Post-game Roundup: Kansas vs Georgetown


    #####ESPN: Box score#####

    ####CJ Online – Jesse Newell: Black breaks out in KU’s 86-64 win over Georgetown####

    LAWRENCE — Tarik Black scored a season-high 17 points on 5-for-5 shooting, leading the Kansas men’s basketball team to an 86-64 victory over Georgetown on Saturday afternoon at Allen Fieldhouse.

    ####Kansas City Star – Rustin Dodd: Black, No. 18 KU roll over Georgetown 86-64####

    LAWRENCE — Back at home for the first time in a month, Kansas just needed to get out and run a little.

    The Jayhawks also needed a spark from senior forward Tarik Black.

    ####KU Sports – Matt Tait: Perry Ellis OK after victory over Georgetown####

    It was a slug fest and one that Georgetown controlled in the early going. But by game’s end, it was the Kansas University men’s basketball team that stood in the center of the ring with its arm raised following a 86-64 victory in the first ever meeting between these two programs in Allen Fieldhouse.

    ####KU Sports – Keegan: Embiid’s growth astounds Jayhawks####

    Bill Self has coached in games that featured terrific basketball players competing for and against him. Andrew Wiggins, not yet 19, already has played with and against remarkable talents. Still, Kansas University freshman center Joel Embiid does things on the basketball court that fill the two men with wonder.

    #####KU Sports: Bill Self post-game press conference#####

  • Good to hear Perry’s ok. Georgetown was physical. Allen Fieldhouse = +10 points against an opponent’s first-time visit.

    Let’s hope that we don’t look back at this game in March and say “that was Black’s best game”… rather we say “that was Black’s coming out game.”

    Defense is getting better.

    Turnovers-- the sloppy, pull-your-hair-out, yell at the TV kind – are still an issue.

    Embiid grows before our eyes. Nuff Said.

  • @approxinfinity the KC Star link goes back to your post. Narcissistic?

  • just an oversight… I fixed it…

  • On the game itself, wow! What with the improvements from Traylor and Lucas, and the unbelievable evolution of Embiid, if Black can build on this game we will have a front court for the ages.

    Glad to see Selden with that little smile and those eyes!

    Tharpe and Mason had good games, too.

    All we need is Wiggins to break out, although 2 3-pointers each from Selden and him are great to see.

    Above all, we punished the bullies by beating the snot out of them – at basketball!

  • @parishawk This one is for you: W Selden Jr

    Gotta love Bill Self’s post-game comments ending with a little holiday cheer!

    Merry Christmas indeed! This was a great way for the team to go into the break.

    About 35% of the season is over and the growth is apparent. You can see the team starting to gel… granted, this performance was in the Fieldhouse, but it looks like we’re going to be ready to compete for 40 minutes against the deeply talented Big 12.

    And make no mistake, this is one of the best years for the Big 12 in basketball if you are looking at the whole. The top half are well above average teams and there’s more parity than normal.

    I think 2014 conference battle will be epic.

  • Ellis, Embiid, Traylor, Black combined to go 14/16 from the field for 47 points. The four of them also shot 19/27 (70.4%) from the free throw line, and collected 23 boards. Great job from Black and Embiid in particular. Embiid is just incredible. Usually 7 foot freshman can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. Embiid moves like a guard, has great foot work, has a nice stroke, has a left hand in the post, has great passing out of the post, and can run in transition. It’s incredible to me how good Joel is after only playing three years of organized basketball.

    Wiggins played well defensively I thought. He had 3 steals and a block, and he looked good on that side of the floor. 3/10 from the field, but I personally felt he got fouled a few times driving to the basket and the officials didn’t call it. I’ll live with those missed field goals because I like when Wiggins is aggressive and drives to the basket. Finished with 12 points, I thought he was solid.

    Guards were what Kansas needed them to be. They don’t have to score a lot, just need to take care of the ball and run the offense. Only 12 turnovers total for KU, and only about half of those were on the guards. Tharpe had 9 points, 4 assists, 3 boards, 1 steal, 2 turnovers, and that’s really all he needs to do for KU this season. Just take care of the ball and run the offense. Kansas has plenty of scoring in Wiggins, Ellis, Embiid, Selden.

    In my opinion this is the best full game that KU has played this season. The first half of the Towson game was their best half, but this was their best total game.

    Edit: Oh, and I’m glad that Georgetown didn’t concuss all of KU’s frontcourt.

  • So happy for Black to have a break out game today. I imagine that’s a big relief for him.

    Thankfully Ellis is reported okay. That guy is such a “do my job” I knew he got hit hard when he didn’t get up right away, and his body language after that told me he was loopy-and of course that shot so far left-his vision was clearly impaired.

    Fun win, and some of those highlights-rebound putback slam by Imbeed and that no look pass bby Mason when he left it hanging in front of the rim for the trailer to slam it home. RCJH !!!

  • Hope Greene isn’t back in the pound again. Anyone know whassup?

  • @globaljaybird.

    Hope Greene isn’t back in the pound again. Anyone know whassup?

    The team was playing well with other players. No coach in his right mind would break the rhythm by going with an outside shooter when the inside game was rocking. This just was not the type of game where Greene would have been able to contribute more than the players that got the minutes.

  • Wow Tarik…who knew…

    The refs allowed a lot of physical play which helped Tarik. Let’s hope that this is a prelude to many more similar performances. Jamari also had a good game and Lucas has shown that he will be a force. If these three players continue to play well, KU would have a formidable front line with Ellis and Embiid already playing well. The injury to Ellis was scary; I don’t recall ever seeing a player shoot the free throw so far of the rim…well, there was a Brady’s free throw attempt…

  • @JayHawkFanToo “No coach in his right mind…” Check with a shrink on that? First 15 min vs zone we didn’t do so hot. Likely too many fouls is what brought them back to m 2 m, because we struggled against it early. Guards tried to pass out of Gtowns 1-3-1 trap &turned it over at least twice early. Some believe that Greene brings as much to the table as Selden, not withstanding today’s Xtreme muscle ball jammers from the BG DC. Too physical is likely the real reason Brannen didn’t see more minutes. Remember? We were the same ones that wanted Embid starting weeks earlier than the rest. Just sayin…JMO.

  • @globaljaybird

    Look at the play by play log. The teams were about even the first 6-7 minutes with the score within 1 point when Greene came into the game. He missed a 3 pointer and had a turnover and in those 2-3 minutes Georgetown went up by 6 to 21-15 and Greene got the quick yank… After he was substituted, KU started pushing the ball inside and penetrating more, drawing a lot of fouls in the process and slowly pulling away; not the type of game that favors Greene’s style.

  • @approx Can you please tell me how to find that live game link for the chatroom. You just posted it last time (thank you). How can I find it on my own if I missed the live game chat. I like to read the comments there afterward.

  • @Blown sure it’s

    Jesse posted it on the game day thread and he’s been doing that the last couple games. Now that I know you’re looking for it I will be sure to keep it on the post game round up threads.

  • I watched Perry’s face at the game before he shot the free throw and he didn’t know where he was. After he missed the basket to the left by two feet, I thought he was going to throw up. The replay on all of the head shots to JoJo, Tarik, Wigs and Perry were all cheap, cheap, shots. Going to the monitor should have resulted in 4 technicals instead of just the one. Allen Field House is the best in all sports. The team and the fans bonded yesterday. This is going to be a great year.

  • @wrwlumpy The more I look at that replay the dirtier it looks.

  • We were down by 1 when Tar entered the game… he immediately made an impact, we took the lead and never looked back. He truly was the difference in this game.

    I just think it is awesome that we have a bull like Tar, and we have a finesse player like Perry, and we have a hustle athletic guy in Jamari, and a 7’ footmaster in Embiid. Oh, and we have a solid fundamental post player in Lucas. That’s just too many different looks for any team to deal with and at least one or two of those guys are bound to have a good game every game… it’s a question of match-ups and how teams prepare to play us.

    What I like is we are back to playing Selfball; feed the post! It is starting to look like a variation of Self’s famous hi/lo… perhaps a bit of hi/lo with some basic zone-breaking sets to feed in the seams.

    So we just keep going… pounding into the post… making teams deal with that, and then before you know it, we have one of the best outside shooting teams. Let the outside shot come when it’s there. Forget all these ridiculous commentators that worry about our outside shooting. It will come when it is time. We are already knocking down 3s with more regularity.

    Now suddenly, we seem to have a better post game than even teams like Kentucky. Self may have been a guard in his playing days, but he has always been one of the better developers of post players, with or without Danny Manning.

    Embiid will be the talk of the college basketball world moving forward. I wouldn’t be surprised if SI wants to shoot another cover shot of a KU player… His story is compelling.

  • “Imbeed” above is yet another novel spelling…

    Brady’s FT “attempt” gaffe should be excused, as I believe he was distracted by that Texas redhead hottie behind the KU bench…

  • @ralster For fun…

  • First things first, glad to hear Perry is doing better. Let’s hope he takes the time off that he needs. Concussions are nothing to play around with.

    Second, this game demonstrated why we need a guy like Black. Without Black, we lack an enforcer and there is little chance we run through March without hitting a team that gets physical with us and we have to get physical back. Tarik Black is the guy you don’t want to have to get physical with if you are the other team.

    Finally, Joel Embiid is threatening to become an All-American. I don’t even believe what I am seeing sometimes. Just incredible.

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