than Sherron. To me, Sherron at his absolute best was always when KU went into Bramlage, especially the 2010 game during Sherron’s senior season when KU and KSU were both legitimate top 10 teams and Sherron absolutely refused to let KSU beat him or KU.

  • I think if I was to pick between Frank and Sherron I would take Sherron. Why? Because outside of Friday we have never seen Frank take over a game, Sherron did it many times in his career here. Also I think Sherron was more explosive and a better scorer but Frank does edge him in assists and rebounds. If frank continues to make plays like he did Friday I will say he is better. Friday his shooting percentage wasn’t very good and it was less than 40% around the rim last year that also has to improve for me to take him over Sherron.

  • @DanR Plenty of games that Sherron was a Hero 09 @ OU he was great and hit shots down the stretch, Baylor and Cornell in 10, I remember that Cornell team being pretty dam good, Reed also hit a big 3 in that game, they went to the elite 8 that year and damn near beat UK.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    If not for a few bad call and a couple of tough breaks KU beats Indiana and this is game for the ages and the legend of Frank becomes lore among KU faithful…oh well.

  • @kjayhawks said:

    @DanR Plenty of games that Sherron was a Hero 09 @ OU he was great and hit shots down the stretch, Baylor and Cornell in 10, I remember that Cornell team being pretty dam good, Reed also hit a big 3 in that game, they went to the elite 8 that year and damn near beat UK.

    Yeah I remember him trading 3s with Willie Warren. It was beautiful.

  • @kjayhawks said:

    Those handles, tho. I don’t remember Mason juking guys like that as often.

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