Newest Draft Express predictions

  • For what it is worth, this week Draft listed Cheick #10, Svi #23. No Ellis, Selden or Bragg in top 60. Valentine 16, Buddy Hield in the 40s.

  • @REHawk I hate those draft predictors. I know you wrote “for what it’s worth”

    Svi, NBA next year? Yeah, right.

    Cheick, when so far he can’t find minutes ahead of fellow freshman Bragg? Yeah, right.

    I’m glad at least we will get Bragg back. Hopefully these other kids will not read these things and run for the money.

    I suppose Kelley Oubre’s millions are giving him something to think about while he’s riding the pines in Washington.

    What a stupid world this is.

  • @wissoxfan83 " What a stupid world this is. "

    AMEN! 🙏

    And gettin stupider all the time (see what I mean?)

  • @REHawk

    Huge variations between sites and most are pretty dated with projections from last Summer. The real predictions will not happen until conference play is well under way…sometime around February of next year. Until then it really does not matter.

  • @nuleafjhawk scares me that I get you!😳

  • If you are going in the lottery, it’s a no brainer to go.

    All it takes if for Cheick to have 2 or 3 games that scouts say “WOW” and he’s gone.

    It’ll Be interesting to see where Selden will end up. If he is a projected 2nd round or late first, does he go on the basis that he won’t get much higher?

  • Players like Selden and Ellis are a Coach Self dream. Highly ranked High School All-Americans that stay in school 3-4 years. There have been numerous situations where players less talented that Selden and Ellis have bolted after 1 or 2 years to not have an NBA career.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Lol - it should! 🎱

  • @wissoxfan83

    To Oubre’s defense he did start for Washington recently but otherwise he’s had mostly a forgettable rookie season so far.

    I’d be shocked if Svi left at this point he would be in line for Selden’s minutes next year where a true breakout season would have him potentially drafted high. He’s just not going to get the minutes this year to support a top 25 spot. A national championship could change everyone’s stock though including Bragg and Svi.

  • @BeddieKU23 Oubre has had a couple of decent games, but to be clear, the only reason he started or is getting minutes is because the Wizards have been beset by injuries - both Bradley Beal and Otto Porter are out. Had already lost Martell Webster earlier. Basically Oubre is one of the few healthy wing players. But, he has a chance to take advantage of the opportunity.

    Not sure about Svi getting Selden minutes simply because it’s not clear that Selden will be drafted - even if he is, it probably won’t be until the second round. He simply hasn’t demonstrated that he has a game that translates to the NBA. He’s too slow and doesn’t have the handle to play the 2. While he has been shooting well from college 3 point distance, not sure he really has consistent NBA range. May be why he doesn’t show up near the first round on any NBA draft boards, not withstanding solid beginning to the year. He and Perry may fall into the category of really good college players that just aren’t NBA caliber talents. We may get the benefit of having really solid players for the duration of their college careers.

  • Ill take a championship and the attention from it causing Diallo, Selden and Svi to get drafted after shining in the Final Four!

  • @Second-Prize I would be fine with that.

  • @REHawk Im actually surprised that Selden isn’t in there at all. IMO, he could be a late lottery pick by seasons end

  • The MIA ranking of the NewSelden is perplexing. Why isn’t he higher? He can do more than Ben McLemore–period. He is better than Oubre. There is little difference between Oubre and BGreene.

    Makes me wonder if the NBA is setting their sights on ever-younger talent “potential”, for whatever marketable reason?

    Selden has an NBA body, NBA hops, plays both ends, is a prime-time performer (this season), was the player of the Tourney in WUG and Maui, and has a marketable face and personality. Its time for our “good soldier” Wayne Selden to get his due. He is seen earning it right now…

    And almost every brief photo-op used to market an upcoming KU game on big-market ESPN–> they always show a pix of Wayne Selden…see what I mean: marketable!

  • @BeddieKU23 Thanks for the info, I saw he played 32 minutes tonight.

  • @ralster

    I think your right about the marketable young talent aspect. If Selden jumps to the league he is old by draft standards so his stock is hard to improve. He needs to continue to put up numbers and have some games where he looks like a Poy. Valentine of MSU is doing this and his stock has risen considerably.

    There will be plenty of scouts at KU games going forward especially the kentucky game. It would be wise for Selden to ball out in that game

  • @DCHawker

    My comments about Svi were on the assumption that wayne will go pro. If he does then Svi has a golden chance to take his minutes or at least share more with Greene. Which would give him the great opportunity to show off his game. I can imagine Svi being even better next year because at this point he’s just a draft and stash type right now. We could lose arguably our best wing player in selden and actually still be okay

    If the answer NBA isn’t thrilled with Wayne by the end of the year then it’s our gain. It would be amazing to see him finish his career here. He’d make us a title contender again

  • @BeddieKU23 I assumed that was your assumption. 🙂 I just still somewhat skeptical that Wayne will go pro - or at least that he will be drafted. And, if he is, it’s likely to be later second round and a non-guaranteed contract. For his sake, I hope he ends up being viewed more favorably by the league. But, if I had to bet now, it would be that he returns for his senior season (if we end up with the NC, then maybe it’s a different story!). What Wayne ends up doing may well impact Svi’s decision-making. At least at this point, the league seems to perceive a lot more upside in Svi - and he could always get always go the Euro route. Would love to see them both back, but not sure that would be the best for Svi’s development?

  • Make sure that you look at the date when you look at the NBA draft projections, many sites have not upgraded since the summer and they will not start upgrading until this coming January. Some teams have very soft non-con schedules that makes it hard to evaluate players. Once conference play start the drafty order will change dramatically.

  • @BeddieKU23 well, be prepared to get the shock of your life

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