A Well Oiled Machine

  • I remember the announcers using this phrase during the game last night and I thought to myself, this team is performing like one.

    How exciting was it to watch this team dismantle a rebuilding SDSU team in a tough environment.

    I mean right now what is there to be critical on? We could go on about post minutes but that’s going to be a on-going discussion this whole year. I’m enjoying the ride, this looks like the best KU team in years, the potential to be better than 2012 team or 2008.

    Call me impressed so far. Last night was a big win, a perfect lead in to the holidays…

  • @BeddieKU23 I heard the well oiled machine comment too, but I honestly think a few of the parts are still rusted. When 16 point leads against a team like this dwindle to 4 (and could have been 1 or 2) - not everything is completely oiled yet.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    But didn’t you expect a run from them? We weathered the storm and the lead became comfortable again. It was on a road against a team who needed that win and this team took them apart (for most of the game).

    To me this is the best this team has looked in over 2 years. And as you pointed out, not everything is great right now which is the scary part.

  • @BeddieKU23 yep, much more to improve on. Cheick has to start playing better.

  • We are pretty well oiled if it is a game of comparisons with other top 10 teams. So far this year I have not seen any team that moves the ball better than KU and I have not seen a team that has the depth that KU has.

    UK looks like they lack depth. Duke looks weak in the post. Michigan State showed last night what they have when Valentin is out. UNC has been playing really great basketball the last few games but I just don’t see a “great” team this year. I expect all of the teams I have mentioned to have 5 or 6 losses on the season. I think the well oiled Kansas Jayhawks will have less than 5. We have all the tools.

  • @DinarHawk

    He actually had a good game I thought. The 2 jump shots show he has skill and can hit jumpers. The B2B move was something he didn’t have in HS. I thought he would have gotten a little more time but Traylor was playing out of his mind.

  • @BeddieKU23 Agreed, those were definitely two really good moves. I fully anticipate Cheick and Bragg to play the majority of the minutes against UC Irvine next week. They will be crucial for a final four run.

  • @nuleafjhawk Agree that there is still some rust. The well-oiled machine really only applied to the first half. Many sloppy parts to the 2nd half. But we got it done when we had to. Wayne bailed us out in the 2nd half, which impressed me since sometimes guys don’t do well after sitting out, basically, a whole half.

  • @BeddieKU23 I really did not expect a run from them. Once we got a 16 point lead, I expected us to play even harder and extend the lead, or at least keep it. SDSU is not an elite team and we should have been able to put them away without there ever being any doubt about it. I don’t think we’re going to win every game by 30, but I think we probably could have won this one like that. I know a lot of posters were ecstatic about the Harvard game. " A win is a win ". I guess I’m just not that easy to please. If we’re ranked #2, I want to play and win like we deserve that ranking.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    Good thing you are not a Michigan State Fan the #1 ranked team…they barely beat Oakland in OT…you would have had a heart attack… 🙂

  • @JayHawkFanToo I about had one anyway! I was really pulling for Oakland!!

  • I had to laugh at that one west coast announcer guy that had a comment to Cheick that he would have to really learn to hustle to get minutes on this team.

    Just shows what he knows (and doesn’t know). Winding up the motor on Cheick is NOT what he needs to do. He needs to slow down enough to be in control and execute.

  • @drgnslayr I get so sick of the TV announcers. I’d really like to mute the TV and listen to the radio, but the 1-2 second (or more!) delay drives me crazy.

  • @nuleafjhawk We didn’t have the best team configuration on the floor when most of that lead dwindled away. And let’s not forget Higgins and company strapping Selden with 2 early fouls while SDSU played their bumpin-slap-happy game and were ignored.

  • @BeddieKU23 I agree that this years team is tough, tough, tough. Even when one guy has an off night, we got someone else to step right up. Thats not very prevalent among the other best of the best. Im going to temper my opinion and say that they fall somewhere in between the 08 and the 12 team. In an alternate universe Im not certain that this KU team could beat either of those teams but it would die trying. Stats wise, KU has not been this balanced and efficient on both offense and defense in a few years. Since 2011, its been that long.

    OU is looking scary good so far and OMG Im not looking forward to playing them twice but I am, and I would not be one bit surprised to see them share the conference with us at the end.

    ISU just lost Naz Long but they are still scary. WVU is going to be tough to beat twice too.
    The rest of our conference, there will be no easy games away from AFH. Except maybe Kstate who we are going to do naughty things to both times while making Bramlage into AFH West again.

  • @brooksmd Wayne’s fouls in the first half were stupid and not the fault of the officials. One had to do with a pump fake and the other was for reaching. If you don’t want to get fouls called then don’t give the officials a reason to call them.

  • Banned

    In this day in age when very few teams want to play a true road game. KU did. Sure the Aztecs are rebuilding, but their arena was rocking and the their players were feeling it. Yet KU said bam no thank you man. Layman’s term they slammed the door shut.

    That my friends is what champions do.

  • @sfbahawk they did miss a few walks!

  • @sfbahawk You failed to mention the ones committed by SDSU that were overlooked. Or the SDSU player that I believe Ellis and Mason had pinned to the baseline that drug his foot a foot and it was plainly clear the ref had his eyes on their feet should he step on the line.

  • @brooksmd saw it👀

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