Devonte Graham and Turnovers

  • Devonte Graham currently is averaging 0.9 turnovers per game. 0.9! Does he keep that up vs. West Virginia or will he play timid and easy bake pop tarts till the light burns out?

    What has he done this year to be so efficient in this category? With Frank we know it is the ball handling. With Graham is it that, decision making, or a lack of aggressiveness?

  • @benshawks08

    According to Devonte, he doesn’t push hard enough. He doesn’t take enough chances with aggression. Self told him that. Self told him that he wouldn’t mind seeing a few more TOs per game if it had the additional scoring benefits to go with it.

  • @drgnslayr Do you think that is referring to post feeds? Drive and kicks? Or just drives in general? To me he seems to be really good at probing. His head always seems to be up looking for where the ball needs to go. Did you know he lead our team in 3pt% last year and is above 40% again this year. Man I love this kid. I think I like him the most I have liked a player since Mario (Chalmers not Little (though I liked him too!)).

  • @benshawks08

    Me, too… Devonte was such a great catch for us!

    He does need to stay focused on being aggressive, but we have to remember he is only a sophomore and with limited experience. Hard to believe he isn’t an upperclassmen.

    He probably has the best court awareness of anyone on our team. He sees things, often preemptively, and converts situations into steals. So I also would imagine if he steals the ball so often he is a bit better at not committing TOs from being stolen back.

    Hard to believe we will have him 2 more years after this! I find it very unlikely he leaves early.

    We haven’t even touched on his potential. We focus everything on Cheick and Carlton.

  • @benshawks08 drives

  • Any chance he leaves after next year? Or does he just not have the hype machine these other players do due to his original commitment to wherever it was (appalachain st?)?

  • @benshawks08 Little brother Curry went from where to Duke thanks to his big brothers success.

  • i’m more worried about our posts making lazy passes after rebounds or not holding onto the ball. WVU definitely doesn’t stop hacking you just cause you won the ball.

  • Mason is usually the lead ball handler which means Graham is typically playing more minutes without the ball in his hands which also limits his chances to turn the ball over. When Graham is in this role as the off ball guard, he needs to be more conservative and defer to Mason. When Graham is playing lead guard, he does need to be more aggressive as the facilitator of the offense.

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