Would love to see the site stats after the epic game

  • @approxinfinity Just was noticing that the KU - OU game chat had 3500 views and almost 600 posts… Not sure if that’s a record, but it’s gotta be one of the top threads. In addition, there have been more than a dozen threads spawned by the game… all getting good activity. And there’s more than just the usual suspects contributing and discussing… In all, seems like a very active week 🙂

  • @bskeet agreed it has seemed very active and its nice to hear some new voices. I’ll check the analytics soon.

  • A couple hundred thousand hits are from me, so take that into account.

  • So without digging in too much, I’m seeing new visitors as about consistent but a big spike in total sessions on Tuesday and average session length up about 50% over the last week. Yay conference play!

  • @approxinfinity Sweet… nothing like an instant classic to get the community hoppin’

  • @approxinfinity It may be wrecking my marriage…I keep coming back. What has kept @HighEliteMajor away from his always epic postgame analysis post (even after mundane games, his posts are epic). Saw a few posts on another thread.

    Could it be the 3 OT length, having to slowly watch and analyze still has him wading through it? Or did his head explode like some of us and he can’t reconcile that against an epic game/epic win?

    Or after making his wife wait last week, she’s banned or grounded him from the site.

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