Three straights years

  • That makes it three years in a row Kansas has failed to show up in Morgantown WV

    Lots of turnovers. Forced and unforced.

    Terrible D, which amasses easy layups and FTs.

    Remember when we all thought Self had issues in Stillwater OK?

    This isn’t about who played and who didn’t play this is about how the team fails to show up when traveling East

    It’s almost the same thing the past three years. Flat offense. Guys playing outside the realm of team ball Defense that isn’t apparent to the ball handler as they easily make it to the rim.

    Guess next year we can hope we don’t let them storm the court?

  • @JRyman

    I was only able to catch the last 10 minutes of the game. I turned it on and saw we were down by 10 or so and after 5 seconds I knew this was a loss. Heads were down, guys with their hands on their knees (even if they just came in the game). Look at the body language. Is that the body language of the #1 team in the country? Right.

    I’m with you. I doubt I need to see the first half and first half of the second half to know we didn’t show up.

    We could have had Wilt the Stilt in the post in this game and we still would have lost.

    I heard them say that Kansas ran against 8 guys in practice to beat the press. Why bother? If we aren’t going to show up, why put the energy into practice?

    Maybe this is just what we needed. I hate being #1 until April.

  • Forget about storming the court. These turnovers happened to a team that started seniors and juniors sans for Devonte.

    I believe that HCBS hands are tied. his gamble on players with promising potential has backfired, Time to start from square one with Bragg, Diallo, and next year’s recruits.

  • Post game Self always talks how good the other team played. Said frank was a lil rattled because he was suppose to have 25 family members there and was concerned about the roads. Self said it wasn’t an excuse.

  • just stupid turnovers, so disappointed in our back court. Mason, Graham, Greene, Seldon Svi come on man Mason 7 turnovers, Selden 6, so so disappointed in the backcourt Coach self said in post game he thought we were a little full of ourselves, WE are not that good to be full of ourselves, we are or can be good, but never that good. Same thing that has killed us all year, WV guards we got beat taken off the dribble down the lane just about anytime they wanted holy crap man when we going to learn how to plat Defense? ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY 22 turnovers we average 11, but we hadn’t faced any pressure this year either

  • @jayballer54 yep, they need to get off their high horse and realize they need to stay hungry.

  • @jayballer54

    Did Self really say we were full of ourselves?

    I’ll fix that.

    No more compliments for this team until April!

  • I don’t feel sorry for our team. If they don’t show up, that is their fault.

    I feel bad for all of us fans. We endure so much, mostly from our own high expectations… We finally get a team with some quality players and experience… and then they don’t show up!

    Ooops… did I say “quality players?”

    No more compliments until April…

  • @drgnslayr maybe that is the problem the last few years. Guys think they were good in HS or have a high ranking and think they don’t have to try. They are very soft

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said:

    Post game Self … Said frank was a lil rattled because he was suppose to have 25 family members there and was concerned about the roads.


  • @chriz I guess the roads were bad and lots of wrecks, we had to get a police escort to get there. We were an hour late. Maybe franks little boy was coming. I don’t know. No excuse.

  • @drgnslayr yes sir, he said in his post game that he thoughts the players were kind of full of themselves, umm we are NOT htat good, at times we can be scary, good but other times like tonight SCARY BAD such a let down, out back court whoever you wanna say played it was terrible, but all 5 that came close to that spot, Mason, Greene, Selden Svi Graham all Pathetic. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BAY

  • @drgnslayr

    Your glad you missed the 1st half. 20 1st half FT’s for WVU. The game actually was pretty much over from the under 15 timeout. KU was up 13-9 after 3 early 3’s or as Self called them Fool’s Gold. But KU also gave up 50/50 balls to them like it was candy. Wayne was benched for 4 first half TO’s. Between him and Frank they had 13 total.

    Free throws killed any chance in the 2nd half. The guys that cut the lead to 4, then Greene & Graham take contested 1 on 1 shots in the next 2 possessions and the lead was back to double digits.

    2 missed 1 and 1’s by Graham, 1 by Mason when the game was manageable really just nailed the coffin. A 4 possession game could have been 1 but they just didn’t want to win.

  • @JRyman yep, they screwed the proverbial pooch on this one. Way to go KU.

  • I wonder if Huggins bought dinner for Self and the KU team with his extra $25,000?

  • @nuleafjhawk PHOF!

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