A casualty of KU basketball

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    I always thought this kid would be great at KU. Could you imagine having Greene and White both on the court at the same time?

    White finds a new home

  • If ifs and buts were candy and nuts we would all have a very merry Christmas.

    Life is what it is. Can’t hypothesis on what coulda been.

    This team is gonna be fun to watch just the way it is.

    Not sure why everyone wants to keep changing it with having this player or that player.

    What if Embid was healthy and wearing a KU uniform in his junior year?

    What if Ben Mclemore was a senior?

  • @DoubleDD let me clarify the above post. It’s not directed directly at you or anyone else for that matter

    I just don’t understand why people can’t embrace and enjoy the team we do have?

    I don’t care about the recruits we didn’t get. I don’t care about the recruits we haven’t signed yet.

    I care about the young men that are suited up for this years Jayhawk squad.

    The season is young, very very young and yet everyone is talking about blowing it in March. Or who would help us that is no long on the roster or who coulda been on the roster.

    They aren’t so why stress and worry.? If you are married and are always concerned what your ex is doing is that fair to your spouse? No it’s not.

  • I don’t know. How would he be used? No way Self would choose him over Selden. Would he replace Greene? By early indications, Self chose Greene over him. The only person he would replace was Svi.

    I think the question becomes, would you take White or Svi? If White doesn’t transfer, we wouldn’t have the extra scholarship for Svi.

    I think it worked out well for both parties. KU got Svi and White got his well deserved playing time.

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    I understand what you’re saying and it is a fair point. Yet sometimes a kid transferring or missing out on certain recruits, can make a person have questions.

    For instance why did White leave? Why did Conner leave? Why did rumors surface that Greene was considering transferring. So much that he had to come out and quash such ideas. Why is KU missing out on so many kids? Why does KU have to wait until the spring to get any top 50 kids?

    Is or was there a pattern being created? It’s kind of like the old saying, “Where there is smoke there is fire”.

    I’m not really sure myself but I have taken notice.

  • Speaking of CF, when is his DUI suspension over?

  • @DoubleDD in my opinion I think the reason Self and KU don’t get a lot of early signees is that he’s honest with them. He doesn’t guarantee them a thing.

    As to why kids transfer, Andrew and Conner played the same position. Add Greene and Selden, that’s 4 guys one spot on the floor. Egos get in the way of earning your time and out working the guy ahead of you. Everyone wants to play.

    Is it troublesome? In some ways, but to me and again just my opinion, not major ones. Getting pre madonnas in the locker room causes issues and can splinter a team.

    Get the guys who fit your system and style of play and who want to work for it. Find guys who are teammates and not me me me guys.

    I could be wrong on all points. I might be right in some cases. Again just my opinions and thoughts shared with you all.

  • @wrwlumpy great question!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 December 5th, or the 12th, depending how quick they get in his paperwork after the mid-term grades come out on December 4th.

  • @KUSTEVE no punishment for DUI though, that we know of. That’s when he’s eligible.

  • @JRyman Someone was making a comment comparing Texas A & M’s Davis to Diallo on another thread. One thing I noticed watching Cuse/A &M is that A & M has a player that averaged 17 ppg last year that is now playing off the bench because Davis is starting ahead of him. That simply wouldn’t happen under a Bill Self team. Normally, we can’t offer immediate starter’s minutes right away, which frankly hurts us with a lot of these kids. We don’t really have an opening at the 1,2,3 or 4 for this year, or next year.

  • @KUSTEVE Than why has Bill Self been recruiting the top players including PGs and SGs for next year? Has he been telling these OADs that KU does not have an opening for you next year?

  • @AsadZ Perhaps that’s why he hasn’t signed anyone at those spots yet. They’d have a year as a back up behind Frank, Devonte, and the trio at the 3: Svi, Greene, and Vick.

  • @KUSTEVE or they are waiting to see…

  • @KUSTEVE Agreed, OADs want PT from the start. They do not want to sit on the bench.

  • Personally, I would have rather kept White instead of Oubre. Wiggins pushed White out initially, and the signing of Oubre was the nail in the coffin. I’d rather have had White.

    Remember our pursuit of Jaylen Brown? Would you rather Brown or Selden at the 3? Brown at the 3 and Selden at the 2 and Graham off the bench? Svi pushed deeper in back in the rotation?

    Forget it.

  • Honestly, how about this: instead of signing a “Josh Selby level guard”, what if we went for guards like Tyshawn, Graham, Mason, Vick, VanVleet, Baker, Kemba Walker? Hmm, that would take a keen recruiting eye to find such workable, playable talent-with-chip-on-shoulder…wait a minute…

  • What is Wayne Selden? He came in over-ranked, thru no fault of his own, and basically is our version of Ron Baker, but with a bit higher ceiling, and perhaps a bit more NBA-ish body type based on the eye test.

    But both will certainly play NBA. My brother-in-law was down on Selden, even after the Maui win, and called him an “overseas player at best”, and said “he’ll never play in the NBA”. I’d strongly disagree. Like I said about poor Elijah Johnson: If Selden “shows” the world about 12-15 20pt games, including some killer instinct/clutch performances–> he’ll go 1st round. If he has a spectacular season, he’ll go lotto. He has court vision and handles. Compare 6’5 Ben McLemore to 6’5 Selden. Its an interesting comparison.

    And all these guys in this post play the wing as 2 guard or 3 guard (in college).

  • I would have liked to have seen him play for Kansas, but they recruited Wiggins, Oubre, Selden, Svi, Greene and a bunch of other wings have come through, Mclemore…

  • @ralster Remember who Self’s big targets were instead of Tyshawn? Willie Warren and DeAndre Liggins. Names from the past. We got TT in the spring, after our national title. Interesting how things turn out.

    I do think your brother-in-law is looking in the rear view mirror and not out the front window on Selden. Wayne had one big, big flaw when he got to campus – he pulled his jump shot way back over his head. And unless you’re Jamaal Wilkes, that doesn’t fly. We discussed his poor jump shot form here during his freshman season. Selden (and coach Townsend as I recall) got that fixed in that off season, and look at him now. Last season, Jeff Van Gundy called his jumper and NBA quality jumper. He’s on the path

  • Selden has a lot of work to do to get back in the scouts favor. Besides the Michigan St game he’s improved a lot in his game. The consistency in the way he scores like the 1st half against Vanderbilt where he was keeping KU in the game is what will ultimately give him a chance to be drafted. He’s going to need those 12-15 20 pt games as @ralster suggested. I think he’s fully capable of doing it, his jumper has been deadly so far this year.

  • @BeddieKU23 New avatar? In honor of Diallo, I see? I like it.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Yes, can’t wait to see how the fans welcome Diallo that should be something.

  • @BeddieKU23 At first I thought Self should reward his wait with the start, but I think the first time he enters the game would be much more memorable for him. I bet Self sends him in by himself so he’s the only sub coming in at the time. That will be cool.

  • @BeddieKU23

    If Selden is consistent, he will be a late first round pick this year. He has always had NBA level size and athleticism. He just never really played like it on a regular basis.

    Wayne controls his own destiny at this point. If he is consistent, he will be a first rounder. If he starts disappearing again, like he has through his first two seasons, he will be back in Lawrence again next season. For this season to go the way we hope it does (ending in Houston in April) we need first rounder Wayne.

    As for the casualties of KU basketball, we have to remember that these types of things will always happen at a place like KU. Simply put, not everyone is talented enough to play at that level. Let’s scan some names — Downs, Woolridge, Galindo — just a few names there of guys that ended up being good D1 players at different schools, but never would have made it at KU because they would not have gotten the playing time necessary to develop.

    A lot of people on here talk about VanVleet and Baker. Neither of those guys would have played at KU. Could the Fred VanVleet that averaged just 16 mpg at Wichita State have hoped to get more minutes at KU behind Elijah Johnson and Naadir Tharpe? Maybe had he stuck around the next season as a sophomore he could have grabbed some minutes when Tharpe struggled, but it’s likely as a freshman that he would have sat behind Johnson and Tharpe, and as a soph he would have been behind Tharpe and Frank Mason. The minutes just would not have been there for Van Vleet. Maybe 5 mpg as a freshman and 10 or so as a soph.

    For Baker, he would have sat behind McLemore and Releford. Remember, Baker only played in half of WSU’s games as a freshman because he struggled early on. If that happens to him at KU he’s buried so far in the bench that he never gets out of that hole as a freshman. As a sophomore, Wiggins, Selden, and Greene arrive, so Baker probably is still stuck behind a lot of traffic on the depth chart. Two years of mop up minutes don’t make you an All American.

    KU is a place where you have to be good enough to play as a freshman. If you can’t, you probably won’t ever be good enough because somebody more talented shows up every year.

  • Whites stat line from Saturdsys loss. 6-10 fg 0-0ft. 4 RB 5pf 0ast 26mims 15pts. He scored all 25 in second half before fouling out. Second leading scorer.

    Per a friend at the game said “he couldn’t guard his man who was quicker and constantly got caught standing flat footed. His rebounds came from missed layups after getting burned on D. Missed a lot of open post players and either took his own shot or passed around the wing. Never to the post. Has a nice shot when he’s night forcing it.” He added later “Miles will have to hide his (White) D by playing a zone cause he will get burned on the wing a lot by anyone that can dribble off the wing.”

    This isn’t any basketball fan but a HS coach at a large school in Omaha that knows the game.

  • @HighEliteMajor I’d like to see him jump center. We haven’t had an opening tip since Pittsburg State.

  • @justanotherfan

    I agree with a lot of what your saying.

    A few comments I have regarding Selden. He came into College a hyped player, a possible OAD & a body ready to be a NBA 2 guard. Once you burn your hype train its hard for people to fall back in love with you. I think Selden being drafted at all this year if he does well enough to leave will be dependent on finding a GM or team that loves him. We look at Selden with our KU blinders on but the fact is he can’t handle the ball as a 2 guard, its not his strength. So far he’s had a lot of his issues handled by having a 2nd primary ball-handler in the game in Graham. Consistency has always been his #1 weakness and by his play this summer and in Maui he’s started to erase that fact.

    We will have to see how does the rest of the way. If he’s able to make it to the Final 4 or further that’s probably his best stage to showcase him moving up or down in the draft. He’s barely a top 100 player on mock boards as we speak, he’s not going to magically top 60-70 kids without doing some magical things on the court. The 25 pt game vs Vandy really helps but he can’t revert to old habits now that he’s reached that status of where he can go off for these big games.

    His one advantage is the SG class is weak and has been for years.

  • @BeddieKU23

    I agree wholeheartedly. I am still high on Selden because he has an NBA body and NBA size to handle the wing. That is not a question for him. For a lot of college 2’s and 3’s, they have to answer the question of if they can stay effective while adding the size/strength to be an NBA wing player. Selden does not have to change his body to play in the NBA, which is a huge advantage.

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