ISU getting whipped at home

  • ISU down 16 to iowa. 2 minutes til half, going to talk about big 12 then. Espn 2

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Iowa is famous for 2nd half flame outs, so we’ll see if they hold on …

  • Three times in the first half the broadcasters have referred to Coach Prohm having had to replace a legend after Hoiberg.

  • OMG Utoff 30 pts for Iowa in the 1at half? are you serious, this guy had ice in his veins inside-outside holy crap. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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  • Legendary status, huh? LMOA A good coach, but NOT legendary.

  • maybe their expectations are more lenient?

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  • @hawkmoon2020 Fran has a you-know-what for ISU. (puke)

  • @SoftballDad2011 good one

  • Hilton Magic. Win by 1. Their First lead since 4-3 was taken with 9 seconds left.

    Fans storm the court…thought the Big 12 was going to end that.

  • OK, ok ok, ok. Give me a minute and let me regroup and re-focus. Now follow with me, I feel I just saw the ultimate embarrassment from a Iowa State fan base. Follow with see if you comprehend what I’m sayin here ok- - -Iowa State is 8-o now, they are ranked 4th in the nation, they were playing at home, they were playing an unranked Iowa team, you win by 1 on a last second shot- - -And the fans storm the court. Again 8-0 home floor ranked 4 th in the nation, unranked opp and you storm the floor. What does that say? that says this is a team that’s not use to winning, this says their fan base still hasn’t achieved that winning attitude. When you are at home and ranked 4th in the nation , you have a good club, you don’t de-mean the victory by rushing the floor. If you K-state and you beat KU ya, or any other lower cell dweller beating a superior team, BUT AS the 4th ranked team that is un-defeated and playing at home against an un-ranked team? you storm the floor? THATS the difference between fans like KU fans and then Iowa State fans, I fthat were us do you really think we would of stormed the floor if we won this game?. that’s the difference between fans that expect to win, players that expect to win and then those that JUST DON’T GET IT YEY, don’t know how to act yet. ROCK CHALK ALL NIGHT LONG BABY


  • @jayballer54 remember that one time at Allen Field House, it was the last time Kansas played bitter rival Missouri.

    Yeah that’s the one.

    Tensions were high. Pride and bragging rights on the line as they cowardly left the Big12 and 105 years of history behind.

    Yeah that’s the one.

    Where Kansas found themselves down 19 points in the second half. Conner Teahan made 4 of 4 from 3 point range.

    Yeah that one.

    The one where Tyshawn Taylor scored 24 points while Thomas Robinson got a double double with 28 and 12 with one of the most memorable blocks in the Filed House history.

    Yeah that one.

    The one where Kansas 4 won in overtime by a point 87-86 over bitter rival and higher ranked Missouri #3.

    Yeah that one.

    No one. Not one Kansas fan stepped foot on James Naismith Court. Security didn’t have to hold them back. Players didn’t have to hold their ground as their college classmates ran across the floor in a flood of bodies.

    Yeah that one.

  • @JRyman we were there! Best time!

  • @JRyman Wish I could get a DVD of that KU-Mizzou game, but at least the whole game is on YouTube…Epic ending! Tyshawn and TRob were the heart and soul of that 2012 team.

  • @ralster if you find one let me know. Yes that would be awesome to own.

  • I caught the ISU game tonight. Still can’t believe Iowa fell apart like that but I guess that explains why they are unranked.

    I thought the ISU fan base proved themselves to be ridiculous once again. They appear as rabid as Isis. They were completely harassing the refs and they booed the Iowa player that got poked in the eye. On one extremely obvious call that went against ISU, the cameras panned to the near fans screaming “F U” at the refs standing there. What a bunch of tasteless clowns.

    I experienced decades of KU-MU basketball. There have been some crazy moments, including complete brawls.

    I look at the current ISU situation at Hilton and I am far more concerned about the safety of our team over any of those old MU games in Columbia. The fans at ISU are mentally sick in the head. They know this is “their year” being Niang’s last. Would they accept a loss to Kansas in their own building this year? No… they will not!

    I’m not surprised that Randy Peterson suffered a significant leg fracture in the court storming. What surprises me is the gutless, classlessness of Steve Prohm discounting the incident and not speaking out trying to stop the court storming. Just imagine what is awaiting us there this year if we lose in Ames (let’s just call it “Aims”)? Imagine what is awaiting us if we win there?

    Steve Prohm, by discounting this, has endorsed this kind of behavior. He should be held accountable on the next injury (or worse) from an ISU court storming.

    Now let’s see if the B12 has any balls and puts their foot down on this one.

  • @drgnslayr just like the ksu AD! The EJ game was scary enough.

  • @drgnslayr

    If the actual court storming and the injury weren’t enough…the AD’s and the coach’s indifference toward it should be enough to bring on the punishment

  • The wheels really came off for Iowa in the last few minutes of the game when they could not buy a basket.

    Got to give credit to ISU for coming back from 20 down in the second half and win the game. Iowa was successful doing the same thing UCLA force UK to do, take kick shot from outside. Once ISU started to slow down and go inside, they were a lot more successful than they were shooting quick 3s.

  • LMAO, just got through reading the Iowa- - Iowa State comments of the ESPN boards, ISU fans trying to justify the reasoning of storming the cout after the game, where I heard that a guy got his leg broken as a result their reasoning for storming? It was an inner-state rival game- - -they came back from being 20 pts down- - -the fans had invested do much energy to come back, why shouldn’t they be allowed to storm the court- - -the storming was by the students let them storm the court who cares- - - - people are just haters doesn’t matter storming the court- - - students camped out overnight for the game huge rival let them storm the court and ALL I have to say to al this crap is- - - -CRAP act like you belong there ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • You just beat Iowa, let’s storm the court. You ought to be slinking out of the gym in shame for letting them beat you by 20 at one point.

  • @jayballer54

    “students camped out overnight for the game huge rival let them storm the court and ALL I have to say to al this crap is- - - -CRAP act like you belong there”

    Right on.

    We have fans already camping for the 2020 season… we belong… we don’t storm courts because we EXPECT TO WIN!

    But that is the difference between a team that belongs and a team that is an impostor.

  • @drgnslayr I bet it was weathermax!

  • Compound fracture - ouch! Jesse Newell and his press colleagues should show up in riot gear next time they visit Hilton. Just in case. To send a message.Zombie-Riot-Gear-2.jpg

  • @tundrahok NO court storming when we are there! They still need protection though, especially what happened after EJ’s big game!image.jpg

  • @drgnslayr image.png

    Of course if this guy a “prominent booster” can go straight towards a coach why shouldn’t they be able to storm the court?

    If Iowa would have won the game would the ISU fans have gotten on Twitter and in their trucks to chase the bus down?

    So this is not an isolated incident. This is a common occurrence of lack or caring about the opposing schools.

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  • If the Big 12 can’t step in and protect our players maybe we need to show up with AR15s and combat gear. I guess that is legal now. Your own vigilante. I was reading how vigilantes are setting up in front of mosques in Texas.

    I guess we have had life way too easy over here because we (as a society) have become aggressive over just about everything.

    Had a discussion with a “holy man” once that told me, “eventually, man becomes bored with peace.”

    Wow… endanger lives because we are bored? The entitlement psychosis has run amuck!

  • We will see if the Big XII takes the same action they did when ksucks fans stormed and that farm boy clipped JamTray. How long do you think it will take?

    I read a tweet from the reporter whose leg got broke saying it wasn’t the fans who stormed the court, he just hooked legs with someone…

    Yeah right.

  • @RockChalkinTexas said:

    I read a tweet from the reporter whose leg got broke saying it wasn’t the fans who stormed the court, he just hooked legs with someone…

    Perhaps a fan storming the court???


  • They are always surprised when they win, and they can’t help themselves.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 God that is one of my favorite KU moments ever. By definition, Elijah Johnson absolutely ripped their hearts and held it in front of them. Beautiful moment.

  • @JRyman I know. But why would he defend/deflect the issue? Must be on pain medication to not realize how stupid that sounded. DOH.

  • @RockChalkinTexas My guess is that since he’s a beat reporter for the teams at ISU, that if he blames the school for not protecting him they don’t give him info or insight.

    Or they paid him off??

    Just conjecture on my behalf. Who really knows.

  • That corn school up there in the corn sure gets in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

  • BS from Big XII:

    December 11, 2015

    The Conference has reviewed the Iowa - Iowa State men’s basketball game and determined the host school handled its postgame celebration protocol consistent with Big 12 Conference Rules related to sportsmanship and ethical conduct. Game management staff appropriately handled their primary responsibility of ensuring the safety of the teams, coaches, officials and administrative staffs. We were sorry to hear about the unfortunate accident with Des Moines Register reporter Randy Peterson and wish him a speedy recovery.

    The Conference considers this matter resolved and will have no further comment.

  • @RockChalkinTexas In other words, blah, blah, blah…lol.

  • @RockChalkinTexas

    What I expected… gutless response from a conference that is just about to evaporate because of being gutless.

    Really? “Appropriately handled?” For what, a cattle drive?

    If you want to set these up and protect people, you start by treating them like cattle. Right after the game, quickly pull out “cattle runners” (cattle fencing) and make the crowd go through those to limit the rush of the crowd.

    I recall, back in the 70s, and I was at a Stone’s concert in Boulder. I was up front and when the Stone’s came out the crowd rushed forward. Many people were seriously injured and I was horrified… being pinned in front of me and in back by bodies, lifted completely off my feet and rushed forward about 50 feet within a few seconds. Several people went down and were trampled… hauled off in ambulances. This is no joking matter and our league is run by a bunch of clowns. Clowns dealing with clowns.

    Someone needs to call this in to Self on one of his Q and As. Let’s make sure our people leave Ames in one piece.

    What would we do… if we lost one of our guys for the year because he was trampled by a clown? The worthless Big 12 authorities wouldn’t do s#it.

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    As a person that knows a little about the state of Iowa. You have to understand Iowa st. beating Iowa is a big thing. These two schools compete very hard against each other. Unlike in Kansas where KU dominates the basketball scene and the Wildcats dominate the football scene. In Iowa the games are dog fights. Football and Basketball.

    I’m telling you man I deer hunt in Iowa and even if one team is having a down year they go have after each other.

  • Banned

    Court storming is a mixed bag for me. If there was a way to get the opposing team off the court before the storming starts I say let it happen.

    The whole argument of act like you been there before seems a little hollow to me. Because if they had been there before they wouldn’t be storming the court.

    I can remember a few times when KU football posted big W and the fans stormed the field and tore down the goal posts.

    I think that is the thing the college game can invoke that the Pro games can’t. That connection, that passion, that love. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying there isn’t passion in the Pro games. It’s just different.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Thanks for posting. Court storming has to end. Period. There is no reason to allow it.

  • Banned


    I don’t know? How many times when KU loses does the opposing team storm the court. UM like every time. I know you see it as pouring salt in the wound. Yet I don’t. I see it as a program that thought they had no shot in hell in beating KU, that they can’t contain themselves when it does happen.

    Really it’s almost like a respect thing. I just wish there was a way to get the KU players off the court in those rare occasions before it happens.

  • @Hawk8086 Someone come up with a court-storming app. Then they can enjoy the stupidity from their seats.

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