Mitch Light foot. from recruit to recruiter

  • well, just got through reading article on Mitch. loved his or one of his tweets I think it was says " you can take the boy out of Kansas. but you can’t take Kansas out of the boy " LOVE IT. says he has instantly went from recruit to recruiter, said he had instantly started about recruiting teammate. When asked who he would try and recruit to come play with him at KU? he said he was going to try and recruit, talk Udoka Azubuike to come to KU said he really like playing with him in some of the camps I believe. to that I say HELL YA, ya I know but hey can’t hurt right? have another KU player trying to convince big boy to come, may already pay benefits for us who knows, but sure would be nice I know not getting my hopes to high but still, doesn’t hurt to dream and what if a little. ROCK CHA;K ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 If Mitch can pull in Azubuike or anyone else for that matter, there’ll be no doubt that his signing was “worth it”.

  • @jayballer54

    I still think Udoka is the one single recruit I would pick first.

    I say that, but not sure how he will do with refs calling every touch…

  • @konkeyDong

    Do you recall any previous signed KU recruits under Self the last three or four seasons actually succeeding in attracting another recruit to KU? Each season it seems we hear about recruits trying to convince other recruits to join them, but then I never learn later on whether, or not, they were successful in doing so. Or at least my increasingly feeble memory does not recall. 🙂 Just wondering.

  • Azubuike. Sounds African. Do his grades/transcripts/records all pass the muster now? Don’t want another drama with the NCAA (Can you believe that this has stretched into Halloween with no resolution?) But, if it all looks good, bring him home our new assistant player coach Mitch.

  • @wissoxfan83

    Not sure, but the word has been that he was brought here and placed into school by FSU assistants. That’s why FSU has been the perceived favorite in his recruiting.

  • Well, just read the article about Ku being ties for 2nd with UCLA for putting players in the N.B.A. sine the enforcement of the one and done rule, we have put 18 players in the N.B.A. since then with KENTUCKY of course leading with 23. Article showed 5 bigs which we are still in on and recruiting hard Giles, Bolden, Allen, Herard, & Azubuike. Ok, now I have NOTHING, but I think its a safe bet surely we will get 1 of these 5. possibly 2. Ok, I may be totally insane but if its 1 I , my gut just says it’s Bolden, WHY? because like the article mentioned, not sure if he would wait for Giles to make his commit or not, but if indeed which I think he is for sure, but if Giles commits to Duke like is perceived- - -Then Marques commits to the Jayhawks. So that’s if we get 1. now if we by chance land 2 of these guys? Again just my gut, or could be indigestion lol but my gut and gut only is- - - Marques Bolden & Schnider Herard. Marques at the 4 and Schnider at the 5. Sooooo am I just totally looney? or what you think guys is this a feasible possibility? Holler. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 Right … I think Giles commits this weekend or shortly after his visit to Duke. Then Bolden goes KU. Or at least that’s how I’d like it to happen.

  • @HighEliteMajor well lets hope right? the Article says the Harry Giles is going to announce his decision either the 12, 13 or 14th of November, he is playing in a game or tourn called Phenon Hoop Classic and says he will announce on ESPNU so ya, I think Giles is Duke and Marques hopefully, hopefully KU

  • @jayballer54

    I have no direct knowledge but I believe the staff took Lightfoot over Herard. Sounds like the staff likes Mitch better in the long run. That’s just the feeling I get. A lot of scouts feel Herard can be good, but its going to take coaching to get him to bring consistent effort.

    As @HighEliteMajor has said Duke is very likely to get Giles (even his AAU coach says they are the favorite) & Duke setting up his visit as last on purpose will only help them. I’d say of the 4 teams left for him we are his last option… The others are just closer to home & have ties to him.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Giles just cancelled his visit to UNC this weekend so it looks like Duke…

  • @jayballer54 If Bolden has Duke higher than Kansas, and would go to Duke if Giles went elsewhere, that’s one possibility.

    If that’s not it – if perhaps Bolden thinks Giles might go to Kansas – Self should simply tell Bolden that he’d pull out of the Giles deal if Bolden will commit.

    I sure would like to think that Bolden isn’t tied to Giles’ decision and isn’t favoring Duke. But then again, Duke might be above Kansas in the recruiting pecking order.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Duke and KU are the top two programs with available playing time for an elite big so the most likely scenario is the one will go to Duke and the other to KU. Commitment timing will probably dictate who goes where…probably Giles to Duke and Bolden to KU.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I guess I am curious as to why Bolden is waiting on Giles, if that’s the case? If it’s because Bolden would go to Duke if Giles didn’t, that would be a bit concerning to me. What post player (other than Lightfoot) are we the leader then? Wouldn’t appear to be any of them then.

    Bolden is too perfect of a fit not to come here.

  • Maybe because Bolden desires to play with the best?

    Tatum, Jackson, Giles, DeLaurrier all top 50 kids. Ingram is a likely OAD, who knows what Jeter is going to do & Jefferson & Plumlee graduate… He must believe there is room for him & Coach K must be doing a great job still selling that fact.

  • @HighEliteMajor I thought I had read that maybe Bolden wanted to play WITH Giles. I haven’t analyzed Duke’s roster (nor do I care to) to see if that would make sense or not. What makes sense to you or I could have no correlation to what one of these guys do.

  • @Hawk8086 @BeddieKU23 – Yikes. So Bolden could follow Giles to Duke?

    To quote Paulie from the Sopranos, “freaking shoot me now.”

  • I don’t see anyway Bolden would follow Giles to Duke. I feel one goes to one school and the other go to the other. Giles commits to Duke then I feel Bolden will be here

  • @HighEliteMajor

    I was just trying to look at it from all angles. When you have already gotten a lot of good talent signed on its easier for these kids to in vision them playing together. Plus his family really enjoyed the duke visit and their preference before the KU visit was there. We got a verbal from Mitch Lightfoot WHO? Bet Bolden doesn’t even know who he is… And Duke has a scenario where they would need immediate help so they must be selling that fact.

    Bama still scares me with the Johnson angle. They just signed a very good SF to go along with elite SG. Now all of a sudden they have foundations of a good class. He can immediately step in as day 1 starter.

    I think the visit to KU helped us, did it do enough to sell him and did the staff do enough to sell him a spot, a day 1 spot…I really hope we did enough, it seems almost too easy to sell 3 guys in your position leaving. How much more can it take, it’s Kansas

  • Question - Is Bolden considered a high probability OAD?

  • @HighEliteMajor

    With prospects it is all about playing time and being the star of the team. Duke has several other bigs including 7’-1" Senior Center Marshall Plumlee; GiIes and Bolden would likely be competing for the PF position…I just don’t see it happening when there is available time and stardom at other schools such as KU.

  • @Bosthawk Nope, he’s a non-presumed OAD, pretty much like Bragg. Likely at least two season, but that could change. Not that it means a lot at this stage, but he doesn’t show up in 2017 mock drafts – mock draft 1 and mock draft 2. The #20 player is not a presumed OAD.

  • @BeddieKU23

    “I think the visit to KU helped us, did it do enough to sell him and did the staff do enough to sell him a spot, a day 1 spot…I really hope we did enough, it seems almost too easy to sell 3 guys in your position leaving. How much more can it take, it’s Kansas”

    I just don’t see how we can miss with an elite recruit visiting our campus who is looking for post minutes and we have so many to give. Add in Late Night… and they get a real taste of what AFH is like for a game. Now… the best luxury dorms in D1…

    When players visit a school they also meet the current team and get an idea of what life will really be like at that school. Before that, it is all just listening to old guys recruiting them. We’ve got a great bunch of guys…

    How can we miss guys? How?

  • Schnider Herard is done taking visits and will be deciding soon. Miss St seems the favorite at this point especially after getting local 4* PG yesterday.

    Jarrett Allen from reading is not that big on attention. There has been trouble getting info on his visit but all accounts say it went great.

    Just for information. A guy who is somewhat reliable and gets information about KU recruiting had this to say about the possibilities of Azubuike, Bolden, Allen… He’s been very critical of where KU stands with these guys, very little homerism so either he’s well informed or frustrated like a lot of us are about the state of our recruiting.

    *KU is going to be lucky to get 1 of the 3. They’re pushing hard, but it still doesn’t look great for any of them individually.

    Udoka is still most likely headed to FSU, though there are some convinced KU has a good shot.

    Bolden is…all over the place. Duke still thinks he’s theirs, UK has a guy in his camp pushing for them, and KU seems to think their visit made a good push. My money is still on Duke for the time being.

    Herard will probably go to Miss St. Not sure KU was all that enthused by him on his visit, and I tend to believe they chose Lightfoot over him.

    Allen is the mystery, and everyone thinks they’re in good. I don’t buy anything between him and UK. For the same reason (spotlight, attention) I’m not sure I buy him at KU either. ND/Texas seems righ*t.

  • @drgnslayr

    I think the easy answer because we are up against Duke… Until Coach K leaves we can’t beat the sucker.

    If we lose Bolden, its because of the work Coach K did getting him to visit during the summer into fall. He signed Top Talent and we didnnt. KU sat back and watched their top target go all over the place without doing a thing. Then he finally came here and visited & it was an eye opener, but it never should have been that it takes Late Night to do that. Now the staff has been in practically panic mode going after a plethora of bigs because frankly I bet they have zero confidence that one is leaning to them or not.

  • @BeddieKU23

    I think it really does take Late Night to help us with many recruits.

    When Duke or UK fart, the smell is broadcast on national TV. UK’s practice is on national TV. Kansas… we are getting more ranking love in recent years (perhaps) but our farts are not news to the outside world.

    Recruits have to come to Lawrence and have the “KU experience” before really considering us… especially recruits from places outside the Big 12.

    Even though we OWN a big chunk of the heritage of the game… some kid from Georgia (or wherever) really doesn’t know anything about Kansas until he visits, and Late Night is our #1 selling point outside of having them visit during the season for a game because they need to experience AFH.

  • @drgnslayr I agree, late night has always been a big selling point to the recruits coming in. Now having said that I do believe they need to change the routine up a little bit at late night, freshen things up, its pretty much been spot on the same type of thing year in and year out, don’t ask me what needs to be different, can’t put my finger on it but SOMETHING. I mean I know the recruits get the nu 1 treatment and the atmosphere is really good, just need to mix the routine itself up some way. But definitely this is our selling point, put late night together with our new living quarters and we will match up with anybody, our history speaks for itself, now with the latest information of how we stand on getting players into the N.B.A is a huge plus, our national exposure, our schedule, we got everything going, I still believe like others have stated MAYBE its time for a changing of the guard, at our recruiting positions, Again me? bottom line. If Giles goes to Duke- - - -We get Bolden, and I also feel we have a pretty good chance of Herard. will shall see, Herard has sign he is signing early. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @drgnslayr

    Bolden was at Late Night last year as well btw unofficially. I can imagine this year was better with the new dorms and when you officially visit you get the time to spend with the team/coaches.

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