Good lord, kief!!!

  • Someone just needs to take him out back and put him out…he’s caused enough embarrassment! He needs to grow a pair

  • I read the article, and while Kief doesn’t do himself any favors, some comments on the FB section mention that Kief was told he would be playing with his brother this season, and took a deal accordingly only to see Marcus get traded. If any of that is true, Kief is understandably upset, and it’s just another example of how a man’s word, more often than not, isn’t worth much at all.

    Now the Suns have a business to run, and they will do what they think is best for them, but I get the feeling there is more than just the Suns’ side to this story. Good thing is Marcus has made the best out of a bad situation in Detroit, and I’m happy to see him thrive.

  • @Mikey-P I read this article earlier and had the same reaction. Labeling an entire generation as being thin skinned or weak or whatever Sarver is insinuating is just flat stupid business. Sure Kieff screwed up with his brother and hasn’t played up to expectations this year. But that is not the only reason l why the Suns suck. Sarver needs to practice what he’s preaching about management communicating better and stop labeling millenials, and get a clue what providing effective motivation for his young talented players might actually look like.

  • @approxinfinity exactly! If he’s coaching “this generation” he better figure it out or give up working w/young men.

  • @elpoyo

    Since you posted the link…did you actually watch the video on the issue on the link you provided? I take it that the answer is no and you made your usual off-the-cuff, uninformed post.

    The Suns are a very dysfunctional organization right now and to blame it on Markiff or his generation is just plain silly…make that stupid. They took a team with a decent foundation and made it into one of the worse in the League by poor management…and coaching has not been good at all either. Yes, the twins had on and off-the-court-issues but they, or in this case Markiff, is not the reason why the Suns suck…or blow…or both…

  • My initial reaction was same as yours, but after the video, the Suns owner screwed the Morris boys. Kieff’s market value was much higher than what Sarver ended up paying because of Marcus package deal, and for Sarver not to honor his word? I’m not at all pleased with the Morris’ immature acts, but can understand. Older generations should lead and teach the younger ones of justice, courage, prudence and honor rather than self-importance and love for money. Actually, Sarver failed Kieff and younger generation.

  • @elpoyo I think his “pair” are quite large.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 What exactly are we discussing here?..LOL.

  • @KUSTEVE couldn’t resist!😱🏀🏀

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Glad you are here, guys would not touch that "subject"with a ten foot pole…no pun intended. 😃

  • From the article’s comments section:

    “Am I mistaken, or did I not read that the Suns ownership promised the Morris brothers before they resigned with the team that they wouldn’t be traded (separately or otherwise), then promptly traded one of them. And you want to know why the remaining player has issues with the team? Why didnt’ this report address that issue, particularly if it’s going to report Sarver 's criticism? That’s called journalism 101.”

  • @MoonwalkMafia

    Watch the video at the top of the story…

  • Once you have enough money to open secret bank accounts in the Caymans and Netherlands Antilles, how ya gonna keep’em down on the farm?!

  • The Sun’s owners comments are being discussed in ESPN and the reviews are not favorable at all…

  • Suns management and Markieff are both in the wrong. Management is in the wrong for lying about keeping them together, but Markieff has not handled the situation very well either. Both twins are still very immature (see Marcus shoving Paul George a few days ago) and that’s been the case since they were freshmen with the BB gun incident. At some point, they each need to grow up and start acting like men instead of boys.

  • @JayHawkFanToo for who? Kieff?

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    The discussion was about the owner’s comments and they all agreed it was silly to blame Markiff…or the “millennials” for the Sun’s problems. They all indicated the problems is with team’s management and not the players…or Markiff.

  • I know that with thiamin, it seems like you either love him or hate him, but I have always been one to enjoy his radio show while traveling for work. Here is Jim Rome’s take on this situation, he makes some very good points:

    "The Phoenix Suns are one of the worst teams in the league, but their owner is keeping up one of the great traditions in human history: Older folk believing that the younger generation is taking the whole world to Hell in a hand basket.

    Gen X. Gen Y. Baby Boomers. The Greatest Generation. Has there ever been a single generation that hasn’t thought the next one was a bunch of idiots? Not Robert Sarver’s generation.

    Because the Suns owner told the Arizona Republic he wonders if power forward Markieff Morris isn’t living up to potential because he’s a Millennial. “I’m not sure it’s just the NBA. My whole view of the millennial culture is that they have a tough time dealing with setbacks, and Markieff Morris is the perfect example.”

    **Let me toss in some less than perfect examples: Steph Curry. Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard. Anthony Davis… Damian Lillard. All Millennials. Over half the league is Millennials, Bob.

    You know who might even LEAD the league in millennials? The Lakers. You know, the team of those young, privileged, entitled, self-important millennials who just housed your guys by 20 points.**

    The youngsters can’t deal with setbacks? Bob, you just responded to a terrible season by blaming it on the nature of the young generation. Who can’t deal?

    Look – we all feel it a bit. Anybody older than about 26 who says they don’t get annoyed with millennials who share everything, make their personal lives public and can’t go 6 seconds without a snapchat… Is lying. But the Suns don’t have one of the league’s worst records because they have too many millennials. It’s because they don’t have enough good players.

    Old people blaming young people for their problems is the oldest take in the world.

    Bob- my advice, hit Spotify for some Tay Tay and Kanye, then pick the perfect filter to Insta your no-whip soy latte…oh and, don’t forget to tag me. You’ll feel better."

    Texas Hawk said it well. The owner comes across like a total moron, but there is probably a reason Rome didn’t add either Morris to the list in bold above.

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