Bad day for ranked teams/parity

  • Well, was not a good day to be a highly ranked team today. So far the # 4 , # 5, #7 , # 9 ranked teams all beaten Now Although I wouldn’t go any get all giddy, not sure about Purdue BUT # 4 Kentucky is just flat out struggling, but you know they will get better, not that I’m feeling sorry for them at all, but just saying. # 5 Iowa State has lost Naz Long, # 7 Duke is without one of their main defensive leaders Jefferson, not sure what happened to # 9 Purdue.This just shows I believe this year is a crap shoot, the NCAA’S is wide open, just a lot more parity. and to the Kentucky idiots that think they are greater then thou, face it Kentucky IS NOT near asa good as they have been in the past, actually right now? medicore team. Really funny to go into their site on ESPN while game is on and see whats being said- - - -hmmmm let’s see does this sound kind of familier? OH the Coach isn’t letting them play, why won’t je p[lay this guy, that guy, Get Labiserre out he is worthless- - DAMM seems like I’ve heard a song along this line somewhere before now lets see who else was making comments on the same lines? Ummm Duke? no not the same either I just think it is anyones trophy this year, and that includes us, we have just as much of a legit chance as anyone else. One other thing I really like Cheick really glad to have him, but he has just got to quit leaving his feet anytime someone comes close to the basket, thinking he is going to block everything, right now his rawness is showing, we need him on the floor, and no you can’t blame Coach for him not playing, you have to be able to play WITHOUT committing a foul a minute, it will come but just really raw, he has to be able to stay on his feet. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    John Squid, welcome to life with a short stack. It was a medium stack but Skal is playing like a 2AD.

  • @jaybate-1.0 lol or even 3

  • BAD day???

    To me it was one of the most beautiful days in the history of college basketball. If K-State and UNC would have lost, it would have been almost perfect!!

    As far as Duke, Kentucky and Iowa State go - Bwaaaaa ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    Too bad Ohio State couldn’t figure out a way to lose or get disqualified too…

    OH YEAH! To further demonstrate how little Wichita State means to me - I almost forget about their loss yesterday. What happened to the 35-0 days?

  • K-State is projected to be in the Tournament by CBS Sports. Baylor might have played the SEC champs. Texas is figuring it out and Oklahoma is for real.


  • @wrwlumpy don’t like seeing Big 12 teams losing against non-conference teams, but especially against the SEC.

  • I had to scroll to the bottom of the list on this Fox Sports takeaways from yesterday to find anything about the 'hawks, (and I did feel a bit nauseous over his long fawning over Kensucky) but I liked how he thinks it’s a given that we win the Big 12 again.

    "Bill Self looks primed to continue the most impressive current streak in sports. It is not exactly a headline that Kansas whooped Montana at home by 42 points. It is a headline that the recently suspended Brannen Greene is back, and on Saturday shot 3-of-4 from three. Greene may be the nation’s best 3-point shooter.

    Kansas has the third-best 3-point shooting percentage in all of college basketball, hitting threes at a 45.8 percent clip. Now that Cheick Diallo is eligible and Greene is back, this deep, balanced, experienced team doesn’t have a single weakness. Also, this is Self’s fastest-paced team in his Kansas career, which comes as college basketball as a whole is moving toward a speedier tempo. Self is going to win his 12th straight Big 12 title, which is ridiculous. He also might get his second national title, too."

  • @nuleafjhawk OH YEAH! To further demonstrate how little Wichita State means to me - I almost forget about their loss yesterday. What happened to the 35-0 days?

    And people wonder why we don’t schedule these clowns every year…

  • @Bwag

    Baylor looked lethargic out there. Just not as good a team as past years but they will still be a threat in Big 12 play. That can happen on the road, hopefully KU plays as good as A&M did

  • @jayballer54 Lots of losses for the top teams this weekend.

    Ive said it before. I’ll say it again. The revenge game, January 30th, KU vs UK at AFH. We are going to beat them. Did I say revenge game? I used to think it would be Skal vs Diallo. But it appears neither player is ready for the big time. Diallo may be closer despite playing in less games so far. Either way, KU is going to make UK look silly in front of a national audience and dozens of NBA scouts. Pay back is a B*&^%!!! UK has 4 weeks to prep for us. KU is already waiting.

    I agree with your parity statement. Not one team appears to be gaining any separation at all.
    If I had to pick a final four today, it would be KU, Virginia, Michigan State and OU.

  • @wrwlumpy OU should have beaten Creighton better than that. Seems they have holes to fill. ISU should have beaten UNI. Cant say Im sorry bout that.
    KSU a tourney team?? Seriously?? This year I predict a KU sweep of KSU kitties. Doormat. Okie State always seems to have our # at their place. Wont happen this year. Baylor got schooled by T A&M?? whoa. Ehh, early in the season. Baylor is one of the teams that may challenge KU for tops in the Big 12 this season. Didnt say they were gonna beat us.

  • @Lulufulu

    OU plays 11 players but outside the starters the bench is not that productive; the starting 5 is right up there with KU. OSU surprised me, they lost by 2 points to a good Florida team. KSU is doing surprisingly well and the only two loses are to UNC and Texas A&M, both ranked teams. Baylor was a huge disappointment and I expected a close game against A&M and got spanked instead…the main problem is Drew, nothing new there.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Do you consider Florida to be a good team? I’ve seen some of them and they lack the star power of the past. Some good young players but they have looked like they will be a bubble team come March.

    I’m really shocked KSU is playing this well after losing a majority of the team. Maybe that is what was needed to right the ship. Still I think they come down to earth in conference play especially against KU, they will get a rude awakening this year.

  • @BeddieKU23

    Florida’s loses have been to Michigan State, Purdue and Miami, the first two are top 10 teams and Miami a top 20 team.

  • As much as I like to see UK lose I don’t want them to lose too much before we play them so their fans can’t cry about how we only beat them because we caught them on a down year.

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