GREAT Win!! Wayne Selden says HELLO

  • What a 2nd half turnaround. Without Wayne Ballin out we fall but our defense rebounding and shot making was stellar in the 2nd half.

    This is the wayne we’ve waited 3 years for what a performance young man

  • @BeddieKU23 Glad to see the team come out with much more focus. Was starting to think it was going to be MSU all over again.

  • @DinarHawk

    It was a reverse MSU. Rough first half, strong second half.

  • Dare we credit Self for 2nd half adjustments?

    Defense looked back up to Self-standards, especially on the 3 ball. Truly joyous to observe!

    Wayne Selden is da man. Finally. Making us all PROUD!

    This team now has grind, will travel…

  • Go, Wayne!

  • That stepback jumper for Selden is sick. His stock went way up tonight there were plenty of scouts there.

    I’m just happy when Perry has his off nights that someone else takes over, tonight it’s wayne other nights it could be mason or graham or maybe Diallo.

    How great is it to know order is coming in the post

  • Really appreciating the difference Wayne made in this game, most notably when he kept us in the game at the beginning when Vandy was making us look silly, or should I say we were making ourselves look silly, everyone looked like freshman. This wouldn’t be the first time a KU player showed who they were as a junior, happy Selden is starting to show his skills.

  • Hopefully this success will give him the confidence that provides consistency. He can do it, but he doesn’t seem to remember that all the time.

  • @BeddieKU23 Ooooooh yah, that step back was NASTY! And then he gave a look, like yeah we got this.

  • @Lulufulu

    That look said…I am one bad man!

  • Selden played himself into near lottery territory and moving up…

  • @JayHawkFanToo Consistency will be his biggest challenge this year. He has the talent for the next level, it’ll just be about if he can replicate it consistently.

  • Wayne was in Beast mode, similar to how he was in Korea. With Wayne playing to his potential and other talent on the roster this is a NC caliber potential team.

  • @BeddieKU23 Best game of his career, imo. It’s not Perry, its Wayne. Wayne is our real leader.

  • It was good to see that when a team is tall enough to take Perry out of the game, we have enough weapons to still beat a good team. Vandy is good, no question. If Wayne plays even close to that most of the time…We are a NC contender.

  • Wayne is a poster child for focus.

    His fluctuates widely and often.

    Great performers learn to smoothly but rapidly modulate breadth of focus to evolving situations.

    Focus can be broad, narrow and anywhere in between.

    It’s a gradient.

    The enemy of smooth, flexible focus is rigidity.

    Wayne has apparently been engaged in a Herculean struggle with too much rigidity of focus the last few seasons.

    When he relaxed he relaxed totally and his focus fixed broadly and he appeared too lackadaisical.

    When he amped up he tensed and his focus fixed narrowly and he appeared too tight.

    The problem appears to be the rigidity of his focus.

    Basketball is fluid. One scopes wide and narrow and in between frequently as one moves and as others move around one.

    On Wayne’s good games, he shows a full range and flexibility of focus. He appears both explosive and smooth as the situation demands. He shifts smoothly.

    On bad games, he appears stuck in one focus, or shifting awkwardly among types of focus.

    For a while I thought his difficulties were maybe a slow processor, then maybe too much learning, then maybe pot, then maybe a girl friend, but now it appears structural and maybe neural net based. They could be growing together, or he may just be battling it structurally. Whatever, he seems to be gaining ground on it, even though he has struggled a game or two this season.

    When he is shifting focus smoothly he is exceptional in all phases of his game.

  • I’m not ready to crown WS the next MJ or Kobe or whomever it is that is universally idolized until he learns to not miss 4 straight free throws down the stretch when the game is potentially on the line.

    Other than that, he’s shown signs of greatness the past couple of games.

  • I thought Stallings comments were telling…basically the key to the game was penetration by Mason and Graham. Yes Wayne played great, but the penetration created open looks for Wayne and others. Of course you have to hit the open looks …which we did.

  • @BeddieKU23 Kenpom has KU ranked #4 over all right now. They are ranked 10 in offense and 5 in defense. Something they havent been able to do since 2010, rank top 10 in both. ANd, this season is just starting out, they will improve, and thats a scary thought…for our opponents!

  • Wayne played great but he missed 4 free throws in a row to ice the game…

    It kind of soured the whole performance for me. Wayne is missing something upstairs. I like him, I root for him, I hope he plays reach his potential and to help the Jayhawks, but I cannot really trust him. He could go 0-20 from the field in a game and it would not be surprising…

    Few days back, it was fire Bill Self, and quit watching KU basketball.

    Now everyone is ok again…

  • Will Self let Wayne Selden blossom?

    You know why I ask. You know where his three point percentage was last season when … er … you know.

    He was 12 of 17 from three in the Maui tournament.

    And I hope everyone saw that Self said he hoped we are playing better offense in a month than we are right now.

    It’s those darned threes. You know, when they go in, it makes you a worse team.

  • @HighEliteMajor i an hoping that comment was in reference to Diallo’s clearance. Even as a raw freshmen he is an upgrade offensively and defensively to Lucas and Traylor. Him on the floor gives our guards more room to play and make plays.

  • @Lulufulu Did you see what Self said after Diallo was cleared? He said that Diallo wouldn’t really have a full impact until conference “or February.”

    You think it’s hard watching Traylor play all those unproductive minutes in Maui? Wait until he plays ahead of Diallo over the next two months.

    #FreeDiallo may take on a whole different meaning.

  • @HighEliteMajor No, I didnt see that at all. I didnt watch the video. Man, I hope you are wrong. I mean Coach can’t treat Cheick like he did Cliff. It’ll be bad for the team, bad for him, bad for Cheick and bad for future recruiting.

    Although, I do think Traylor or Lucas will rotate starting games or halves until Cheick gets up to speed. I also think that Cheick will play at the very least, 10- 15 minutes a game until that time.

  • @Second-Prize And an important point of clarification, it was one guy that said fire Self, with a whole crew on this site opposed to that idea. I wouldn’t say everything is “ok” yet.

    The difference last night was one thing, and one thing only – we were 5/16 from three vs. Stanford when we lost to a similarly tall team, and had the same issues. Last night we were 8/16 from three.

    Eerily similar – we lost by three vs. Stanford, we won by 7 vs. Vandy. Only one point unaccounted for.

    Diallo and Bragg offer the only hope that we can score inside against big, long teams. Mick will be banished, so that’s conversation is likely over.

    It will be the three that leads us.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    we were 5/16 from three vs. Stanford when we lost to a similarly tall team, and had the same issues. Last night we were 8/16 from three.

    Point taken, but were our looks of the same quality? If we got better looks last night, then that was a factor in making a better percentage.

    I would hope that Mason, Graham and a driving Selden will allow for higher percentage 3 point looks this season.

  • Yes I said that Second-Prize and I will continue to be on the case as I do not want to see another early exit in the tourney. This year we have the whole package - experience, talent, depth and great 3-point shooters. The coach must not hand cuff this team. The coach must let his talented players get more PT. I liked what I saw in Maui except I still cant understand why Traylor & Lucas are playing ahead of Bragg & Mickelson.

    I will continue to demand equality, fairness & accountability for the sake of KU BB. I want NC this year, its about time.

  • @HighEliteMajor I guess “or February” is the next “fool’s gold”. Something to pi$$ and moan about for god knows how long.

    Who do you see coming along as the player you will rag on next when the dolt Bill Self plays him? Next year could be pretty bleak for you. No Jamari. No Brady. No Connor. Hopefully somebody will step up to give you something to do. Currently Lightfoot looks like the best prospect what with his crappy ranking. What do you think oh master of the hardwood?

  • @HighEliteMajor But didn t our guards do a much better job of getting into the lane than they did vs. Stanford? Not only made our 3 pt shots more open but also opened up other shots as well?

  • @Hawk8086 You are correct. Last night’s game could have been a replay of the Stanford game, but Self finally let them play outside in.

  • @Hawk8086 good point. I love Perry and he is going to be great this year but it was another example of him struggling against length. He is just not himself when the opponent is that tall. Luckily we have a lot of weapons outside of Perry. Great win.

  • @joeloveshawks He still needs to utilize his great perimeter skill against taller teams. Watching Gonzaga right now, he would definitely need to use his great outside shooting instead of trying to post up.

  • @DinarHawk totally agree.

  • @Lulufulu

    They are adding a reputed draft choice very shortly.

  • @jaybate-1.0 They are?? Could it be Bolden?

    We all know Diallo is a raw talent but right now, what are his chances for being OAD?

    If Diallo comes back next season, will there be minutes available for Bolden too?

    Of course I realize this is all far and away speculation. Diallo’s season just started, its hard to tell whats going to happen now.

  • @sfbahawk Once again, you have added insightful comments to the discussion. Don’t you need to tell @AsadZ about the “drivel that emanates from (his) keyboard” and tell him he contributes “NOTHING” – as you did (all caps). Or, when you “rag on” Lucas as you did in a recent post we should assume that your comments of some higher quality or purpose?

  • @ParisHawk I would think so given that Stanford took away quite effectively our ability to score at the rim. They collapsed on the entry. We forced shots. If they could take away the scoring at the rim and disrupt three point shooting to such a degree, I can’t imagine why they lost one game that season.

  • @HighEliteMajor OMG!! Yes I did “rag” on Lucas because although he can get himself open he cannot finish. I must admit that he did score underneath once yesterday with a big on him. I am glad to see that you are now sticking up for him. As for your posts. If it were not for your bashing of Jamari, Connor, and Brady and why Self shouldn’t have played them over the past 4-5 years, both here and at KUSports,you could have cut your number of posts by approximately one half. But what to expect, a hater has got to hate.

    As per usual you did not answer the question about who looks like the next person to dump on after Jamari is gone. I doubt that I am the only person here who is waiting with bated breath for your pearls of wisdom on that subject.

  • @HighEliteMajor said:

    @ParisHawk I would think so given that Stanford took away quite effectively our ability to score at the rim. They collapsed on the entry. We forced shots. If they could take away the scoring at the rim and disrupt three point shooting to such a degree, I can’t imagine why they lost one game that season.

    Haven’t you been saying that this year we should have one of the best perimeters in the nation?

    Shouldn’t one of the best perimeters in the nation be better at:

    • Hitting the 3 point shot

    • Setting up teammates for the 3 point shot?

    You seem to imply that the difference between the Vandy win and the Stanford loss was simply luck. So you don’t think the perimeter is better after all?

  • @sfbahawk Nah, there’s gotta be at least 3 or 4 of ya lurkin’ out there for a cause to unite with… But just how far out tthere out there is really anyone’s guess …

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