Didn't know- - -kinda interesting though

  • Hey guys, it’s me. you will recognize me with the Signature at end of post. so bear with me ok? I seen an article off 247 sports yesterday and hadn’t heard this or seen anything about it just thought I’d throw it on out. I guess Bo Bo the kid we are recruiting him or he is interested in us or both out of Bishop-Meige ranked # 12 in the class of 2018 & Mitchell Ballock rated # 37 by rivals & 42nd by ESPN class of 2017 was at the KU- -Oklahoma game Monday , just didn’t or hadn’t heard they were there, or going to be there and as of right now running 100% KU on both BOL- BOL is 6ft 11 and you know his ranking will probably go up some, just kind of interesting just thought I would throw it out. Let me know what you think, Ok like I said you guys all know me, just had to go under my other account as for some reason couldn’t post on other don’t know what happened but anyways as always guys ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY holler at me Love my Ku brothern and topics holla.

  • @slimshaddy73

    Bol Bol is an interesting prospect although his size and his fathers reputation are always going to follow him. The kid will need some serious weight room time at some point.

    Ballock is a guy I hope we get, he’s a safe recruit. He did have an injury that is preventing him from playing this year. They are 2 local recruits that we have to try and keep here if they continue to progress.

  • @slimshaddy73 I actually saw Bol Bol hanging out and talking with players from OU after the game. I was working and he was definitely there with OU after the game got out for at least a good hour.

  • @BeddieKU23

    I agree. Ballock, at least on paper, appears to be the improved version of Ron Baker. Whether it will end up being that way…who knows. I would have loved to have Ron Baker play at KU.

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