Gameday Ladies and Gents

  • Seems like forever since our last game doesn’t it? Glad the wait is over as post Saturday topics have been heated as ever…

    Some tidbits. Holy Cross & Harvard played each other with Holy Cross winning by 1…

    How will the guys guard the Princeton style offense?

    The pace of the game figures to be slow unless we completely overmatch them. Their top 7 guys all shoot the 3 to varying degree of success, our young bigs will have to guard out to the line which I’m sure is one of their requirements to run the offense they do.

    Not a good shooting team 39% as a team, 32% from 3. They don’t rebound well either, we avg 9 more rebounds a game then they do.

    Who starts at the 5 with 3 of our Grandpa big’s fighting injury. It could be Hunter as teased by Self, it could be Lucas for his play against Harvard, or it could be Diallo/Bragg after Self admitted he needs to get these guys on the court more.

    Last game without Greene, will Svi show better consistency tonight shooting & valuing the ball?

    I’m thinking Perry will have a big game because of Holy Cross being small. And I’m thinking because Coach lit into him about his defense and making shots around the rim. Could be one of those 25pt games for him…

    Predictions? I was terrible last game saying we would blow out Harvard, I do think we see a more committed team effort tonight for a comfortable win…

  • Espn3 blacked out in KS again? I’ve got to see one game so far this year live. Getting more than a bit tired of that!

  • 60-50 KU wins perfect game.

  • To be honest if it’s a perfect game then Kansas better win by a lot more then 10 tonight.

  • I was trying to think of the team last year that ran the same Princeton O, anybody remember? I was thinking we did pretty good against it.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Lafayette, they were a horrible defensive team… Georgetown also runs elements of it

  • @BeddieKU23 did we defend well against it?

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Didn’t Greene have a filed day against Georgetown?

  • @JayHawkFanToo I don’t remember, did Dg get stepped on that game?

  • Speaking of game day, it’s CF’s starting day for WSU. Thoughts?

  • Im ready for this game, it does feel like it’s been a while since the last one. I wish I had an NBA team to follow on the reg to hold me over, that way I wasn’t so hyperfocused on KU bball all the time lol.

    I’m still hoping for a game where Hunter gets 20 mins. This may be the one, but did anyone see the quote they had from Self on kusports today regarding being out rebounded by Harvard?

    “It’s very disappointing to me we’re not a great rebounding team yet,” Self said. “I thought we’d be a better rebounding team, but if Jamari (Traylor) is starting, he’s not a big guy (6-8 ). Perry (Ellis) is not a ‘go out and get you 10 boards a game’ guy. Some of our better rebounders are on the bench. We’ve got to do a better job of doing that.”

    It still bewilders me why he talks about the woes of starting Jamari. If you already know the problem why are you just repeating the same thing. Don’t start Jamari, problem solved, by all means bring him off the bench and let his energy permiate throughout the team. And heck if Perry is banged up maybe we dont need to start him every game. If we have so many good bigs try new starting combos early in the season. This is the time of year you can.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I saw him retweet something the other day calling him “White Mamba.” Seemed to always have quite an ego which is good for shooters but can be bad for a team. I don’t wish him anything negative but I wouldn’t say I am rooting for him either. Not sure exactly why he rubbed me the wrong way while he was here.

    Are the shockers still without Van Vleet?

  • IF it’s another close one, these boards are going to be almost intolerable!

    IF it’s a blowout, then we’ll be a lot more cordial and glass half full types which I predict will happen.

    I’m hoping Svi gets his stroke back. I’m hoping Cheick gets some more minutes. I’m hoping Perry gets aggressive and that Wayne doesn’t foul. I’d like to see Devonte make some shots and for Frank to fire up the team to play with abandon like he does.

    I’d really like Tyler and Evan get a chance to excite the crowd with Legerald setting the table for them with some much needed minutes, in other words, a confidence boosting blowout.

  • @benshawks08 Fred’s back, cf has always gone by that name. I’m anxious to see if he plays D like Marsha expects. Guess he didn’t have to sit games for his DUI.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    1st half no, 2nd half we just made shots and they didn’t and it turned into a blowout kind of like the Loyola game.

    I expect Connor will do well, always liked him, always thought he would be good but I’m bitter how and when he left the team.


    Yes that’s the game Greene went off from 3.

  • @BeddieKU23 I thought CF’s D was worse than BG’s. I hope he finds his way in bb, but I also hope he has that off the court problem behind him.

  • Has Marsha said whether CF is starting? I don’t really follow WSU too much. Born and raised in Wichita but have trouble with the fan base and the way the coach feeds into some of the anti KU attitude.

  • @benshawks08 I just read he was playing. Not even sure it was official. Fred isn’t 100%, not sure it’s wise to be playing him. I saw a lil of the last 2 games. They need help for sure.

  • @wissoxfan83 said:

    IF it’s another close one, these boards are going to be almost intolerable!

    IF it’s a blowout, then we’ll be a lot more cordial and glass half full types which I predict will happen.

    I believe it was Roy Williams called it the “wine and cheese” crowd.

    Bill Self could do the same this season.

  • @JRyman

    Whine and cheese???

  • @JayHawkFanToo probably so but I used his quote as it was found in the news.

    But wine and cheese


    Whine and cheese

  • Looking for lots of energy and up-tempo tonight. Glad it is 7 PM. I think the team has gotten the message about not playing down to the opponent and needing to go out and play their game.

    Anyone get and read Rock Chalk Weekly? This week’s “Once a Jayhawk, Always a Jayhawk” feature is about a player (Clinton Johnson) from 1975-1978 who I dated when I was a senior in high school when he was a junior at Leavenworth High School. (No jokes allowed!) When he was a freshman at KU, that was the year that I went to every home game. It was a real flashback to read this morning. :heart_eyes: :hotsprings:

  • @RockChalkinTexas Didn’t Clint wear Wilt’s old number (13) at KU ? Or am I thinking of someone else from that era ?

  • @RockChalkinTexas tell us more!😱

  • @nwhawkfan that era sounds bad!😉

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Not so bad…Darnell Valentine, Paul Mokeski & Ken Koenigs were also on those teams.

  • @nwhawkfan I meant like back in those days.😬

  • @Crimsonorblue22 They wore them SHORT shorts! :-)

  • @RockChalkinTexas And for the rest of us, the fashion choices were disco or punk…

    Speaking of uni numbers, it was Clint’s teammate John Douglas who wore #13. That was the first time I realized that KU hadn’t retired Wilt’s number.

  • @nwhawkfan He wore several numbers 31 (sophomore) and 14 (senior). They placed 4th in conf. his soph and jr. year but then took the league his senior yr.

  • @nwhawkfan Sooo, were you disco or punk, need pics!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I have mericfully few from that era. I can tell you that within a couple of years I went from medium-bushy hair with beard, to a man-perm with porn star moustache !

  • Headed to Lawrence. You all enjoy the game. Cause I’m gonna. :)

  • @nwhawkfan

    Man perm and porn star 'stache…good thing I was not drinking coffee otherwise you’d owe me a new keyboard :d

    Actually, I have a Middle Eastern friend that wears both.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Yeah, I wasn’t hip enough for disco and not angry enough for punk. (Though I did see a GREAT Ramones show at the old One Block West club near KU Med Center.)

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    His d wasn’t great but he was a freshman guard who desperately needed the weight room and bill demands more than the avg coach on d.

    It’s just unfortunate he didn’t stick it out his shooting could be elite and by his senior year I will be shocked if he’s not one of their 3 best players.

  • @BeddieKU23

    Holy Cross plays the Princeton?


    This will be the game where guys get to become trusted on defense by Coach Self, or dig themselves holes that will haunt them the rest of the season.

    Self loves to use Princeton teams to make guys prove their defensive manhoods.

    Self figured out years back now that the way to beat a Princeton team is to:

    a) dog it defensively everywhere without switching;

    b.) bump their routes; and

    c.) have our post man beat their post man to every ball screen.

    This means our guys shooting legs suffer and long ball percentages sag.

    In turn, this means you shoot treys early both halves with starters, and you let your subs trigger a quick trey, but mostly everyone is burning the energy budget chasing every where, and you play conservation of energy on the offensive end by banging it inside.

    Which of our bigs play the most is determined by which can hedge defend on their posts either floating out side for shots, or breaking out to ball screen. Jamari and Landen are probably our best proven hedge and chase defenders of our Composite 5 post men. But Hunter’s mobility he showed in S. Korea makes him a prime candidate get big minutes mad storking them.

    The Princeton traditionally makes Self sit his long, skinny young centers and wait till next game, but Diallo sure could benefit from the experience, if his ego can stand looking bad.

    Otherwise, Self will rotate on the perimeter as much as Svi and Vick allow him to; i.e., as much as they prove themselves able to fight over picks.

    If Svi and Vick prove themselves not up to the challenge of fighting through all the picks, and Frank, Devonte, and Wayne have to play a lot of minutes, then we will see the Old Woman in Self bitch and moan, but then allow switching.

    On offense, outside of some early quick trigger trey balling when the legs are fresh, I would expect mostly high low bang it inside.

    Rock Chalk!

  • @jaybate-1.0 👀 old woman😠

  • Just saw Greene’s suspension is ending early. He will be in uniform but self was non committed on if he will play or not. Regardless it’s nice to have the whole team eligible for the first time. I hope he gets some time on the floor to set up for saturday

  • @RockChalkinTexas Was he a good kisser?

  • @BeddieKU23 whoa! Should be interesting game

  • @BeddieKU23 he’s the highest ranking player Marsha has ever had. He’s probably close to being top 3 right now. image.jpg

  • @wrwlumpy I never :kiss: and tell!

  • @RockChalkinTexas ha ha! I’m guessing yes!!!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 were there doubters in Lawrence?

  • @Bwag I wasn’t impressed! DUI really turns me off too.

  • I was very high on Conner. I was sad to see him go, yet I understand why he did. Even with his herculean effort in the tournament Coach was going to kick him to the bench.

  • Per twitter

    Hunter will start

    Mari and Landon may not play because of injuries… and this board goes nuts

  • I’d like to see:

    1. Hunter start and get a minimum 15 minutes.
    2. Diallo get a minimum 20 and stuff the stat sheet again in a good learning game.
    3. Selden put another monster game together and get his mojo back.

    Could go on, but why be greedy?

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