Prediction Time?

  • Doing my best @kjayhawks.

    We play OU. They’re good. Baker Mayfield is a stud. Bob Stoops is Bob Stoops.

    OU plays us. We aren’t very good. Montel Cozart sucks. David Beaty is… a person?

    My prediction: We take an early 3-0 lead. We make a couple of stops, then OU big boi’s us and scores a lot lot lot.

    Spread is 40. I’ll go ahead and take the under. I feel like if Cozart continues to not take sacks and can actually take care of the ball for 4 quarters, we can’t lose by 40.

    My prediction: OU 42 KU 13

  • @Kcmatt7 I was just getting ready to do mine lol. We travel to Norman this week to face the 15th ranked sooners who are starting to look like the team most thought they would be this season, on FS1 @ 6:30. Ou is a well oil machine on offense with Westbrook, Mayfield and Mixon. Their Defense is very suspect and not one of the better units in the conference. Im thinking I’ll be happy if we can hang around for a half, spread sets at 41 right now. I expect our offense to continue to cough up the pigskin and make it easy for Mayfield and Co. I’ll go OU 59 KU 13 and its over very early.

  • progress would be a 0 or 1 turnover game and making OU earn all their points.

  • I did hear an ou linebacker was out.

  • @Kcmatt7 Yep, pretty much.

  • @Lulufulu You know, just a game where we couldn’t have done any better, but just got beat because we aren’t as good.

    That would be refreshing.

  • @Kcmatt7 Yeah, I know. I kinda felt like that about the game before last but they turned it over so many dang times

  • @Kcmatt7 Ya i agree go play hard and not give them easy points, cover the spread…

  • If you haven’t been to a game in Norman, it is a fun environment and is not hostile to opposing fans. In my experience, you may wear KU gear at all away games and not be jeered or worse, except K State and Missouri. I’d like to think that games at KU are friendly to opposing fans. I hope everyone attending our games makes it a point to be friendly or at least not be openly hostile to opposing fans. After all, they are spending money in Lawrence.

    Last week, the O State fans wore their orange and sat all over the place in Memorial stadium-even in the middle of the student section. I admit though, I liked attending games better when everyone around me supported KU and all the opposing fans sat together in another section. RCJH

  • Wow OSU just took it to WVU 37-20 in Stillwater.

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