Hey you want a little comedy?

  • It’s really funny to scour other teams basketball chat forums. The best one I saw was today.- - Our little buddies down the innerstate. – A poster going under the name of K-State O, stated he thought K-State would win the Big 12 this year, thought I was going to have to call AMR I was laughing so had started to choke. - His reasoning was they are returning all 5 players plus 2 off the bench. that’s classic.

    Another interesting comment- - K- State is as good or better then West Virginia, Iowa State, Oklahoma, & Texas. some really good laughs.Those then you add on the facts how they cryin about how it’s not fair or right that KU build such expensive dorms for Basketball players and 17 other students. was mentioned that the money for those dorms came from private donations. - -They said KU ought to be appalled by even asking the State for any money for those dorms whether they came from private donations or not lol. - - Sayin why couldn’t they invest 1.6 for the football team - -crazy shit lol.

    The lastly another making his predictions on how it would end up as follows: KU- - Iowa State - -THEN KSU lmao, then West Virginia, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Baylor, Texas, Texas Tech - -& TCU- - all I can say is WOW let me have some of the stuff he is smoking? Oklahoma 6th? Texas 8th? - - ya ok. some pretty good laughs - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Karate fans. Forever hopeful. Sucks being little brother… Funny to me how they hold their fball in such high standards. If KU got the right coach and facilities they could compete for a NC. KSU has gotten as close as they’ll ever get to one, even with one of the greatest coaches of all time.

    With that being said, KSU could compete for 2nd this year. Things will have to fall right, but it’s possible. ISU won’t be near as good without Niang or McCay competing down low. Literally I think 2nd is jut up for grabs by whoever can hold serve at home and get lucky in a few road games… if I was taking money today for 2nd in the big xii today though I’d be picking WVU only because I believe Huggy is the 2nd best coach in the league.

  • Although I would have actually picked TTU if they didn’t lose Tubby. He had things going the right way… very sad to seee him go

  • @Kcmatt7

    The guy they got could be even better then Tubby. Took a relative nobody team full of new players to the NCAA tourney. They certainly return most of their team besides Gotcher. Will be interesting to see just who can compete with us this year.

  • @jayballer54


    Missed this in all the site reload dry washing.


    Picking KSU to lead the conference in anything but manure testing seems laughable.

    Saying KSU might finish ahead of KU is about like saying a three toed sloth might outrun Secretariat!


    Talk about no respect!

    KSU beating KU would be as likely as Queen Latiffah backing Lebron down and dunking on him.

    As likely as Charlie Sheen saying no to Chivas 18YO offered by naked twins in a tub on Necker Island…

    As likely as Dr. Phil admitting he’s all out of ideas about how to help desperate persons.

    As likely as Melissa McCarthy playing the life story of Sophia Loren.

    As likely as Blake Shelton refusing to sing Ol’Red for Gwen, when she says “Pretty Please, Blake,” while wearing a Brent Black Montechristi Panama and stilettos and nothing else.

    Well, not very likely.

  • I don’t get why they are complaining; didn’t they just upgrade the barns for their top ranked animal husbandry department?

    FWIW, the conference coaches picked KSU to finish 9th.

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