The 2015 Maui Jim Maui Invitational trophy is becoming more impressive

  • Now that UCLA defeated UK and UNLV defeated Oregon its becoming clear to me that this was a stronger field than I thought when the field of teams was released. Now that KU came away with the win over Vanderbilt and the other teams in the field without BG and Cheick what does that say about the win? Next Saturday KU will be at full strength for the first time since the start of the season and I completely and whole heartedly believe KU is the team to beat starting next Saturday!

    This teams chemistry moving forward will determine how things play out come end of March. If everyone buys in to playing limited minutes and HCBS uses ALL of his depth to run teams out of the gym KU will have everyone on its heals and WILL win it all this year! If BG and company fail to buy in to limited minutes and everyone getting their fair share of minutes this could be another early exit and a complete failure! I sure hope HCBS gets everyone on the same page and I hope BG suspension has gotten everyone’s attention? Its just too bad that BG had to be the example and hopefully he comes back and focuses on the team? Any how this team has me excited this year!

  • @Statmachine Agree about those wins just looking better and better! But I doubt Self will continue to have 10-12 players contributing. He has been “lucky” so far chemistry wise with Greene’s suspension and Lucas’s injury. It will be very difficult to keep 12 guys who think they deserve time happy and gellin. We may end up with many more comments about players having great games despite low minutes and light box scores.

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    Is Greene off suspension?

  • @Statmachine Even Chaminade (1-6) got a win over Cal State San Marcos (3-3).

    That has to help our strength of schedule out.

  • @DoubleDD No not until next Saturday.

  • You may not know this about @VailHawk but I’m a player-coach on our church basketball team that plays in the B league on Tuesday nites!

    Yes yes I know it’s almost like playing/coaching at Kansas!

    But in all seriousness, when we only have 8-9 guys show up it is MUCH easier to get everyone minutes and we play MUCH better overall.

  • @VailHawk all that plus dad and special agent! Forgot, dog lover. I’m ready to send mine to a foster home. Dog, not kids.

  • @VailHawk

    Just about every top coach in college BBall including Coach Self is on the record indicating that by the meat of the schedule they prefer to play primarily 7-8 players and a few more limited minutes. The squid famously tried platooning last year so he could play 10 players and he indicated afterwards he will never try that again.

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