• Nah Mitrou-Long out with hip issues, but ISU is still undefeated.

    Don’t look now but Frankie Martin has his Gamecocks undefeated. Maybe we will get a chance to square off against the stare this post season.

    Don’t look now, but Janks has SMU undefeated. No, its obvious. We won’t be paired off with Frankie. It will be LB and Janks.

    Don’t look now, but Unibrow has OU undefeated. Its unfortunate he is such a good coach AND is at OU.

    MSU, Purdue and Xavier are also undefeated. Talk about teams I loath.

    Crazy hunch: UA-Little Rock—the next Texas Western? In the three point era, anything is possible.

    As of today, Incarnate Word’s RPI indicates it has played the toughest schedule. Them’s fighting Words…Incarnate.

    Roy out-Smarted.

    Duke down to one experienced post man in Plumlee, after Jefferson’s injury, but dump truck Frosh Chase Jeter and Rice transfer Sean Obi means don’t cry for he, Mike Krzyzewski. Knowing K, he will probably have a few guys from the Olympic teams transfer in at semester that will somehow be instantly eligible, too.

    6-9 235 freshman Elijah Thomas bolting Texas A&M. Maybe Kyle can send him our way? Or is he just another sulking pansy that didn’t get his way soon enough?

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Few people know this but the NCAA reg book was written by Duke attorneys. On page 7329, article 84b, section 27, paragraph 4, there is a special emergency action that can only be used by Duke if they need to bring in instant help for whatever reason. And the player or players they will bring in can be of amateur or pro status.

    This part of the reg book is not public information and is hidden at a secret location. Many think it is in Al Capone’s safe, or buried with Jimmy Hoffa, or strapped to the North Atlantic cable at the bottom of the sea.


    TO: @drgnslayr

    FROM: @jaybate 1.0, Director/janitor

    RE: NCAA Rule Section written by Dukies

    The Agency gratefully acknowledges your tip and will initiate Operation Gladio C in an effort to locate and acquire with extreme prejudice these reputed rules.

    (Note: all fiction. No malice.)

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Great post…

    With Elijah Thomas, its funny because I thought he only signed with A&M because of who else they signed. He didn’t seem to know where he really wanted to go and just followed the local crowd. Tyler Davis also a Center was a better prospect than him and has outplayed him.

    Generally looking at his transfer it looks to be a tale of a kid who didn’t get his way and now he’s crying to mommy to leave. Reminds me of Frankamp. I wouldn’t be surprised if he looks at Illinois & LSU 2 of his finalists in his recruiting that were probably better fits in hindsight. He actually considered playing for Travis Ford as well, PASS.

    I think Monmouth is the team most likely to be a bracket buster the way they are beating top teams. the sideline antics are awesome as well, that has media darling written all over it. I saw a tweet last night that the NCAA tourney would miss Monmouth more than Ben Simmons, so true.

    I dont believe Duke will suffer much, Ingram is really starting to come around with his game, albeit against YMCA clubs

  • Great stuff. I wanted to add in that Bo Ryan retired yesterday. What a great coach who ran a truly classy program.


    Thanks for the assist.

    Is Bo stepping down end of season or now?

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Health crisis, or burn out.


    Maybe contractual conflicts?

  • @jaybate-1.0 Reading between the lines, Bo wanted Barry Alvarez to name Bo’s top assistant Greg Gard as his replacement at the end of the year, and it seems he never got a commitment from Alvarez. So it appears that Bo is forcing the issue by retiring immediately, so Gard can be interim coach, and at least have a shot at being retained as HC.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    It’s called losing too many games. If his team was winning he’d still be coaching but he clearly see’s that this years team is in rebuild mode. I applaud him coming back mainly for Hayes & Koenig but leaving not even mid season on them has to suck for those guys.

    Steve Spurrier did this in College Football at South Carolina, another guy that had been rumored to be retiring at end of season.


    Thx. I didn’t know that about my own Buckies. That sounds like the only reason outside health that a guy who has taught players never to quit in a season would quit. Good read.


    I get the impression that Ryan did not want to have his last season be one not going to the NCAA which seems the likely outcome.

    The perfect storm for Wisconsin is over and it is coming to and end at Wichita State after this season as well.

  • @wissoxfan83 may be in mourning.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    And Iowa St and too a large degree Oklahoma’s…

  • @BeddieKU23


  • Funny quote from Hayes…something like…he’s an old guy and all of that yelling and screaming wears you out. Maybe that’s why I’m so tired…;)

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