Does anybody have a solution to why this team......

  • Like most of us, I’m very frustrated with the 2013-14 edition of the Jayhawks. Has Self finally encountered a team that refuses to listen to him?

    Folks, Wiggins is going to play this way the rest of the season. Playing at 3/4 speed and not put his body at risk. We’ve seen this behavior before. Is there anything that Self can do to change this? Would benching him help?

  • @Chris1955 but, I’m not giving up! I refuse to believe that about Wiggins. Please, someone agree???

  • @Chris1955 - Good summation. To answer your question of Is there anything that Self can do to change this? ", the answer is YES. Quit recruiting the OAD’s. It may work at other places, but it has failed miserably under Bill Self. He’s still the best coach in the nation, but in my opinion, the OAD thing does not work in the Kansas system.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 - I want to be optimistic with you, but realistically the season is almost 1/3 over with. He probably is who he is. Too bad he won’t be smart enough to stick around another year or two and turn into a real basketball player.

  • @nuleafjhawk eww harsh!

  • As high of expectations we all had and still have for this 2013-2014 team, without someone to pose a threat on the perimeter we are not going to post many Ws. The non boxing out just kills me. Everyone else is playing with the same squirrely rule changes but that has really affected the flow of games and our transition game. Guys we need to remember these freshmen probably never played much defense in HS as they were the ones putting up the easy shots. It has taken them a little longer than we all hoped to adjust. And adjust they will or there will be a lot more Ls in our column.

  • Develop/play AW3 or Greene…they can’t do much worse than Selden (pretty big bust so far). We really need a top tier PG but that isn’t going to happen. Next year?? SDSU’s freshmen outplayed ours and they have senior leadership. We have none.

  • @Chris1955 Way off subject but great picture! I’ll have to dig up one of mine.

  • Banned

    @Chris1955 I don’t think it’s because they don’t listen. They are just to young and have played a out of conference schedule that is just to much for such a young team. I mean when was the last time we played a rummy? There is something to say for just kicking the crap out of a lesser opponent. It builds confidence and it’s fun. This team isn’t having fun right now. Every game is like a tournament game. Life or death.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 - Man, I toned it WAY down from what I was really feeling and thinking. Sorry to be a D-bag, but I honestly feel that’s a pretty accurate statement. He’s going to go to the NBA next year and - if he plays like he’s playing now - we won’t hear anything about him for a long time other than " Whatever happened to the kid from KU that was supposed to be the next ( insert name here)? "

  • @Chris1955 I hate to agree about Wiggins, but afraid you might be right. I hope he proves this to be wrong. I want him to prove me wrong. Self could yank him when he misses his first trey of the game…oh wait…he’s my #1 recruit that might send the wrong message, would it? AW3 hoisted a trey and was yanked. I saw Selden benched. I saw Embiid benched too, maybe fouls. I saw Wiggins take some questionable shots, and was allowed to stay in the game.
    Self knows Wiggins is gone PERIOD. He has nothing to lose. So, why not send a positive message with Wiggins. I think he’s sending a message to Selden and Embiid which is to stay one more year. I don’t think he seems to care about the rest of his bench ie. Greene, AW3, Frankamp, and at times Lucas. I’m losing some Self points here folks. I’m not too happy with the coaching and the team is a reflection of your coach. Self is a great coach, but he’s not doing a very good job right now.

    I don’t think they refuse to listen. They just aren’t responding. I don’t think Self’s system is appealing to this group. They need to be cut lose, set free, and to play.

  • @nuleafjhawk I don’t think Self was actively recruiting Wiggins much. In fact, he seemed surprised when Wiggins announced for KU. Wiggins chose KU, not the other way around. Yes, Self is a great coach, but he needs to do his job better right now and pull a rabbit out of his hat. His techniques aren’t working right now with this team.

  • @jhawk7782 Tharpe is a J-U-N-I-O-R. His head isn’t right. His leadership is all wrong for this team. This team needs a cocky, confident, vocal PG that will lead. Tharpe is clearly not that pg right now. Mason has the attitude, but his size limits his abilities at times. He played a great game though for a small pg freshman. We don’t have a pg until 2015. It’s a kid from OKC and he’s around #14 or 15, but #1 PG in nation for this class.

  • Let’s get ready for a really long season Jayhawk Nation…a really long season.

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