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  • @wrwlumpy Once again, Lumpy, fine work!

  • This is the thread we should be focusing on right now. No MU, no Diallo – nothing else.

    This season is starting and we have a national championship team. It begins with Northern Colorado, and it ends in Houston, cutting down the nets.

    I see a six pack of things that are pivotal in our national championship run:

    1. Carlton Bragg: As I mentioned in a preseason thread about the most important player, Bragg is my man. Bragg has been my man. I saw a post today that mentioned that he might be the most talented player on Kansas. He is. We all see that now, don’t we? Bragg does not have to start one game this season. But he has to play, and play a lot. He has to be 25 mpg though come March. He’ll have some periods where he’ll appear to regress. Most freshmen do. Some match ups will make him look horrible. Development is ongoing. But when you see those nine boards the other night, those six boards and 14 points vs. PSU – and energy – we have a potential all-american next season. The WUGs provided similar positivity. This season, enjoy the assent. This team needs what he brings.

    2. Mason/Graham: Ball handling, point guards, penetration, creation – we have two. Name a team with a better two headed point guard monster than Kansas? Mason is a guy that wants the ball. He’ll win us a tourney game in March.

    3. Mickelson: Pivotal – I mean really pivotal. Self has to come to the realization that Mickelson starts with Ellis. He is not our classic Withey-like rim protector, but he can do the job. It is clear that he has the necessary skill set to be productive and he is always playing hard – that energy thing again. But more than anything, Mickelson is the one player, more than any other player, that permits Self’s team to function in a Self-preferred way. I offer as evidence, Exhibit A, the WUGs. He can rebound, rim protect, make a post move or two, and pick and pop. Play him.

    4. Selden: The guy has to make the leap. It is time. Important this season is Selden becoming a guy that is comfortable being the man. The WUG Wayne Selden, if you will. But it’s more what we can’t have. We can’t have 2014-15 Wayne Selden. His lack of productivity was deserving of being benched. He has started every game of his career. He needs to show that he deserves it.

    5. Svi: It needs to be a clear and convincing knock out of Greene and Vick. It needs to be indisputable that Svi is our best perimeter option off the bench. If Svi seizes this role, our rotation firms up. Bad Svi – as we saw vs. PSU, needs to disappear. Greene is clearly hobbled if he had to sit last game. And Vick is in learning mode, primed for 2016-17. Svi is a “must.”

    6. Compromise and Peace: Bill Self has to reach a compromise with the three pointer. Some sort of middle ground. I’m happy to be the mediator. Permit the idea that three pointers are “good offense” to become acceptable. They are not the enemy. I get it though, it will never be preferred. But if we have the offensive conflict of last season to lurch to the forefront, we’ll flame out. It is Self’s job to manage that. Self said today that he won’t allow Kansas’ identity to be compromised this season. But Self has to, in some way, accept some change, some flexibility. Self said he “learned a lot” at the WUGs, a tournament will Self let his team play more than any other time in his tenure – that resulted in an undefeated run and a gold medal. This team is not constructed in the image that Self prefers – and like last season, it can’t fully function the way Self would like. A little flexibility will grease the skids enough.

  • @HighEliteMajor Absolutely golden post, HEM! Agree on every account, 1 thru 6. I think Self realizes he has enough good 3point shooters, his comments after the PSU game showed confidence in the overall 3ball gut-feel he has for this season…and that 3% was devastating against poor FHSU, so his faith bore out. Last year Mason shot over 50% from 3 for most of the season, and Devonte 40% (as a frosh).

    I’ll say it again, Devonte is Mario Chalmers good.

    Totally agree on Bragg. Notice he has a feel for the game, AND the kid doesn’t foul at the clip that Cliff Alexander or Thomas Robinson did. There’s a reason he’s a McDAA, actually several reasons…and we saw just about all of them in the 2 exhib games already.

    Great post.

  • @wrwlumpy No pic of the campus with the Rocky Mountains in the background? I was looking forward to that!! As always I enjoy your contributions.

  • Does anyone know what channel game will be on in Wichita?

  • @ZIG what game?

  • Time to pound UNC!!!

    Still find it funny folks out here refer to them as UNC…

  • @ZIG the KU game is on cox 2122

  • @VailHawk We have pounded “UNC” ever since Self came to KU. But we are 1-3 vs MichState during Self’s 12yrs here.

  • @ralster

    We have a good chance to make it 2-3 against Izzo. Costello their starting forward has a turf toe injury and is unlikely to play. Their other projected starter Clark is out with a foot injury for months…Leaves them relying on Schilling, Freshman Davis & a walk-on. It should be a point of emphasis to use our depth in the frontcourt in that game.

  • I thought this was funny! svi.jpg

  • More than the individuals I’m looking at a few team aspects that I see as important.

    1. Ball Movement- Improved from the 1st exhibition to the 2nd. Ball cannot stick ever, if we play with pace we will wear teams out.

    2. Passing- I believe all but a few baskets the other night were assisted, that’s a good sign of a good Self team going forward.

    3. Rebounding- Other than rim protection this is probably our biggest weakness. Ellis gets his but who else? Mason is the best rebounding PG I’ve ever seen, Svi, Selden, Traylor are below average rebounders. Lucas will be needed for his muscle, Hunter will need to be active at all times when he plays. Bragg looks to be the key guy as far as potential to rebound at a high rate. It was a struggle last year, its probably still going to be a struggle again without Diallo’s potential impact.

    4. Killer Instinct- The most important aspect of all. Last year we never put teams away, we weren’t able to rest key guys because of inconsistency’s from a 4 minute stretch to the next. The experience is there, the chip on their shoulders are there, its time we crush teams and don’t let up. The schedule on paper allows for a balance of tough games & easier games at home before league play. We know the Round Robin schedule is a gauntlet, and with 3 other ranked teams in the league we will have to earn it.

    5. Road Warriors- Maybe the 2nd biggest aspect I’m looking forward to seeing. How do we play on the road. Last year we were awful, we don’t need to remind ourselves of the debacle’s in Manhattan, Stillwater, Morgantown, & the last second beater in Norman. We were the perfect example of a Jekyll & Hyde team away from Allen Fieldhouse. I don’t expect to be undefeated on the road, but the league is won on the road and you find out what your team really then. If we are a championship team, we will know seeing it in Ames, Waco, Norman, etc…

  • @HighEliteMajor I hope you are right that Mickelson starts… But I will believe it when I see it. Self seems to prefer Traylor. But of course what counts is who gets major minutes…and I can see them both doing so.

  • A very good thread. Yeah, Lumpy, step up again. Show us that campus with the splendid background.

  • Greely has a lower elevation than Denver but beautiful mountain sunsets.


  • Awesome-sunset.jpg

  • Yesterday, Self was talking about his Big’s, saying that each one has a different skill set but that no one has separated themselves from the pack. Against Fort Hays, each one had outstanding moments and each one showed an equal weakness.

  • @wrwlumpy wow!

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