Bill "Outside-In" Self

  • Don’t know if anybody posted this and don’t have the time to check.

  • Yeah Self has no choice really. Have to make sure your best players play.

  • @brooksmd Great find. If we get 10 to 15 minutes a game with 4 guards, that would add a tremendous weight on teams trying to prepare for us. From hi-lo to spreading the floor…hubba, hubba. Whether you liked Hoiberg or not, give the devil his due- his spread offense was always a pain to defend. The funny part is our 4 guard lineup will be as tall as our regular lineup was last year.

  • I have to ask, Did someone hit Bill in the head over the Summer?

    How many years have we talked about playing smaller? How many years have we talked adaptability to your roster?

    I’m not understanding this new Bill but I love it if he truly does adapt to this situation he has and finds a way to craft some more magic with it.

  • @BeddieKU23 he said he couldn’t do it w/perry

  • @brooksmd

    I think Bill wants to develop this as a “gimmick” and also as a bluff so B12 opponents (and teams like Duke, Indiana and Kentucky) will have to prep differently. We are trying to be less predictable.

    We only have 5 key players to fill 4 spots. That means little depth.

    Instead… we will need to PRESERVE our perimeter players this year. It will be hard to win in March if Frank is his typical burnt out self in March. He can’t be averaging above 30 mpg and hope to be fresh in March. He can if we take away his drive… I don’t think we want to do that.

    Sorry folks. I see Bill using his hybrid hi/lo again, and I’m quite happy about that (as long as we don’t FORCE the ball to be scored in the low post).

    We have the right players to execute this well, and it will help preserve our perimeter while developing our post. We just need Bill to do what he does best… put on his professorial hat and design more twists to his hybrid. It should be customized to take advantage of the players we have.

    I like the idea of seeing if he can run better isolation plays through the hybrid. That could be downright UNSTOPPABLE!

    One of those plays would be to isolate Udoka in the low post. Another would be to isolate Josh or Devonte on a side for a drive.

    Then we have the unlimited scoring option of using Carlton on the high ball screens, either to free our perimeter guys for open treys or mismatch drives, or for Carlton himself on pick and pops/rolls. I look at Carlton and I see him as having the potential to become one of the greatest pick and pop/roll guy to ever play college ball. He has good lift on his shot, feathers the ball well in midrange.

  • @drgnslayr I don’t know… Very interesting.not much time to work on it before the big guns. See how the fouls are piling up on our bigs. Can’t wait! Love D and speed!

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