C5 vs Rico Gathers

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    Who will draw this assignment?

    I’m sure we will be throwing everything at Rico.

    But who do you think will match up best against Rico?

    Jamari seems to have the most-similar body. But Hunter and Landen appear to be starting to separate themselves at the top.

    It would be great to give both Carlton and Cheick some minutes against Rico, just for the developmental experience.

    What are your thoughts?

  • I think Hunter gets the start. Lucas first off the bench unless it becomes a track meet. If Traylor is indeed struggling with injuries than he may see a few minutes here and there. Bragg and Diallo probably will get minutes as well today to see if they can defend against a talented player such as Gathers.

    I will return the question @drgnslayr who of our C5 will Gathers struggle to defend?

  • @drgnslayr said:

    It would be great to give both Carlton and Cheick some minutes against Rico, just for the developmental experience.

    But I like what Landen did to Ndiaye/Giant-Ant; I’d say coach will play him and Mick - then Traylor. Based on past experience and insights from others in this forum, I think C & C will have to sub the other 3 on occasion or when they are in foul trouble. Go get 'em, Hawks!

  • @drgnslayr Post game thoughts;

    We held that big guy up there to 12 and 9 while our IB ( Inglourious Basterds) , our C5 totaled 19 & 13 and 5 blocks. First rather big conference game of the season and Coach Self didnt deviate from C5. I thought both Bragg and Diallo played well in the minutes they saw. MIckelson was our best big in the game. Stud!

    I thought that we would beat BU at home. We always do. But I did not think we would hang a century on them and beat them by nearly 30!! Omg you guys, KU hasnt even reached their peak yet and they are beating top 25 teams like this. Its bonkers!

    Selden had his best game of the season last night. Look for him to repeat it on monday.

    OU on monday will not be such a blow out. It will be tough and tight the whole game.

    Watch out for Selden vs Heild.

  • @pa_grape I’m guessing Gathers is more athletic than Ndiaye and not as good a match up for LL

  • @Bwag - Hunter deserved it tonite .

  • @pa_grape I thought I saw pieces of what we see now, last year in his limited time at the end of a quick hook. Then the WUG just reinforced it.

  • Coach Self has masterfully evaluated all the bigs under various game conditions and it looks like the cream is rising to the top and what we saw today time wise seemed very reasonable to me. Mickelson is now the de-facto starting center, then comes Lucas, after that Jamari and Bragg and then Diallo. On time Diallo might get more time but based on his on what I see, he is behind the other players.

    Looks like the players have bought in into the system and the chemistry is off he charts. I even see Greene driving to the basket for a 2 point layup and playing better defense instead of settling for the 3 which is pretty much what he did before. When the teams is hitting on all cylinders, which is starting to do more often, it is hard to beat.

  • Diallo’s body language doesn’t look good right now. He seems to be trying too hard in limited time to show what he can do and makes more mistakes. Seemed pretty bummed and unhappy in the autograph line also.

  • @FarSideHawk I’m seeing that, he’s half out the door.

  • @Bwag Gathers is someone that the NFL is looking at as a potential TE prospect so he is way more athletic than Ndiaye is.

    The C5 position should be by committee the way it has been. None of the players have separated themselves and unless someone does, play them according to who’s the best match up or what KU needs the most between offense (Mickelson), defense (Traylor), or rebounding (Lucas) with a sprinkling of Bragg and Diallo when Ellis is out. That’s going to be the most effective strategy for KU this year and give them the best chance to win in March/April.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    I agree and the time they played against Baylor seems about right and obviously it worked out great.

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