• I’m reading that Cheick’s attorney is now playing the race card. I mentioned before my distrust of bringing in a gunslinger.

    Could Kansas become the next Missouri?

    If this situation doesn’t get resolved soon it is just a matter of time before mainstream media runs out of other racial baiting stories and focuses on this.

    I hope our student body will maintain a mature attitude and make every attempt to be a role model for students at other universities. Nothing wrong with a protest and practicing our First Amendment rights of free speech. The conduct of expressing free speech usually decides the effectiveness of spreading the message. I hope we remember that…

    The media is already bouncing on stories to spread this concept that all students (at every university) need to take to the streets in protest.

  • @drgnslayr Im not big on posting a comment twice, but in this instance, I not only believe it’s quite relevant but necessary.

    Damned if I know, But after reading the copy on kusports about the alleged NCAA emp tweet & reaction by Diallos’ laywer, plus a sampling of comments that follow, I’m beginning to feel like continual discussion of topics on buckets about racial implications in athletics could eventually be very destructive to our board. This world has become so touchy-feely & pc that even if you try to alleviate tensions with humor, you better be damn careful or you may end up sued, fired. or maybe even much worse so quickly your head will spin. We have an incredibly good site here & the direction that it’s been heading this past week has me thinking that if it’s not 100% sports related, we’re one helluva lot better off playin “hot potato” & just leaving the topic alone. Sparring & jabbing is more than welcome at the other site so if one feels the need, I know where a fix is readily available… & that’s my nickels worth…

  • @globaljaybird

    You are right… the world is very touchy-feely about these issues.

    But I don’t think we can run and hide from it. This thread mentions the possibility of Kansas having the student body rise up and make a statement about race. If that happens, whether we like it or not, we will be facing these issues.

    I am the type that always wants to be proactive instead of reactive (though often I am guilty of being reactive).

    I hope all of us in here can be a positive example of how these issues can be discussed in an adult way. The only way we are tested is if we do have disagreements. And disagreements are perhaps the best way to learn if people can have an open mind. I know I am okay with someone calling me out on my stuff. I have pushed the envelope on this and I apologize if I have offended anyone because that was not my intent!

    I am pretty sure that our common interest, Kansas basketball, will be there as a beacon for us to follow through any possible rough waters. I know I hold everyone in here in high regard.

  • I think I’ll take down the graphics. The way the press is going… they are looking for something to jump on and create a new narrative to falsely frame my intent.

  • We’ve got a lot of friends here on this site and we’re thankful for it. I hope this issue doesn’t divide us somehow. We need to stick to hoops!

  • 1377125569_basketball-04.jpg





  • @wissoxfan83 Yeah sox but pitchers & catchers report pretty early next February too…Sorry boss, just couldn’t help myself from the dig…,BTW, the ROYALS Kendrys Morales just won the Silver Slugger Award.

  • @drgnslayr

    Big difference…if the KU football team refuses to play, we would tell them so sorry to hear that but you must do what you must do…while we look up and mouth the words…thank you Lord! Just kidding…I think…

  • @globaljaybird I can’t wait for pitchers and catchers to report. The Sox are going to figure it out big time for next year!

  • @globaljaybird Don’t forget the 3 Gold Gloves for Esky, Hos and Salvy. And considering Cain is the only one of the 3 choices with World Series Champion next to his name, the AL MVP should be his also.

  • @JayHawkFanToo not funny!

  • There is a history of kids from Africa and other 3rd world countries having a much more difficult time getting cleared by the NCAA because they are often brought to the US by a person who runs some kind of charity and NCAA just assumes that person is trying to make money off of these kids. While that’s certainly true in some cases (the Skal Labissiere case would appear to fall in this category), Tidiane Drame doesn’t have the reputation of someone that tries to take advantage of these kids. He didn’t direct Diallo or Kassoum Yakwe to a specific school, he just helped them come to this country to chase their dreams and create better lives for themselves.

    The fact that the NCAA is investigating his relationship with Diallo and Yakwe and hasn’t interviewed him yet is the NCAA dragging their feet on this matter and I’m glad that Drame has hired a lawyer to help Diallo, and I assume Yakwe as well, get eligible to play. Jackson has a great track record in cases like this so hopefully Diallo will suit up wearing Crimson and Blue this year because KU is going to need his rebounding skills this year.

    As for the tweet, I think I’d be more concerned about the implications of that person coming into work with a hangover at least once a week. How much is that person drinking that they imply they have weekly hangovers? I’d be more concerned about this person’s competency to do their job because of that than an at best in poor taste joke. It could have racial implications because Mali is one of the regions with the outbreak happened and we don’t know this person’s background. My guess is that it was just a joke that is in very poor taste based on this person’s position within the NCAA though.

  • I just don’t have much to say. Yet another brandishment of race in the national media. Yet more terrorist killings, today in Paris, France.

    Mankind hasn’t evolved as much as we’d like to think, and that is evident in the USA as well.

    Mankind cannot escape his inner, tribal (clique-ish), segregatory and persecutory nature. Territoriality is also a terminal affliction to this creature known as H.sapiens sapiens.


  • @ralster I had a college history teacher who thought that nationalism was one of the world’s biggest problems.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Let’s see what the score is against TCU who will be pi$$ed and wanting to make a statement. The Vegas lines is 45 and climbing…

  • @JayHawkFanToo still hurts!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I know…but watching the football team is painful too. We just get no breaks… 😞

  • @drgnslayr Hate to be the messenger with bad news, butCheick’s lawyer & mudslinging campaign isn’t the only one we have to get ready for now. Just found this copy on the Kansas City Star web site. It’s on our doorstep as we speak with another hunger strike & 3 University of Kansas student leaders called on to resign.

  • @globaljaybird OMG- - - - - here we go. when will this kind of thing stop

  • I think to say he “played the race card,” is missing the point of what he’s trying to accomplish.

    Does anybody recall the NCAA investigation at the University of Miami a few years back? Anybody remember the press that the NCAA got as a result? Turns out their investigation had to come under investigation because it was so incompetently managed and all it did was hurt Miami players who had absolutely nothing to do with the transgressions in question. The main criticism was that the length of the investigation was the real punishment. Schools were able to recruit players that would’ve otherwise gone to Miami because they could just say “Miami’s gonna lose their program.” The fact that the NCAA took so long to conduct their poorly managed investigation was the punishment and made the NCAA look incredibly mismanaged and incompetent.

    To me, the whole point is to expose the NCAA as being incapable of serving their sole purpose. Is there a connection to racism? No, probably not. But the tweet, given this person’s role in investigating student-athletes from Africa, was poorly timed and in bad taste. Therefore, anything this lawyer can do to humiliate the NCAA during this investigation and because of this investigation, go for it. What will bring this case to an end is when the NCAA will have no choice but to cut ties because the incompetence with which their investigation has been managed brings about questions of its integrity and ability to even fulfill its main function.

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