more blown chances from KU football

  • Kansas fell today at the hands of Iowa State 31-24 in Lawrence. We really were in control for most of the game after a Quv muffed punt lead to a early State lead 3-0, under red shirt freshman Carter Stanley the offense looked sharp early and rattled off 14 straight points but missed a FG, then the defense let up a late score before the half to trim the KU lead to 14-10. The teams pretty much traded scores in the 3rd as Kansas held a 24-22 lead going in to the fourth quarter. Both the offense and defense couldn’t finish the deal with Kansas missing a golden opportunity on a fourth down from ISU’s 39 where Steven Sims ran a route 2 yards shy of the first and lost his footing to warrant a stop for ISU and that was as close as we could get to a fourth quarter score. The defense really let ISU run all over them in the second half which killed the clock and lead to the win for the cyclones. They finished with 240 yards on the ground on 46 carries, which included 3 kneels late in the game. The pass defense was ok but not stellar letting up 220 yard thru the air. We only created 1 turnover in the game, a Fish INT. We have got to figure out how to sure up our tackling and stop the run several big third downs were converted on ISU scoring drives off of missed tackles. The D line probably played their worst game of the season, which was a huge surprise looking at the youth and injuries on ISU’s O line, they finished with just 3 TFLs and one sack. I was excited early in the second quarter about our offense. Stanley looked good but was unable to throw the ball down the field finished 26/38 for 171 yards , one TD and INT, as his line shows most of his passes were within a few yards of the line of scrimmage. We ran the ball well, finished with 243 yards on 40 carries but IMO we didn’t run it enough especially on that 4th quarter drive where we passed 3 straight times for the turnover on downs. It was basically TCU all over again, maybe one day we will learn to play a full game. I think we would have 3 or 4 wins at this point. I felt like this was a must win for us to keep the players and fan base engaged. Caps off to our guys they have fought hard and I’m proud of that just hoping one day or year we can play smart enough to win some more games. RCJH

  • Learning how to close out games is the most frustrating part of the process because KU could conceivably be 4-6 right now instead of 1-9. The more opportunities they have in these situations, the sooner the light will come on for them. Disappointing in the moment, but part of the process of learning to walk before they can run though.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Very true friend, these are the toughest times in KU football history, regardless of the outcome of the last two games KU will have finished their worst 5 year stretch ever.

  • I really feel things changed late in the 1st half, we were pretty much moving the ball at will and were again I believe we were at the ISU 37 4th & 2 and we tried to get them to jump and then we quick kicked - - -like the commentator said all we gained out of that exchange was 17 yds - - - the way we were moving the ball should of just went and gone for it, like our chances at that point. What would of been the worst that could happen? - - Us not convert and they drive down the field and score ? - - -they did that anyways, just took 17 more yds to do it that’s all. Seemed shortly after that they really started getting HUGE yds per carry on the ground, nd changed the game. At this point in the season just doesn’t seem like it could of hurt. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 Yes that was a stupid play call as was after getting 3 first downs running to just pass it 3 times at 39 in the 4th and turn it over on downs. We should’ve won today no question.

  • I suppose it’s too early to hear anything from coach Beaty, but surely he sees we need an experienced offensive coordinator and that he needs to return to head coaching duties. Coach Bowen needs to be called out on the defense’s poor performance. The Iowa State O line controlled the game from the end of the second quarter on. Our pass rush didn’t pressure the QB’s at all; the box score shows one sack for us, but I don’t remember it. I State nearly doubled their average rushing yardage.

    Iowa State has been very competitive this year against the rest of the Big 12. We had our chances yesterday, but just aren’t there yet on offense and now the defense has taken a step back. Does anyone feel we have a chance against Texas? Living in Kansas, I have to put up with the K State fans for several months after another season ending loss. Usually, I have Kansas basketball to help, but not this year.

  • @stoptheflop Ya I was very surprised of our defensive performance we were in the top 10 nationally averaging over 8 TFLs per game and couldn’t get half of that vs a youthful nd injury plagued ISU line. Missed tackles were a huge part of their success, idk how many times we had them in a 3rd and long or medium but missed tackles that gave them a first. The offense didn’t help at all in the 4th ether with no points. We need linebackers to help stop the run and we didn’t have Dineen or Roberts which hurt but when you have been playing football for aslong as these guys you cant miss tackle after tackle.

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