• We will try to keep him out of the paint. He is 300 lbs. but he is not fat. Lucas has the Bulk, Mari is also very strong. Diallo is ten times quicker but Monstro has him by eight inches. Mick might need to pester him with the quicker hands. Arizona seemed to have no answer for him. I really think that is the perfect game to play before Big Monday and the #3 Oklahoma Sooners.

  • KU should just put on the track shoes.

  • @wrwlumpy This could be a game where Lucas plays more.

  • Two ways to neutralize him…first, deny him the ball and second, drive to him every play, he may block a few times but he will soon tire and start fouling and he will foul out…we have 5 bigs and can go at him all game long… or start bombing from outside, not much he can do there and if he comes to guard outside he leaves the inside unprotected. I am sure Coach Self will have a much better plan.


    ALL 5… we suffocate him with our composite 5. We cover him with fiberglass fibers and then coat him with our composite adhesives.

    Sets up fast, remains light and doesn’t break.

    I may not have the new name of our C5 guys… but I do have their new motto:

    “Sets up fast, remains light and doesn’t break.”

    Or… if we want to think “old school”… how about we call the C5:

    “Tar & Feather”

  • @wrwlumpy I watched one UC Irvine game this year. The guy is a beast and if he catches it low enough on the block he can’t be stopped. That said he is so big that he can’t play for very long and he is going to be super tired trying to run the floor with KU. I think he averages like 20 minutes a game so he better do his damage while he is on the floor as he won’t be in the game 1/2 the time.

  • @joeloveshawks It’s too bad we couldn’t have him to add to our hybrid 5. He would be our beast…

  • @KUSTEVE Totally. We could have a 6 headed hydra!

  • Well after watching video, I feel better. For a guy his size whaaa, 7ft 6 they say, for a guy that size, he only averages 8 points a game and 2.5 rebounds and 1.5 blks? that’s NOT GOOD. and like some have said looks slow, we can run him out of the gym, a kid that size ought to be getting at least 10-11 pts a game AT LEAST and 2.5 rebs? for that size? are you serious? he ought to be making a living on the boards, and only 1.5 bls for a kid that is 7ft6? I mean come on, for sure he is huge wght wise, yes no matter who we pit on him is going to have a big disadvantage, Jamari only 6ft 8 Hunter 6ft 10 but light frame and would still be giving up 8 inches, same way with Landon very might well be one of those situational times for our C5 Landon more mass & muscle, Cheick 6ft 9 with 7 ft 4 wing span but way to light to match up so my guess is Landon will play more, but not really that concerned about a lot of damage being done by him, he will get some points but by far feel he will not be a major factor. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Banned


    Well put sir. Well put.

  • This is a game to give Diallo some minutes. He’s the only one with the length (7-4 wingspan I think) to reasonably match up well with. Mamadou’s back up is 7-2 so I would expect a lot of Landen as well in this game.

  • @jayballer54 I don’t know what stats you’re looking at. I think you read them incorrectly.

    He averages 12.4 points per game, 7.4 rebounds per game, and has 40 blocks in 14 games (which translates to 5.0 every 40 minutes of play, or .126 per minute). His PER is 29.0 and he scores at 80% per shot at the rim. So he is a real load here.

    However, stats that stuck out to me. 8 assists. 31 turnovers. Prime for some double teaming.

    I saw him play for a half in a game earlier this season.

    Here’s what I’d do -

    1. Double him in on the block. But I would mix it up Double him on the catch. Then double him on the first bounce. Then fake a double. Maybe gauge that based on his distance from the basket.

    2. Be sure to slide a defender down through the middle for a bit of a zone look on the double to guard for cutters to the hoop – see how they react to the doubles. However, if you have an off block defender, move him to the middle base on Mamadou’s positioning on the catch – for example, if he is shaded more up the lane. That gives the off block defender a good “ball you man” positioning to interrupt a pass post to post, but also be outside of the charge arc.

    3. Deny a clean cut to the hoop from other offensive players when possible, meaning just getting in the way. That means playing off of them a bit.

    4. This all of course means that if Mamadou is alert and able, he might be able to kick for an open three. I’d make him do that across the court, so tighter to the near side offensive player. But the guy has just 8 assists this season. Let’s say he gets 2 or 3. Big deal.

    5. They have two good shooters, just respect them a bit more perhaps, particularly if Mamadou makes that cross court pass and they convert a couple. But I’d make them do that.

    6. @Hawk8086 - I know playing Lucas seems reasonable as Self has said he’s the best post defender. But remember, what is our team strength? Pace of game. Lucas slows that down significantly. We cannot allow other teams, particularly those that are vastly inferior, to dictate our style of play. Self does that from time to time. Let’s make the big boy tired. We’d rather create havoc and speed this whole thing up. Lucas will never do that. I’d start with Mick and double – better hands, more apt for the steal or tip away. But I would also use Diallo significantly. Good challenge. But Mick and Diallo are the only two players that can contest his shot. Lucas for short stretches.

    7. But do you really want to make Mamadou irrelevant on one end of the court? Play Ellis and Bragg together. This game (basketball) is about winning the possession battle – scoring more per possession. Who will this big dude guard and how can he guard out on the floor? I’d be interested to see the +/- when those two are in with Mamadou. I hope Self plans to try this for a stretch to see.

    That would be my game plan.

  • @HighEliteMajor Self will probably adjust to what is working or not working. If playing Mick, Bragg, Diallo works…Lucas will not see much time. If what we do doesn’t work on the big guy…he’ll try Lucas.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Against Sam Houston he had 5 points, 5 rebounds and 5 fouls in 17 minutes. Sam Houston’s tallest players are Sands and Fortin at 6’-8" and 6’-9" who combined for 8 minutes and 2 points and had a total of 4 fouls between the 2 of them…in other words, they played a really short line up and were able to foul out the big fella. On the other hand…they lost the game.

  • @HighEliteMajor I read the stats right of the above video of him

  • @HighEliteMajor umm, did you happen to watch the video that wrw lumpy posed here on this post? if you did, you wpuild see what his season stats are. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 I think that video was produced early last season (Nov 2014, according to YouTube). By the end of the season his stats were a bit better, and they are even higher this year.


  • @tundrahok got ya thanks bud

  • @jayballer54 still not that concerned, robotical, kinda like Lurch from the adams family lmao ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY.

  • @HighEliteMajor Thanks for the current stats.

  • @wrwlumpy

    All of the C5 will be used to guard and rebound against him, because variety will keep him from getting “comfortable” and will fatigue him. The question is: will C5 guard him from the 5, or from the 4 and 5?

    The answer will depend on three things:

    a.) how much Perry can score and help;

    b.) whether Frank, Devonte, Selden and the two wing gunners (Greene and Svi) can score enough to allow Self to sit Perry 15-20 minutes; and

    c.) pace.

    There are three ways to contain Big Mama:

    1.) run him so he tires and plays less;

    2.) drive into him (Bad Ball) to reduce his minutes with fouls; and

    3.) double team him backside with the second post and front him with a wing.

    These are the three things Self always does with a big load in the paint and then how he does them is contingent on a, b an c above.

    If Self can get enough scoring elsewhere to let C5 play 4 and 5 for the 20 minutes Big Mama can play given his cardio envelope.

    How will it go?

    Usual starting line up.

    First, long pass it up the floor for a couple quick trigger treys to steal a lead.

    Second, Bad Ball to get some fouls on BIG Mama.

    Third with the lead and some fouls on Big Mama sit Perry, play long C5 at the 4 and 5 and defend the lead with the Carolina Passing offense with the Wing gunners taking a couple kick out treys after 3-4 passes.

    If separation, let the twin sushi sticks play C5 and get experience against a real giant.

    If the lead narrows, return starters, pick up pace, repeat first, second and third above.

    Season to taste.

    Bake opponent to well done.

    Garnish with walk ons.


    Wayne and Perry need to play well from tip off to get the early lead.

    Else this will be a long ugly game dependent on driving with as many cherry picks as possible.

    We can outrun them if they give it. Our centers will run the secondary break on Big Mama.

    • >40% Trey balling by us makes a blow out.

    • <40% Trey balling and it’s squirt and slog, squirt and slog.

  • Landen starts.

    Hunter and Jamari follow, if it’s close.

    If separation, Twin sushi sticks get to see what it’s like to be shorter for a change.

    Lots of help being practiced this game.

    The more Big Mama sits the more Jamari and the Sushi sticks we see. The more Big Mama plays the more Hunter and Landen we see.

  • @jaybate-1.0 “Bad Ball to get some fouls”…I am so glad to see someone finally recognize the purpose of “Bad Ball!”

  • @curmudgeonjhwk said:

    @jaybate-1.0 “Bad Ball to get some fouls”…I am so glad to see someone finally recognize the purpose of “Bad Ball!”

    But does bad ball work against 7’6"? Apparently it has in some games, but seemed some folks ran into him, he stayed straight and then swatted way after the ball had left the shooters hands. Comes down to if we are getting into him on the run (he and us) or if trying while he’s in position—then it comes down to how the refs call the game.

  • @Bwag

    Good point. Bad Ball is like any offense. Its effectiveness requires correct execution.

    All sound offensive schemes require getting defenders moving in ways that offenders can exploit them.

    The high-low Carolina passing offense requires getting defenders moving with passing.

    Good ball requires getting players moving on the perimeter enough to get off the quick trigger trey.

    Bad Ball requires getting players moving enough to jump into them WHILE Big Mama is in motion.

    Jumping into a stationary Big Mama that resists reaching and just stands motionless with arms straight up Withey style yield either a charging foul, or an altered miss, or both.

    This is why Bad Ball should always attack Big Mama back side so that Big Mama has to come across the lane (i.e., get in motion) in order for Frank, Devonte, Wayne, or Perry to jump into him.

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