How does KU respond to getting kicked in their junk?

  • First of all, I want to give WVU credit tonight because even though they couldn’t make a bucket tonight, they did the little things tonight and look like they’re going to be a major threat to win the Big 12 this year along with OU now…

    WVU ended up +11 in TO’s, +8 in offensive rebounds, +26 in FTA and +21 in FT’s. The analysis for this games doesn’t need to go very deep, KU’s players didn’t play with any toughness tonight. I’m sure there will be plenty of people blaming Self for that and not faulting the players in anyway, but at what point do the players have to actually take responsibility for how they play? I’m sure there’s some things Self could’ve done differently, but at the end of the day there’s only so much he can say and scheme. The players still have to go out on the floor and play and execute and they simply didn’t do that tonight. This is a loss on the players much more than Self even though I’m sure there will be some that will argue the opposite.

    KU played like crap tonight and Self needs to question their manhood this week leading up to the TCU because I only saw one man wearing a KU uniform tonight.

  • On a positive note. Ellis definitely stepped foot off the plane. Was good to see that for him

  • @cragarhawk Agreed. Perry was the only positive in the entire game.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    I’m not sure where the blame goes… in deals like this, no one can go without zero accountability.

    I will say this… we have lost the last 3 years in Morgantown, with some of the same players and also different players. Self as coach is one of the common elements involved, so I think he should at least evaluate how he preps his team for Morgantown, because it is obvious something needs to change in the game prep.

    I’ve never understood this about Bill’s teams. Sometimes… they completely don’t show up. I can’t personally comprehend this. I never once came unprepared for a game. I started playing organized basketball sometime around 8 years old, and didn’t stop until my mid-30s. Getting in a game was all that mattered to me during those years.

    Does anyone have an explanation?

    We knew they would be juiced from the opening tip off. Kind of like boxing… you better not enter a ring cold (without a sweat) and you better punch yourself in the head several times first to get your adrenaline going or you will get clocked in the first few seconds and maybe knocked out.

    The start of a game is crucial. It sets a framework that is hard to change during a game. OU knew they needed to come into AFH and fight hard from the opening tip. I’m guessing we didn’t get that start in Morgantown. I only caught the last 10 minutes of the game.

    Curious… but who was the man you saw in a KU uniform tonight?

    I usually count on Frank… but the parts of the game I saw he was as soft and lethargic as everyone else.

  • @drgnslayr he absolutely has to be referring to Ellis. Tonight nobody else comes close. Sadly

  • @cragarhawk

    Thanks. I didn’t see much of Perry in the last minutes. He wasn’t getting the ball in scoring space because of the function issues in our offense.

  • I’m usually one of the first to call Ellis soft. I’ll admit that. And as a post player I still say he is. Compared to guys like Trob and the Morrii or Darnell Jackson. Etc… He was our best player tonight and it isn’t even close. And he has been tougher of late. I’m not gonna discount that. Hope it continues for him and for the team

  • @drgnslayr It was Ellis. Without his efforts tonight, KU loses this game by 25 at least. He wanted redemption for last year and he absolutely played like a man tonight. For all the crap he’s gotten the previous 3 years for being softer than Charmin, Perry Ellis has grown up this year.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 he looks like the only one who wants to go to the final four.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 said:

    @drgnslayr It was Ellis. Without his efforts tonight, KU loses this game by 25 at least. He wanted redemption for last year and he absolutely played like a man tonight. For all the crap he’s gotten the previous 3 years for being softer than Charmin, Perry Ellis has grown up this year.

    This is why I love having seniors on the team. Not because it always translates to more wins, and fewer losses, but because it’s fun to watch players mature (or not in some cases) over four years. Thus far, this season, I am very proud of Perry, and will definitely miss seeing him in crimson and blue. Seeing the players get better over the years, observing the changes in their demeanor and attitude towards the game of basketball and the program can really take the sting out of some bad losses.

    Perry’s play tonight is perhaps the only positive from the game, and I’m thankful that we at least have one positive to look at.

  • I posted in the other thread that a lot of accountability has to fall on Mason’s shoulders. He was unprepared to lead his team last night. If your 2 main ball handlers are going to just play with reckless abandon then the rest of the team is going to play just as undisciplined.

    We may not have 32 fouls for the next 2 games combined. I’m just baffled at how poorly the breaks go wherever you go.

    Ellis, yes was the only guy that got off the plane ready. He’s starting to play at that high level again but he had zero help from anyone else. And if that happens on the road we can expect similar outcomes.

    West Virginia wanted to win, KU didn’t bring it. We’ve rinsed and repeated this 3 years running now.

  • We looked like Oklahoma in any bowl game.

  • @nuleafjhawk That is a HOF line.

  • This was a team loss for sure. Blame all around except Ellis. Though, I can’t remember, did he do anything else after getting stuffed bad in the second half by a guard? Doesn’t matter. He was the only player all game who was strong and aggressive with the ball. Bad coaching and bad play by everybody else.

  • @benshawks08 Ellis didn’t have a Wiggins like game at WV but he showed up. Ended up with a scratch on his forehead in the process.

    Last year he would have hid in the corner after getting slapped but this year he has played with focus. Passion. And a ferocity and toughness that I am so happy to see in his game.

    What Ellis did last night was keep KU from getting blown out. Being a post player he didn’t have the opportunity to do more each time down the floor.

  • @nuleafjhawk Actually we looked like KState in ANY bowl game.

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