Ok guys, serious now, want HONEST

  • Got a question? now, I wan’t everyone before they answer to take the blinders oh, yank the crimson and blue favoritism, and love for our jayhawks off our sleeve, step outside the big box and see outside the box try an look at tomorrow night non-biased, and try to be as level headed and thoughtful as can be. the question is- - -How do you feel like the game tomorrow night WILL turn out, putting your emotions aside, think logically- - don’t want any half thought out, really stop and think about it. What in reality what we have tomorrow night is a Classsic game, 2 really really good teams, They have some really good 3 pt shooters, we have some really good 3 pt shooters just please try to think of this game as objective as possible, bring in scenario’s positive or negative.- - - Ok having said that- - -I being the big Jayhawk as I am- - I have thought and still just think, we WILL come away with the win. Now here is my reasons. !st and foremost, it’s being played at the phog, the atmosphere is going to be nuts, we protect home court. 2nd I think our combination on our c5’s is a huge plus, maybe not more talented, but just the sure numbers, we have those 5 bigs that can all bring something and can continue to lean on Oklahoma bigs we have 5 guys who can be very aggressive knowing they can because of depth at the position. #3 just overall depth: Oklahoma had a very hard game on Saturday night, short turn around #4 and here I think will be the biggest thing- - - -I think overall defensively, we are really going to get after it, looking for Devonte & Frank to play a huge role yes very true, Oklahoma has a pretty good defense in their own right BUT again, with us at home- - -the fans- - the atmosphere, and I think will be no problem with the team being pumped I just think our Defense is going to be a huge plus. The only possible scenario that can be negative that I see is after a so so 3pt showing by Buddy Saturday Night, he comes out and just kills it and they get on a run early and WE are playing catch up- - -Not good against Oklahoma, OK. let me hear you. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • The game is in Lawrence, even OU fans I know are conceding this one because OU hasn’t won in Lawrence in a very long time

  • @jayballer54 If we were headed to Norman then I would be worried. Even still, it will be a tough and hard fought game. AFH gives us a 5 point lead from the tip. Our guys will be juiced, OUs guys will be juiced. Our guys just have to take advantage of their superior depth and home court, then they can pull out the W. I expect it to be a tight game the whole way.

  • @jayballer54

    The way we played Saturday and if we continue to play like that will be very hard for Oklahoma to match.

    But Oklahoma is much better and they shoot a lot more 3’s and a much higher % than baylor. OU has tested us at home the past 2 years so I expect them to be right in the game. I expect Hield to have a big game and its up to our other guards to limit Cousins/Woodard from having a complimentary game that can possibly beat us. Spangler is a beast inside but they have little else to be worried about down low.

    Making shots, matching their 3’s and rebounding are the keys as a team. I expect it to be a heavyweight battle. I see something like a 90-85 final score KU>

  • The home crowd gives us an advantage and makes us the favorite. OU could win, of course…if they get hot and we are not. But we are the favorite.

  • @BeddieKU23 Agee about Spangler, they key or 1 of the BIG KEYS I believe is, if we get Oklahoma in ANY kind of foul trouble then it’s going to be a problem for them, as they are not a very deep squad. If splanger gets in trouble that’s a huge plus for us. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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