SVI-the Ukraine LeBron


    I know enough to know that he WILL be Lebron of the Ukraine if he continues to work like he does. He is the real life No Days Off kid. He works harder than anyone on every aspect of the game not just shooting but EVERYTHING. I would buy stock in his future shoe line if I could after listening to some of the stories I have heard.

    This sense that Mykhailiuk is just too gifted to fail is easier to see when the lights aren’t on.

    Last month at practice, he warmed up shooting from all over the floor with his left hand. Teammates soon joined him in shooting with their off hand, but they looked awkward and threw up bricks.

    Mykhailiuk looked like a natural, shooting all the way out to the three-point line with decent accuracy. Later on as practice got serious, he switched to his right hand in a shooting drill and barely missed.

  • Now KU has had the Canadian LeBron and the Ukraine LeBron playing for them! Who’s next?

  • @Statmachine pretty sure the Canadian player can stand on his own. Can’t imagine he would like to be compared to the guy that didn’t want him!

  • @Statmachine

    “Now KU has had the Canadian LeBron and the Ukraine LeBron playing for them! Who’s next?”

    How about the African LeBron?


  • @Crimsonorblue22 He was also called maple Jordan!

  • I hate the comparisons of players to guys that are in no way similar. Andrew Wiggins is a tremendous basketball player. However, his game is in no way similar to Lebron James.

    Their builds are different.

    Their styles are different.

    Their games are different.

    I would argue that Svi is more like Wiggins than Wiggins is like Lebron. Svi is more of a pure shooter. Wiggins is all speed and fast twitch muscle. Lebron is a freak of nature.

    But from a basketball standpoint, they are even more different. Lebron is a passer at heart. Even as a rookie, Lebron averaged almost 6 assists per game. He had to develop his shooting and post game, but he was always a gifted passer.

    Wiggins is an explosive athlete. He’s all speed and spins and jumping. He can shoot a little, but needs to develop that more. He’s not a punishing player by any means. He should someday become a truly disruptive defender, but he will likely never be the passer/ball handler that Lebron is. He may become that level of scorer, but won’t be that type of passer and facilitator. Wiggins will likely be much more similar to Paul George than Lebron.

    Svi is even more skewed towards shooting and away from the explosive Wiggins game or the power and passing of Lebron. Svi is much more similar to a guy like Reggie Miller or Richard Hamilton than he is to Lebron.

    Nobody would call Tony Parker the French Lebron James even though Tony Parker is probably the best player ever from France. Nobody ever called Dirk Nowitzki the German Jordan, even though he’s far and away the best to ever hail from Germany. Why burden Svi or Wiggins with being Lebron when that isn’t even their game?

  • @justanotherfan If you read the article I posted it just says from a fame stand point he is the Ukraine LeBron.

  • @Statmachine much better

  • @Statmachine

    How about Cheick…the Malian LeBron…

  • @Statmachine

    I get that. But too often, the comparison goes beyond that to saying he’s the next this or that and it blurs the line. I want Svi to be Svi because if Svi tries to play like Lebron, he will not play well because that’s not his game. I’d rather he play like Reggie Miller because that’s in the sweet spot of his game, with a little more defense like he showed last night.

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