• Can we kick kstate out and add 3?

  • One of the Florida teams and Cincy or Memphis.

  • BYU, SMU.

  • I’m starting to think that this was a hypothetical tweet. My bad.

  • @wrwlumpy it is😳

  • If I had the choice I would take Cincinnati and Memphis. Good basketball tradition, okay football facilities. Geography works. It gives you a link between West Virginia and the rest of the conference.

    The only question would be division breakdown. I think you would need to balance the football power by moving OU, Oklahoma State, Iowa State and West Virginia in with Cincinnati and Memphis, while KU, KSU, Baylor, Texas, Tech and TCU. Doing North and South would not work because the South would be too much better than the North on a regular basis. You may even need to scrap geography altogether and just keep the traditional rivals together, but divide the divisions - something like KU, KSU, Texas, OU, OSU and Memphis on one side with Tech, Baylor, TCU, Iowa State, West Virginia and Cincinnati on the other side.

  • @justanotherfan If you don’t split north-south, you have to have 2 Texas schools in each division. It guarantees a school not in Texas 3 games in Texas every 2 seasons.

  • Its not for real.

    I went to the link.


    UT fans are, how shall I put this politely, not deep thinkers.

    Houston and Boise State fifteen times.

    Boise State and Houston ten times.

    Talk about inside the box thinkers.

    I get Houston. A solid demographic in a big SMSA.

    And I get Boise State. Biggest political economic unit inside Idaho and Idaho is a state with a lot of oil shale and the eastern most inland port on the Columbia-Snake river system, which is vital for exporting gas, oil, and miscellaneous minerals out of Big Rock Candy Country and into the big blue Pacific to feed China (all the while avoiding the LA, SF, and Seattle ports controlled by hostile private oligarchies.

    Its no wonder Texas struggles dominating in football, despite having the ultimate high school recruiting reservoir in the known universe.

    It is sad, when the big dog in your conference does not even grasp the imperative of an EST foot print in this era. Pitiful. Hopeless.

    And talk about insecurity! Limiting choice to exclude cherry picking Power 5 conference teams.

    The Burnt Valencias apparently fear inviting in a legitimate threat to their supremacy in the B12.

    KU fans would relish bringing UNC, or Kentucky into the B12.

    The Burnt Valencias on the other hand apparently drove Nebraska out, drove Notre Dame away, and would probably join the Mountain West Conference if KU were to convince Michigan, Ohio State, Alabama, or LSU to join the conference.

    Come, Tayhoss, where’s the swagger?

    Let’s take this political economic football conference unit east into the heart of EST with or without Jeb getting on the ticket.

  • I want at least one team from Florida. It is east coast and it has a good recruiting base.

    Maybe ditch W.Virginia. How many recruits have we ever signed from W.Virginia?

    Two things stick out at me when picking new schools… TV markets and recruiting.


  • @drgnslayr TV markets don’t matter without a conference network. While WVa may not be a recruiting hotbed itself, Western PA is which is just up the road and is a recruiting hotbed. If you go into Florida to add a team, you might as well add both UCF and USF. If you do that, I’d say split the divisions with rival schools in opposite divisions and do like the SEC does and have a designated cross-divisional game. One division could be Baylor, Texas, OU, Kansas, ISU, and USF and the other could be TCU, Tech, OSU, KSU, WVU, and UCF. Everybody gets a guaranteed game in Texas every year and a guaranteed game in Florida every 2 seasons while having a cross divisional game against a cross divisional rival guaranteed every year as well.

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